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  1. Back in the late 50s or early 60s I had my car in for a muffler replacement. The mechanics had recently replaced a muffler on a car that was bought in California. When they cut it loose it hit the floor like a concrete block. When they examined it they found it was filled with sand and weighed about 40 pounds. The owner, who was recently discharged from the service said it was a California sandy. Has anyone else heard of this or was it the invention of some fertile mind? Rollie
  2. You may have better luck on the antique small engine collectors website. Try www.asecc.com Rollie
  3. Thanks 33, I am seriously considering a pair of halogen for my headlights. Rollie
  4. I just downloaded the catalog for the Australian company. The prices listed are in Australian dollars. Does anyone know what the current exchange rate is? Rollie
  5. I had a very simular problem with my 37 Special. After trying everything I took the top off the carb and found that the floats were full of gas. I emptied out the floats and soldered the leaks and havn't had a problem since. Rollie
  6. Frank, your statement that you would rather see old stock iron in any condition brought back some thoughts from a recent trip. You phrased my thoughts precisely. I have visited The museums at Imperial Palace and Harrahs as well as some others. I thought the cars on display were nice. On the way home I spent the night at a motel in Murdo, South Dakota. Next to the motel was an old car museum. The museum has several buildings with displays of items from early farm life and several metal buildings which contained a large number of old cars in the condition in which they were acquired. Most were from the teens and twenties. There was a variety of makes displayed, some of which I had not heard. They appeared just as they were when the owner had parked them for the last time. Since I got there late I wandered through until they chased me out and locked up. It was much more interesting than looking at rods and over restored cars. They actually conveyed a sense of history. I know others have visited it and I wonder if they enjoyed as much as I did. I would sure like to see some like that at local shows. As it is they hold little interest for me since I grew up with the cars on display and I feel like I am walking through a used car lot rather than a car show. Rollie
  7. Tom's opinion of a Buick. "Takes corners like a fat lady with bad ankles."
  8. I began driving long before seat belts were available and have had two accidents which impressed on me the necessity of being belted in. In 1960 I had an encounter with a utility pole which ejected me from my 57 Chev convertable with such force that both shoes and even one sock were left behind on the floor of the car. In 1966 I was driving a VW van and was broadsided by a car which ran a stop sign. Again I was thrown from the vehicle and both shoes were left behind. I spent many weeks in the hospital and had several surgeries to repair the injuries which still bother me to this day. When seat belt were mandated in Wisconsin people protested the law, some proclaiming that they would rather be thrown out of the car in an accident. Believe me those people never had the pleasure. I have to confess that my old Buick does not have them yet, but they are on the list. If you have an older car and it is not driven much you may not care to install belts. If you drive it alot remember that this is a different world with much more traffic, at higher speeds and drivers with little patience and insistant upon thier right of way. Seat belts not only save lives but can save a heck of alot of pain.
  9. I just went out to check on the hood lace and find that it is held on by 3 screws. I believe that the holes you see are for screws. I can think of no way that a wire attachment could be logical. Rollie
  10. I hesitated to reply because I expected that you would get an answer from one of the experts in field. However I will tell you how it is done on my 37 Special which is not much different from yours. The old hood lace was held on by a few small flat head screws. Since they fit nicely in the holes in the cowl I assumed that this is the way it was done at the factory. It may be that a change was made with the introduction of the 38. I put on the new hood lace with the screws and it worked fine. Rollie
  11. If it is a 37 or 38, it must be a 38 because the 37 is square and mounted in the glove box door. Rollie
  12. I had the same condition on mine and I purchased a few cans of black Plasti-Dip in the aerosol cans. It did a nice job. I don't know if the Armor-All will prevent good adhesion or not, but it bonded well on my boards and is very durable. Rollie
  13. I am in dire need of a clutch fork for my 37 Special. If you have one I am at rchettinga@charter.net Rollie
  14. Unfortunately it was a column shift on my 49 Merc. If it were a floor shift like my present 37 Special I would have found a way to do my own shifting.
  15. R.W. is right on about NECKIN KNOBS. Around here they were mounted at approximately the 10 o'clock position and you taught your girl to shift gears when you depressd the clutch and said shift. A man only has enough hands to do two things at a time.
  16. All I can gather from my shop manual is the following. Special--Series 40--122" wheelbase. 5 passenger Two Door Sedan--Plain Back. I did at one time have some information on the numbers pertaining to paint colors and trim but I don't know what became of it. Rollie
  17. I have a chance to buy a rear axle from a 49 Super to replace the one on my 37 Special. Since the Super has a 62 3/16" tread and my car has a 59" tread the tires will be uncomfortably close to the rear fenders. If you or anyone else can give me any advice I will be a happy man. Rollie
  18. Does anyone know the gear ratio of a 49 Super with stick shift? Rollie
  19. Thanks Joe. It looks like a rear end swap would be the sensable way to go. I guess I will just change the clutch and start searching for a compatable rear end. The 37 has leaf springs so I will have to reconfigure the spring perches. Is it possible to find one with the same length driveshaft to avoid the pinion removal headache? Rollie
  20. Two years ago I purchased a 3.60 ring and pinion from a yard in Montana. The one sent had a badly rusted ring gear and was unusable. I returned it and waited for the replacement. After a year of stalling and excuses the owner admited that he didn't have one. I am still waiting for my refund. Now I need to replace the clutch and would like to do the ring and pinion at the same time. If anyone knows of a salvage yard or anyone else who could provide one PLEASE let me know. My car is a 37 Special and I have been told the gears from later Buicks could be swapped. If you have ever driven a car with a 4.40 gear ratio you can understand why.
  21. Centurion, I read the same article. I was considering putting radials on my 37 Special. The article refers to a car throwing its wheel covers after installing radials. This makes me think that it is a much newer car than mine and driven faster and harder than I would drive a car that is 67 years old. I am sure that someone out there has experience in this matter and I would be overjoyed if they would set me straight. It does seem that radials would improve handling and improve my miserable 10 mpg. However, my life is worth something to me and would probably take precedence.
  22. Can anyone tell me if the pressure plate for a 1942 series 40 is the same as a 1937 series 40?
  23. My neighbor up at the lake (Great Bass Lake) has a plate on his wifes car that says GRBASS.
  24. I might have missed this point somewhere along the line, but can you install the electric punp in the existing line and expect your mechanical pump pull fuel through it when the electric is off?
  25. I hate to appear ignorant, but I have difficulty understanding the following. For $1000,000 we can buy a Bugatti Veyron. It has a 8.0 liter W16 engine. What kind of cylinder configuration is a W?
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