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  1. Representative Jerry Petrowski has agreed to introduce a bill in the Wisconsin Assembly for the establishment of a year of manufacture ( YOM ) license plate law. Owners of registered collector vehicles would be allowed to display YOM plates as the vehicles legal plates. This bill is currently in the form of a preliminary draft and will be introduced in January. It was drawn up with input from Kieth Van Egdom and the Madison Vintage Auto Club. I talked yesterday with Kathy Marschman of Jerrys office who is handling this bill. She asked if there were other clubs in the state who would sign on as co-sponsors, which would give the bill more backing and better prospects of passage. So-- I encourage all Wisconsin clubs to call Kathy at 888 534 0086 and ask to be included as co-sponsors. If you like, I am sure she would send you a preliminary draft copy. She would also welcome any additional suggestions. Any support would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Check on ebay under 1937 Buick.
  3. I had clutch chatter in my 37-47 and went to the local tranny shop and talked to the owner. I was told that oil on the plate causes it to grab, not slip and to drive it and it may go away. I learned to use the clutch in a manner that kept chatter to a minimum. I have driven it for 2 years and it has gotten much better with use. I am sure an expert will correct me but if your clutch is soaked it may need to be replaced, or you can learn to live with it. Good luck.
  4. Dave, in your subject header did you mean to say Moribund Equine Flagellation?
  5. A few years ago I did the headliner in my 37 and I will tell you what I remember. It appears to be a daunting task at the beginning but don't be discourged, you can do it. Being my first try, and I hope I don't have to do another one, I went to the local fabric store and asked advice. They sold me a small bottle of adhesive which I believe was called Twice as Tacky. It is white and looks like a very thick Elmers Glue. You can use it to hold the headliner in place and if necessary pull it loose and reposition it. Be sure to take your time and be very careful to make sure it is taut in all directions. The most difficult part for me was around the back window where it was a challenge to keep the material taut in all directions. Mine turned out nice and if I can do it at my age, 60s, you should have no trouble. It will be much easier if you remove the front seat during this procedure.
  6. I would like to think the guys who responded to my post. Your advice was on the head. It started and ran fine, but I have to rev the engine a little to get the alternator to kick in. This is not a real problem since this happens as I get rolling in 1st gear. It has seemed to have developed a static tic on the AM portion of my radio but this may be unrelated. In reply to another query, I bought the alternator from J.C. Whitney. It is a 15 si Delco. It came with a 3/8 pulley, so I had to buy a 5/8 pulley for$13.oo. You may be better served by going to a local rebuilder who can show you different styles which would best fit your application and would have the correct pulley. It is not a problem for them to make 6 volt and you will be able to get free advice. I am satisfied with mine. The replies were right and my setup was lacking a ground so I took the ground off the regulator and and grounded it to the firewall. All that must be done is to run a #10 wire from the alternator to your charge indicator and then to your battery. The advice I recieved here has saved me a lot of work and headaches. Being a geezer, I am not overly computer literate but I think this Internet thing may catch on.
  7. I have just finished installing a 6 volt alternator on my 37 Special. After fabricating a new mounting bracket and completing the one wire hookup I got in and pressed the starter. Nothing happened. All I got was a vibrating sound from the voltage regulator. My questions are, must something be done with the wires that were formerly on the generator? Must some changes be made in the wireing attached to the voltage regulator? Has anyone else who has done this had this problem? The car hasn't been driven for about 6 weeks and all the connections are tight and the battery is at full charge. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Old Tank--I have a 37--model 47. I am looking for a set of 3.60. I have heard that the 55 pinion is slightly different than the previous years. My 37 is turning 3200 rpms at 60 mph. A 3.90 would turn about 2800 and a 3.60 would be about 2600. I think that my old Buick could handle the 3.60, but wouldn't care to go any higher. I have found some 3.90s but no 3.60s. Supposedly the ring and pinion from 37 to about 54 are the same. If I am wrong please let me know.
  9. I am trying to find out if anyone knows a method of removing the pinion from the driveshaft of a torque tube Buick. I have heard that this is quite a job. According to my shop manual it is best performed with puller K-346-B-R. I went down to my local Buick dealer and inquired of the parts man if this tool was available. It was not. I asked to talk to the oldest mechanic but there were none old enough to know what a torque tube was. If any of you geezers have a suggestion please let me know.
  10. Obtain a catalog from Bob's Automibilia at (805)434-2963 and one from Cars, inc. at (908)369-3666. It will make your restoration much easier. As far as floor mats, since the rear was carpeted I bought a piece of carpet to match and cut my own. I have purchased products from both and I am well satisified with them and you won't believe the number of Buick items available.
  11. I had the same problem on my 37. It almost drove me nuts and I tried everything without success. Finally I removed the plug in the side of the carb that is there for checking fuel level in the bowl. Gasoline poured out. After taking off the top of the carb I found that the floats had both leaked and filled with gas. I soldered the cracks and had no further trouble. I related this to a Buick collector and he mentioned that I could have also have dipped it in gas tank sealer. Your situation sounds so simular to mine that I think it would be worth a look.
  12. If you intend to weld on a gas tank you must remember that the metal is quite thin and to obtain a good weld you will need the dexterity of a brain surgeon and alot of practice. A friend of my fathers nearly lost his legs cutting an empty lacquer barrel which sat behind his shop for years with the bungs out. I am terrified of using flame or sparks on a tank. More in my line is to solder a patch over the hole. I use a soldering iron and heat it with a propane torch away from the tank. Make the patch to overlap a little and clean surfaces with muriatic acid and tin them. Place the patch over the hole and solder in place. It is simple and works well for me.
  13. Bill-- Thanks for the specs on that Super. The donar car is a model 50 - 52. It would then have a 3.9. From looking at your post the 3.6 looks interesting, but I would have to find out what is compatable with the differental in my 37 - 47. If I can't find a 3.6 I will probably go with the 3.9.
  14. Can anyone tell me what the differental gear ratio is for a 50 Super with Dynaflow? I am looking for a higher gearing for my 37.If there is some expert advice out there please pass that along too.
  15. The only one I know of is Buick Restoration Services- P.O. Box 442- Perry, MI. 48872. I don't have his phone number any longer, but I am sure that you can get it from information. He makes them himself and they are very good. They come complete with instructions and all the fasteners. They are made of aluminum and priced right. I have a set on my 37 Special and am well pleased.
  16. I recieved my windshield ration sticker from Newell today. It looks very nice and appears to be an exact reproduction with the exception of being vinyl with a peel off adhesive back. I was only 4 when I watched my Dad put his on our 37 Chev coupe. I noticed that water was involved and I always thought it was a decal. I may be wrong and he may only have been cleaning the windshield in preperation. I am very satisfied with the reproduction and would recomend it.
  17. John-- Unless you have money to waste do more checking before you order new springs. I have never heard of an older Buick having too stiff of springs. I have friends who replaced springs because they became weaker with age allowing the car to sag, causing handling problems and a terrible ride. I doubt if springs can get stiffer with age. If it is the springs,perhaps someone has replaced the originals to get a firmer ride and went too far, so replacement is neccessary. If they are the originals I am sure the problem is elsewhere. Please let us know how things work out.
  18. corky coker-- Do you know if there is a radial tire to replace my 650-16s and will work on a 5in. rim?
  19. Thanks alot, I'll give them a try. I will post an opinion when I get one.
  20. This has been great stuff. I wonder if any of you know if somebody makes reproduction window stickers for gas rationing?
  21. The Old Guy--Did you use your original rims with radials on your 37, and what size and make tire did you use? I imagine that tubes are required.
  22. I have enjoyed all the comments on tires and have been thinking of this for some time. I have been looking at radials for my 37 Special and am not satisfied with anything I've seen. To find anything in my size, 650-16, all that seems to be available are light truck tires that have agressive all weather tread designs. In addition they are reccomended for rims a minimum of 6" in width. I don't like the looks and wonder if they could be safely mounted on my rims which are 5" wide. I thought that surely someone would make a radial to resemble the older tires but so far my search has been fruitless. If anyone knows of a radial that fills the bill please post thier name, I'm sure many others would be interested too.
  23. I was given a old oil filter setup that looks like it came from a later straight eight. I thought about installing it, but have no idea where to mount it or where to connect the oil lines to the engine. If anyone has done this, any suggestions or advice would be welcome.
  24. I have a 37 Special and it does not have an oil filter. According to my shop manual the oil pump has a floating screened pickup for the oil pump. This permits the pump to draw clean oil from the top of the sump and allows sediment to settle to the bottom of the sump. "The clean oil supply obtained by the use of floating screen make the oil filter used on previous models unnecessary." I would still like a filter though.
  25. Back in the 50's and 60's when roadsters were the car of the time, a car would always show up at the Indy 500 powered by the mysterous Novi engine. They seemed to be powerful and fast, but never had much success. Does anyone know what this engine was based on and anything else about it such as displacement and any unusual aspects?
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