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  1. Hello, looking for 1925 Buick Standard Six distibutor, complete or just a good housing. Would consider the iron distributor, from '23 model (maybe 23-27?). Not interested in the later 640 conversion as I already have good cap, rotor and points for early style. Send PM to my email with pics and price if you have. Thanks Scott In Connecticut
  2. On the Navy technique, that's used to check preheat for welding where approximately room temp (60F) minimum preheat is required. The source of the moisture is really the water vapor as result of burning a hydrocarbon fuel (acetylene, propane etc.). The basic combustion products are H20 and CO2 always. Once the metal heats up the water vapor no longer condenses, and yes there is a lot of water that will condense. Try your propane torch on a cold piece of material and you'll see.
  3. This is for Leif, I have not been on the forums in a long time, and tried posting a reply directly to your post on '23 olds bearings, but kept getting errors, then I tried send private message did not work, not sure what the h--- is going on, I seem to have all necessary permissions. Anyway...... I have a 1939 Hollander Interchnage Book which covers Olds back to 1924, there is section 1924-1927 which makes no differentiation bewteen models or cylinders. Here are numbers and manufacturers Front Inner 909002 (New Departure, SKF and Norma Hoffma), 10002 (Fafnir), #2(MRC (Marlin Rockwell Co), CJB (Ahlberg Bearing Co), F002 (Federal); Front Outer 909001 (New Departure, SKF and Norma Hoffma), 10001 (Fafnir), #1(MRC (Marlin Rockwell Co), CJB (Ahlberg Bearing Co), F001 (Federal). Maybe these numbers will be a starting point. These are ball bearing types. Just as note the 23 Buick 4 cylinder uses 909004 Inner and 909003 outer (N.D. SKF and Norma) for other bearing manufactures above replace the last or single digit with 3 or 4 Good Luck
  4. Does anyone have the GM part # for the plastic gasket that goes bewteen the power booster and the firewall on a 1965 Olds 98? Or does anyone know if there is a source for these? I am guessing the gasket fits Buick, Olds, Pontiac at least. Thanks in advance
  5. Hi All, Sometime in the last year I stumbled across a black and white photo of a Buick Truck on the internet (Late teens or twenties styling). It was stated that the picture was a factory photo of prototype, the picture was looking from the left rear corner forward and there were two gentlemen in the picture. The interesting part was the pick-up bed, it was finshed like the body work and followed the body lines (i.e. it was not the typical rough rectrangle box). It was alomost like the bottom of sedan body was used. If anybody has seen this picture and has link, I would apprciate it. Thanks, Scott
  6. 1912 Buick Model 36 Where is it now?<!-- google_ad_section_end --> <HR SIZE=1>Back in 2008 I posted this in general forums "our cars and projets" thought I'd try it here with the pre war Buick guys. Unfortunately, I still have not found the frame number. With the few of these that survived someone must remember buying this from Dragone Classics of Bridgeport, CT back in 1993.<!-- google_ad_section_start --> I have posted some photos of photos (link to brassauto) Classic Autopart Reproduction Service of a 1912 Model 36 Roadster that I purchased when I was in my late teens and had joined The Navy(1988-89). I purchased this car for $9500.00 and the fellow I bought it from allowed me to pay out on it. After paying out for a while, I sold my 1931 Ford A coupe to finish paying for the Buick. I was so proud of this car coming home with me on the back of a flat bed. I set about to disassemble and catalog the parts. The engine had previously been overhauled, but never run. The hood was a reproduction. It had a set of reproduction brass headlamps- they were for Buick but we weren't sure if Brass was correct for the '12. We also weren't sure if this was a '12 or late '11. The radiator shell was painted black. I do not remember the frame tag number, I may have it written down but cannot find it now. We also were not sure if the rear lamp was correct. Otherwise the car was original and untouched. the driver's side suffered moisture damage as you can see on the lower fenders because it had been parked along side a stone wall or foundation for some time before the man I bought it from had purchased it. The spring shackle pins had suffered alot of wear,presumably from dusty roads and lack of maintenance. The magneto was a Splitdorf and the coil box was there, but missing the key. I remember under the box cover was list of do's and don'ts and one said "do not dissect the magneto unless you are an expert as we put the right number a wheels in it when we build it". I plugged away slowly and did not have too much time to work on it. In 1993 after I left the Navy I was compelled to sell the car due to some poor planning, at a ridiculusly low price to Dragone's of Bridgeport, CT. Later I once called them,and the car was apparently sold to an overseas buyer. I wonder if anyone knows the fate after that? Hopefully it found a good home. Does anyone know of this car today? <!-- google_ad_section_end --><FIELDSET class=fieldset><LEGEND>Attached Thumbnails</LEGEND> </FIELDSET>
  7. Hi Mark, That looks great! Every time I see a '12, my hinder parts hurt, 'cause I kick myself for selling mine all those years ago. Maybe you can post some video footage of your '12 project. Hey, does the coil box cover have a little dos and don'ts instruction pasted inside it? Mine had one, and the funniest don't was something like "don't dissect the magneto we put the right number of little wheels in it to start with"
  8. Hi guys, I saw this for sale on another site for old engines that I visit. The ad says 1908-10, but I think it also fits 1912 as it looks exactly like what I had I my roadster. Seems like this could be of use to someone. For Sale: EARLY BUICK CAR FUEL TANK
  9. Northeast distributor housing, Packard 8. Distributor Packard 8 Notheast Delco Remy 5033450 Ignition - eBay (item 280742140989 end time Sep-26-11 11:33:40 PDT)
  10. Autolite, not sure what this fits not too many choices with a 12 cylinder. I assume 12 cylinder as wires are labeled 1R, 1L, 2R, 2L etc. Distributor Autolite IGE4024 9U Daul point 12 cylinder | eBay
  11. Cyclonic Type Air filter, came from an 1924 or 25 buick. Probably fits others. Restorable Accessory. Airfliter Vintage old anitque early Buick others, cyclone type filter - eBay (item 280742137308 end time Sep-26-11 11:26:27 PDT)
  12. 1924-25 maybe later? Buick Marvel Carb parts, float and jets w/o cast iron body. Carburator parts vintage Marvel 65-20P, 1924-25 Buick - eBay (item 280742136183 end time Sep-26-11 11:24:33 PDT)
  13. Hupp model R oil pump, tube and sparkplug loom for sale. Huppmobile Model R Oil pump tube pipe - eBay (item 280742139577 end time Sep-26-11 11:31:06 PDT) Huppmobile Model R Oil pump 4 cylinder 45043A - eBay (item 280742135640 end time Sep-26-11 11:23:27 PDT) Huppmobile Model R sparkplug Wire loom - eBay (item 280742142368 end time Sep-26-11 11:36:01 PDT)
  14. A 1908 Stearns 45-90 The hot rod of the brass era !
  15. It seems to me in the last five years more well preserved/orginal unrestored cars are showing up on the road and at shows. I think this is because of the older population that collected and stored these cars is now dying off, and the relatives are not necessarily interested keeping the "collections". Other observations, thoughts? I saw an item bought from the son of man who passed away 1917 Maxwell 4 cyl, out of a barn, surface rust and paint, leather seats ok, ready to run. Some interesting unrestored things I saw last year (were driven to shows), ~1918 Chevy 4cyl touring surface rust (had been in storage 50+ years, if heard right), ~1922 Studebaker 6 cyl touring surface rust and some paint left but very clean, Model a Tudor sedan-very dusty and roof in bad shape. See pics below
  16. Thanks for the help John... back to the drawing board
  17. Hi guys, In my slow moving quest for 23 Buick parts I have located another, but I am quite familiar enough :confused: to id this by photo only for sure. Can anyone tell me if they think this might be right for a model 23-45. I think we already established in previous post that 23 and 24 are the same as far as front fenders. 1924 25 26 27 Buick Studebaker Right Front Fender - eBay (item 110625904994 end time Feb-15-11 07:51:35 PST) Thank you, Scott
  18. Jerry, Great looking car. I really like that 56 body style!!
  19. Did you ever think that the issue came from the assembly line? To most of the guys assmebling a car it was a job, and I'm sure that every now and then the wrong spring or another part got in there. I had a 55 super that I cut up for parts for my 56, I drilled out countless spotwelds to save panels and braces that you can't get. In the left rear side of the car where the floor, trunk and quater panels were attached, there were signifcantly less spot welds- probably because someone didn't care. I think things like this cause a lot of trouble for the "purist"; the fact is, no matter what the books say is "supposed" to be in there, it may not be right. Plants used up left over parts before putting in a design change, workers put it together as fast they could- they were not going to hold up the line because one part number didn't match (if they even looked at the number or knew it). I find it funny how much time we often spend (me included) putting back together cars that were assembled in a few hours. Especially how painstakingly people copy the inspectors crayon marks, that took less than a second make on the fire wall or chassis. Truly restored cars are really not out there; tributes to individuals talents are.
  20. Jim, Great! Thanks Now off to see if I can make a deal. Scott
  21. Hi, In searching for a set of 23 fenders I remebered where a 24 hulk is sitting. I went over to see it tonight and talked with the fellow. Then I came home and looked at partial fender I have that is a 23. They look pretty close, I am going to do a side by side comparison, but does anyone have any knowledge as to similarities or differences. Thanks
  22. Looking for a set of model 45 front fenders, rusty and some dents ok, but not rotted. Also need braces. I am in Connecticut, would rather not have to have something shipped. Thanks
  23. This is from 1986, of what was to become a 1931 Model A rumble seat coupe. This is the restored chasis, note the battery in the box on seat and a wisconsin engine gas tank attached off the back of head. I was 16 my buddy was 14. ahh the good old days.
  24. I would ask which piston are you referring to? In a six cylinder there will always be two pistons in the same position due to the crank shaft arrangement. So one will be on the exhaust stroke TDC while the other is on the power stroke TDC. So you just make sure you are timed off the piston on power stroke. (You could just as easily set the timing marks 180 degrees from where they are now and wire the spark plugs accordingly from the piston on the power stroke and the engine will run just the same.) Also what you think is number 1 may be considered #6 by the manufacturer. At any rate if you align the marks as is you just wire the mageto or the distributor according to the firing order starting with the cylinder on TDC for the power stroke. This is engine 101. (ha)
  25. You probably don't want to grease it with a petroleum base grease because it may attack the rubber. You could try some silicone grease (very sparingly) or spray. Sometime a twisting or rocking motion is needed to get part of it started or even a blunt tool. An additional dumb question: are you sure what you have is the right part?
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