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  1. The real show on TV is very entertaining and I KNOW this idea with all of the car questions will be a big hit with our AACA Regions and Chapters. I DID have a hard time answering I love my antique car more than_______
  2. Kudos to Kim for 29 years of dedicated and unselfish service to our membership. There has never been an instance where I was not able to get the right answer promptly and thoroughly from her. She has been exyremely helpful to so many members whom I have referred to her over the years. Kim will surely be missed by all of her friends in the AACA Family. We wish her good luck and God Speed! See you down the road, Kim Mike & Marcy Jones Valley Forge, PA
  3. Steve, It appears that responses are leaning toward having both the plate and the mug. There are some members,like Marshall VanWinkle (New Bern, NC) who will need a separate building to house his participation awards with the 100's of preservtions he has accumulated on the two cars he shows religiously. It might even be reasonable to offer a third choice, soometime down the line, and give member's the opportunity to choose which award they want when submitting their required five preservation cards. As for me, Marcy has restricted the number of trophies, banners and plaques at the house. So many of mine are in the garage and car trailer.
  4. MJJones

    GM Family Photo

    Thanks, we were honored to have been invited to loan the Oldsmobile to the AACA Museum for an exhibit that represented the "Field of Judging" for AACA national award winners. It was there for the grand opening, in June, until early November, If you haven't been to the new AACA Museum in Hershey, you have to put it on your list of "must do's!"
  5. MJJones


    Hey Mike, I recognize that tree in the background of the photo of your '66 Chevelle - Looks like Valley Forge Park to me. Congrats!on being nominated for a national award! I see that our incoming AACA Executive Director has already acknowledged your concern about editorial content of our magazine. He's on the ball and I can say with great confidence that you will be incredibly pleased with Steve's attention to our member's needs and concerns. He starts officially on January 1st and will hit the ground running.
  6. MJJones


    Hello Boss302: When I read your original post I forwarded a copy to my friend Jim Aberts. He a Boss owner and a judge. Since he is not registered on the DF he invited me to share his response with you. Hopefully it does not repeat too much of the previous posts. Hope it helps you! Here is Jim's note: My name is Jim Aberts and Mike Jones forwarded your note to me with no name but I'll be glad to help. Congralulations on your award. I am an AACA judge and I usually judge 34B at National meets so I can help. I also have a 1970 BOSS 302 that is a preservation car. I won both my First Junior and Senior at Hershey in 34B before there was class 36D but I have recently entered it in 36D at Hershey so I could judge 34B. I entered it in 36D this year but didn't take it because our daughter wanted to put our Mustang II in Driver Partcipation and we wanted to spend the day with her. You can get your Senior in either class. Right now 34B and 36D both cover BOSS Mustangs. The AACA is encouraging owners to use 36D so that the performance classes can show more activity. I helped put class 36D together and encouraged the AACA for many years to add these performance classes. Hope this helps and have a happy holiday. Jim (jaberts@Bee.Net)
  7. Peter: Congratulations on your appointment as AACA National Director. I have long admired your great achievements and contributions from afar. Now I'll have a chance to work hand in hand with you for the betterment of our club. And, there's a bonus! This will mean that I'll see you for sure in February at the Annual Meeting in Philadelhia. Welcome aboard! Mike
  8. Hello Jeffrey: I have contacted Jim Abert's and asked him to talk to you about the Mustang Boss. Jim is a AACA Judge and past President of the Mustang Club. He has a AACA Senior Boss and will know the answers to your questions. Or, you could contact him direct at jaberts@Bee.Net Hope this helps
  9. Steve: CJE, when it is offered, is always after the judges breakfast. Having it after a judging school on a Friday would miss the majority of the judges who signed up and may not be arriving in time for the Friday school. As for missing a CJE at Montoursville in 2000 - they didn't have one. CJE classes are not offered at Grand National Meets and not offered at Hershey.
  10. Judy: I have several car & kid photos the I will be happy to send along. Recently I took my '23 Oldsmobile to my grand daughters school for show and tell. The kids had a great time. We looked at the engine and everyone got to take a ride and blow the horn. Going to Purchase this afternoon and the pictures are on a laptop not in my office.
  11. Peter: I sent in my favorite as a '55 Olds HT Convertible..Mike
  12. John:<P>There was a post on another thread by the Hershey Meet Chairman, Nelson Neff, that mentioned there COULD BE a Driver Participation Class at Hershey after all. With all of the new fields there will be more room. Keep watching
  13. Dear John:<P>Hershey and the Annual Grand National Meet are the only national meets where the new Driver's Participation Class is NOT invited to show. There are too many vehicles competing at Hershey for the DP class to be included. <P>Mike Jones
  14. Good News for anyone who wants a complete rundown of what happened this year at the 66th AAACA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. There is another "Mike Jones" who lives in Virginia and he was a Master Webmaster Award Winner. Please take a moment to visit his web site at: <A HREF="http://www.aaca.org/bullrun/" TARGET=_blank>http://www.aaca.org/bullrun/</A> <P>There will be a complete report prepared and posted with the next couple of weeks.
  15. The Annual Meeting Committee would like you all to be aware of the AACA Hospitality Suite in Room 2301. There's a dinner for the Past President's of AACA on Thursday evening. At 9:00 there will be a Director's Reception in 2301.<BR>Come Visit! ALL ARE WELCOME!