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  1. shoprat another means if you could locate one is those old fashion oil fired wall heater but you'll have to have a oil tank out back - and a exhaust stack but my brother has this set up in his garage and its very warm in there during winter - I just use a construction type propane heater in mine / but you got to leave windows open to be safe and when messing with gas make sure its off would even think about elect heat - man my house has heat pump - and put another one out in garage - POWER COMPANY would love me
  2. 1937hd45 I wonder if that was one I saw on trailer at hershey 02 I'll attach picture I took
  3. moin might be alittle late but have you tried steele rubber in NC web site
  4. doug front sheet metal is same for 66 to 98 - just extra chrome trim on fenders dash is same way - some trim is just stamped steel/painted - others are pot metal chromed rear fenders are not interchangeable between 66 and other models 76-78-98 body lines -(chevrolet gas filler is on right fender) tail lights are also different between models although glass lens is same but hey if your going to strip car take it all I would if you have any more questions let me know I pop in here every now and then good luck with project aoc
  5. kentraco welcome to forum your question about vin number location - the number you show is a engine number heres what I know 70 series engine number prefix G is syncro-mesh GA is hydra-matic engine number is stamped at top leftside of the engine cylinder block just back of water pump car serial number is stamped on a plate that is riveted to the upper left hand corner of engine side of dash tag should read OLDS 76L----- or OLDS 76C----- first two digits are model number followed by where car was built L would be Linden C would be California then followed by a 4 or 5 d
  6. 59 olds Just in case you might break something - I've got a complete 41 olds 6 and three speed - rusty sitting next to garage - it hasn't be touched in years - its been in weather - might be good - for a part or two - just keep me in mind - down the road - wife wanted to make a flower pot out of it
  7. richjoyce dont get on here much during summer months but anyway driver fender will come with inner fender / pass fender has a large access panel that is removable for working on that side of engine good luck with project aoc
  8. 1968olds welcome to forum have you tried steele rubber for your parts I have used them over the pasts few years - even see them at hershey good luck with project aoc
  9. pete not sure if you'll be able to do this but when I put back glass in my olds I use two cheap beach balls - nothing like having that third hand good luck with project aoc
  10. welcome to the forum I've got a four door if you go to photo section its in there good luck with project
  11. seasand77 unless your looking for something chrome you can make one - you'll need a piece of 1/4 X 1 1/4 flatbar and a grinder to shape it - drill two holes good luck with project aoc
  12. tarius you could tell alittle more information is check engine light still on what kind of miles on car 20 year old car - have you checked to see it converter maybe clogged you could do back pressure test on exhaust - or have a tune-up shop check it good luck with project aoc
  13. I'll take a shot cause that has happen to me Time for new points and condenser worked for me
  14. rich I would guess your buddy did check for water in oil like dave said and with what you said about distributor getting steam bath I think I would also try new cap/rotor/coil or go to local used part yard and get whole distributor
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