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  1. That was a $55,000 deal, nice car.
  2. A friend stopped by this morning, he just bought a 64K mi. 92 Riv. He was wondering about the badging on the car, it has a thick padded top and a 2- 2 1/2 inch wide chrome band (much like a Crown Vic) on the top. It has a small badge on either side saying "E & G Designer Series" with a four digit number, it does look after market. The car was bought here in AZ at Courey Buick in Mesa. Any information on this and would there be any further add-ons? Thanks, Jim
  3. Thanks for the responses. I'll keep him off the tonneau and build a foam front seat stool. I piut in a 180 deg. thermostat and made sure the auxiliary fan is kicking in. Thank you again, Jim Too
  4. It's election and glad handing season. I have a relative who'd like to be go through parades in my '90 Convert: 1) Can the fibreglass tonneau hold a 230 male, or is there a better place to put him (other than dragging him behind the car? 2) He'll be in and out of the car during the parades, would it make more sense to have him ride in the passenger seat? 3) My car does have a tendency to run warm, suggestions? 4) Attaching signs to my black paint job? (nothing over 10 mph) Thank you, Jim Too
  5. When it rains.........btw, as long as it's time for repairs, if you haven't done it, it might be a good time to flush the coolant. Old coolant on a car that was new to me cost me the price pull the engine and replace all the frost plugs. Or you might want to jack up the radiator cap and slide a new car under it.
  6. Dan, I'd like to see the car when you're through painting it. I'm just north of you in Pine City (if the sxxw stops, I should be there in two-three weeks), usually get to Cambridge at least once a week.
  7. I'd guess you're looking for something to clean a Haartz cloth top? Two top installers recommended Ragg Top, unfortunately, I have a black top with seagull droppings that have made the top uncleanable. Good luck.
  8. Traded my Borrego for a Venza, once had a Caravelle.
  9. David, Thank you for letting us know about this economical solution to the distracted driver problem. I may have over reacted to Bryans' post. Most people haven't cleaned up after a significant injury or fatal crash caused by someone not driving with full attention to the road. Most haven't held back a teenage boy while his young girlfriend was dying in the front seat of their totaled car with gray matter coming from her nose because another driver was trying to pick up something on the floor of his car and forced them off the road. I've witnessed several other such fatal results caused by
  10. A reasonable person would put the phone down and drive, perhaps Bluetooth. Jim
  11. Thanks guys, had the 3M installed today, that should be what I need. Jim
  12. No, this isn't related to Vicki's Secret. Has anyone had experience with 3M Invisable Mask or the brand XPEL, for paint protection? Thanks Jim
  13. I'm waiting for the clowns to stream out of the car.
  14. [h=3]paved road, paved roads- WordWeb dictionary definition[/h]<cite>WordWeb Online Dictionary and ThesaurusPAVEDROAD</cite>‎ Cached Similar Noun: paved road. A road with a hard smooth surface of bitumen or tar - metalled road [brit], sealed road [Austral, NZ], surfaced road. Derived forms: paved ...
  15. "Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right", funniest thread I've read on this forum.
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