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  1. Guess you two wont be teaming up to run The Great Race afterall.
  2. Personaly it doesn't matter to me, I lost interest a long time ago. I still have the first copy a friend gave me, December 1962. Those were the days! You had to know somebody in the hobby to get a copy, then you could send E.R. Hemmings your subscription money. I bought a stack of old 1957-58 issues at an auction a few years ago. Painfun reading now.
  3. John, Thank you for the tip, I've added it to my favorites! This site is setup just like the one you are reading now. Before you all start throwing rocks at John and me, Parts IS Parts, nobody should care where you find and buy them. I went through ad section and found two items that I need.
  4. Most Lucas problems come from poor ground connections caused by attachment to painted surfaces. Lucas refrigerators are to blame for warm beer in the UK.
  5. For what it is worth Post war MG's were 12 volt and had cotton covered wiring.
  6. Yes, but for $110. or is it $120. you can plop a motorhome in the flea market on two spaces, for the whole week! This gives you enough room for the card table with a pair of Model A Ford cowl lights a radiator cap and two pairs of old plates. Ever notice these items NEVER sell year after year?<p>[ 12-12-2001: Message edited by: 1937hd45 ]
  7. Will this fill up the Hershey show field with a bunch of late '70's station wagons that the the owners don't want to park a mile down the road?
  8. I just read Doug Drakes column and found out about the Driver Participation program. What is a "modification"? Will the 1904 Pope -Hartford with a disk brake on the flywheel be banished to the lot with chopped '49 Mercs with '53 Buick side trim? Hope the Stanley Steamers with '57 Chevy rear brakes get along with the group.
  9. THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!! Spend some time surfing this site! Click onto the Brooklands site, then onto Goodwood--and read the histories of some GREAT cars. Thank you for the link!
  10. Cal, It is your car and you are free to do whatever you want to do. Save the time and money on the sub frame idea, and buy a disk brake setup. You can bolt them onto the stock spindles, and run 1940-48 Ford rear juice brakes for well under $500.00. Forget the orange motors! The distributor is on the wrong end. There are plenty of small block FORD motors out there. Get a SVO catalog from your local FORD dealer.With a transmission adaptor you can keep the stock trany and rear axle. Ford in Ford, anything less is a waste of time and your money.
  11. Thanks Novaman, Hope I still have that tag from the Hurst/Olds I cut up a few years back, might be a market for it.
  12. I had one of those that went back and forth to Hershey at least six times! I'll look to see if I still have it. That is the one with a cable that connects to the back of the coil,correct? You may get a Model A Ford unit to work with a bit of remechining.
  13. You have a Model T engine in this thing? There is no way an Orient chassis would support a T engine. Lets see some photos.
  14. When you crank the engine does it turn clockwise or counter clochwise? Is it one or two cylinder?
  15. Max, I agree somewhat with what you say. If someone is being picked on because English in not their first language, that troubles me.Good natured ribbing about your favorite cars and mine is another thing.I'm glad people collect 1941 and newer cars, that means there are less people fighting over the good cars.
  16. The easy way around this problem is to get rid of the Pontiac and buy a 1914-25 Ford. One color fits all.......and you have a better car.
  17. That is THE BEST website I have ever seen for the true collector car enthusiast!!! My guess on the current "What is it" is Marmon. There is a photo on the website of a car with odd headlights, that someone thought was a Maybach. It is not, the head lights are Wood lights, the car is a front wheel drive Ruxton. I've added the site to my favorites. Good luck, and best wishes for the Holidays!
  18. PLEASE! Don't model anything after eBay MOTORS! That orphan child of eBay is a mess. eBay was running along just fine before the nit wits came up with MOTORS. All the real collector car & motorcycle people list on the CORE eBay site. Collectables: Transportation: Automobila is where the real deal is. NOBODY lists collectors car or motorcycle parts on the eBay MOTORS used car lot.
  19. Nice original 1911 Huppmobile door lock with brass stirrip handle and striker plate. $75.00
  20. Ply33, The only time you'll find this redneck in a closet is when I'm remodeling one you a local yuppie. On average you can store three Harleys or one Model T in one.
  21. I just looked it up in the Standard Catalog of American Cars, an Empire was the FIRST car to ever run around the Indianapolis 500 race track once in was paved with bricks. Carl Fisher owner of the track was also an investor in the Empire. If you remains are from 1909-11 it would make a nice looking car, somewhat like a Huppmobile of the same era. Good luck with the project.
  22. I went into NYC twice last week, the drive down The Henry Hudson Parkway is a very senic one, like driving through a park. We plan to see a few shows this Christmas Season. New York City deserves a visit!
  23. What a GREAT web site! Nice looking products.
  24. Jeff, Where is this broken bolt? It may be quicker to just get replacement parts.
  25. Drill a hole DEAD CENTER in the bolt, starting with a center drill, start with a small drill and lots of cutting oil, progress up to larger drills. Then use an Easy-Out to remove the remails of the bolt. If the bolt is in an old aluminum casting you may not be so lucky. If you mess up the threads use a Heli-Coil to replace the threads.