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  1. My 1950 Plymouth is titled from the engine #. It doesn`t match the serial# on the screwed on door jamb tag.My 54 wagon is titled from the door jamb tag, but that tag is rivited on. Both factory. Missouri titles.
  2. I just saw your post. I`m about 30 miles west of California, but I can`t go during regular business hours , Saturday or Sunday work? Evenings? email nolt4@windstream.net I`ll try to check here too, but not on computer much. Gary.
  3. I`m only about 30 miles from Sedalia. Havent seen it, but I`ll ask around if you want.e-mail nolt4@windstream.net Good luck, Gary.
  4. Central Missouri auction with about 35 old cars and trucks, mostly 50`s and 60`s. June 29th Stover Missouri, Edzards estate. Sale bill can be seen at auctionzip.com Most of these are rough and many are parts cars but some are worth saving. Scrap buyers will be out in force so heres a chance to rescue some. Sale has lots of old tractors too.
  5. Hi George .I sent the pictures I have of them tonight (Thursday) will get more info and prices or phone #. Thanks ,Gary.
  6. I have a friend who has about six Mercurys for sale due to health reasons. We are in central Missouri. These all need complete restoration, and some may be only parts cars. None are running, but I think some are complete.Two and four doors,one has been wrecked. If there`s any intrest, I can get pictures and better information. I`m not always on here, but I`ll try to check for messages in the evenings regularly in the near future. I`ll ask Dave if he`s up to phone calls, he`s undergoing serious chemo and is pretty sick a lot. You can e-mail me at nolt4@windstream.net Thanks, Gary Nolting.
  7. Sometimes these older models like a higher octane gasoline. compare gas mileage with lower octane and the higher, I`ve found that if you get better performance with the higher octane, you will usually get better mileage as well. That helps offset the higher price. Sometimes the performance is allmost free. In Missouri most gas is an ethanol blend. In cooler weather( below about 50 degrees), count on losing five percent on your gas mileage. Plus carburetors hate the stuff. Some stations here carry 91 octane ethanol free gas. It`s worth the price difference ,especially if the car will sit over 90 days or so without being driven.
  8. I can see merit on both sides of the coin, keep in mind the manufacturers switched to 12 volt and never looked back. The main reason dad used to switch old stuff to 12 volt was to start better in real hot or cold weather. some 6V starters would stand it , some would actually break the mounting housing! I don`t remember what we did on the charging end of things. Had to change all bulbs. I rember things allways started better and had better headlights.
  9. I had a 64 Gran Prix that did the same thing, Sold it before I figured it out. Drove it several hundred miles with no problem except some funny looks.
  10. I think they`re the same as the outside body , I`ll look to be sure. Gary.
  11. Man ,that third picture looks sooo wrong! I would think the pucker factor factor would be really high the first time you drove into the water. Cool.
  12. HOOIE

    409 chevy

    Thanks for the information. What little we used this old truck, it was a horse! Thanks again , Gary.
  13. HOOIE

    409 chevy

    I have an early 60s Chevy C-60 truck with what it supposed to be a 409 engine. I know the second generation big block truck engines were a "tall deck" block, different from the car engines. Does anyone know if the 348-409 engines were different "tall deck" in trucks, than the car engines? Thanks, Gary.
  14. Here in Missouri that vintage of Chevys were titled from the engine number. I don`t know when they started using the serial number. I have a 50 Plymouth that`s titled from the engine number. The serial number is attatched to the door jamb with phillips head screws. I have a 53 Plymouth that`s titled from the serial number on the door jamb, but that tag is attatched with special rivets.
  15. If it has another number it`s probably somewhere on the frame. I`m not sure they even did that back then.
  16. If you want to get a lost title from the Missouri Dept. of Revenue, you have to have had a Missouri title for that vehicle registered to you. In other words if you actually lose your Mo title, you can get a replacement. If you want to get a title for something that doesn`t have one about the only options are to have a judge declare it abandoned and award it to you, or get a bonded title from the state. Both kind of a pain and can be expensive. I`ve been told that now if it`s awarded from abandonment , the title will be 'branded' Prior Salvage Abandonded .Some here have gotten the Alabama bills of sale and gotten MO titles from those, but I believe that is about a thing of the past. if not allready. Salvage titles can be obtained, but you can`t license ,only transfer ownership.
  17. A fella told me about the molasses trick a couple mounths ago and he swears it`s great for sheet metal , especially old stuff that a sandblaster would eat up. I havent tried it yet, thought he might have been BSing me.
  18. I was taught , motors ran on electricity, engines ran on gasoline or diesel. I believe gear lube was sold by the pound. If I remember correctly, the old pumps to fill transmissions and rear ends have about three revolutions of the crank stop to stop. I think they were supposed to pump a quarter pound of gear lube in those three revolutions. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL:)
  19. 29 Studebaker sounds correct. Does it have a red or green jewel on the outboard side, right behind the front ring? Studebaker President does.
  20. HOOIE

    How many ?

    Thanks for the info. Of the 32,000 Plus, I wounder how many were two doors? Or were all Plazas two door? I thought I`d found something more rare, but now I see one on e-bay too! Oh well. I`ll try to get it running before winter and see what I`ve got,Thanks again ,Gary.
  21. HOOIE

    How many ?

    I`ve recently purchased a 54 plymouth Plaza 2 dr wagon 6cyl. 3sp (not the one in the other post). Can anyone tell me how many of these were made in 54 or how to find out? Thanks,Gary.
  22. I`m not sure about ball type wheel bearings, but on tapered roller type , nylon cages are common on 80`s cars. On the rear of my old 85 Caravan has them, and I have put over 100,000 miles on them myself. I have no idea how many miles were on the bearings when I got the van. The old beater now has over 300,000 miles on it. I clean and pack them same as always with any good wheel bearing grease, the bearings are still perfectly fine. When I first saw the nylon cages I showed my Father and we agreed they looked like junk, now I like em just fine. I never set em up too tight, leave a little play and keep em greased. Gary.
  23. Been a while since I`ve done this, but I`ve changed a few. First you need a tool to twist one end of the spring. Take an old screwdriver and put about a 45 degree bend in about the first two inches of the blade. It will be handy for lots of things. Put one end of the spring into place on the hinge. Slide spring up or down in the hinge untill the other tip of the spring clears the hinge. Twist the spring with your new tool untill it aligns with its hole or notch on the hinge and tap spring up or down with a small hammer untill it is in place and release tension and you have it. Sometimes this can be done on the vehicle without removing the door but sometimes you may need to remove the hinge and clamp one end in a vise. Usually one end of the spring has a flat spot on it to keep it from sliding out of place on the hinge. Chevy pickups of that vintage had the same setup but seems like the springs were longer. Used to be able to get new springs from Ford but may have to go to a boneyard now.
  24. Tons of country music shows, (I recomend Jim Stafford.)Silver Dollar City close by its a theme park with some rides and lots of craft shops, and a really BIG cave. The whole area is very family oriented. Springfield Mo is just to the north. Has a very large Bass Pro Shop and museum. There`s a big swap meet at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds in Springfield August 27-29. Fairgrounds are just off I-44. North of Springfield, Ozark Mo has a museum with the Beverly Hillbillys`truck.Type in Branson Mo or Springfield Mo and you can find lots of info. Southern Mo. and northern Ark. Ozarks have nice hilly scienery for an auto trip.
  25. HOOIE

    vin tag locations

    In Missouri, at least,they titled the Chevrolets off the engine serial number. Located on the right side of block behind distributor. I`m not sure about the thirties models but the fifties models were. Don`t know why this was done or when the stopped using the engine numbers.