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  1. You might try the buy/sell. I am sure that someone must have a junk motor and would sell you a dipstick. Rollie
  2. I just got to thinking further on your situation. I noticed that the stop on my dipstick is loosely attached in order to sit in full contact on the block. If you weld it on this would not be able to occur and no matter how careful you are it will not set perfectly against the block and it may allow oil to be slung out through the dipstick opening. If my memory serves me right some of the older cars had a leather washer beneath the stop to prevent this. You may want to take this into consideration when repairing yours. Rollie ps. In fact I am not too sure that mine shouldn't have one.
  3. I am thinking of radials for my 37 and would like to know if the original rims would work without installing tubes. If anyone has experience with this or an opinion I would be happy to hear it. Rollie
  4. I have just perused my latest issue of Old Cars Weekly. On page 17 is an article about a 1919 Hudson touring. It is shown with lights on the cowl as well as the the usual headlights alongside the radiator. The article indicates that the cowl lights were not factory items which leads me to believe that the movie cars had the usual headlights up front and the cowl lights were an add on by the owners. Rollie
  5. I am really going out on a limb here but I seem to remember hearing that one of the auto manufacturers ( Pierce? ) had a patent on mounting headlights on fenders. All others had to find other places to put them until the patent expired and suddenly all headlights appeared on fenders. I may be wrong so if I am let me have it and I'll harbor no ill feelings. Rollie
  6. My 49 Merc had overdrive. When I had it in for service the mechanic and I were discussing the transmission. He mentioned that when the overdrive was engaged the car would be free wheeling. Being 18 at the time I didn't concern myself much about what that implied. Was this actual free wheeling? Rollie
  7. My dad referred to the trunk of our car as the "turtle", a holdover from his days of the Model T.
  8. In the past I had two VW Beetles of which neither had an oil filter. I changed oil every 2000 miles and never had a problem. They both had well over 100,000 miles on and ran well and didn't burn oil. The second one, a Super Beetle, had 160,000 miles when I sold it, and it was still running 8 years later. From that experience I would think you can get along fine without one if you do regular oil changes. My 37 Buick came without one. I was given a filter setup but decided not to put it on. In my opinion that type of filter arrangement does very little filtering. Rollie
  9. I intend to replace the carb on my 37 Special with a later model. The new carb is equipted with an electric starter switch which replaced the original vacum switch setup. The present vacum switch does not work and I have a starter switch mounted under the dash. I believe the wiring would be the same but I don't understand what causes the electric switch to disengage. I would like to use the accelerator start feature but I am concerned about unintended starter engagement at highway speeds. I would appreciate any information on this as I am clueless. Rollie
  10. Jon, thanks for that detailed information. I have been looking at that NOS carb for years wanting to do something but not having enough knowledge to begin. I hope to get on it when spring arrives. Thanks again. Rollie
  11. Since I have been getting only 10 mpg on my 37 Special this topic has caught my attention. I have a NOS carb that I thought may be uasble on my engine but it is from a newer Buick and has what appears to be an electrial switch for the starter rather than a vacume and does not have the automatic choke arrangement. I believe it is an AAV 167. Does anyone know the application for this carb and if I could use it on my engine? Rollie
  12. Zon, The DeLuxe heater has the water pipes on a vertical line. The heat output fot the 37 DeLuxe heater has been increased due to a new type of radiating core. This construction provides a large radiating surface in a small amount of space and increases the efficiency of the blower fan. The Master is about 15% lower in heating capicity than the DeLuxe. It is round in shape but uses a conventional flat core. The Master is designed for use in coupes or in larger cars where the climate is mild. This is from a 37 shop manual but should apply. Rollie
  13. I know that during the war gas was rationed in various quantities according to need. I only know that the A sticker was for 3 gallons and T was for truckers according to thier requirements. Do any of you old timers remember what the other stickers entitled you to? Rollie
  14. I had a 57 convertable with 283 and power pac. I would add that I was young and my foot was heavy but the best I can remember was 17. The car was low mileage and the engine was in tune. My driving habits were atrocious and most of the driving was in town. I think on the highway I might have made 18 but I doubt if I could have exceded that. Rollie
  15. I am posting this for a friend. He has for sale a silver 1979 Coupe de Ville with 54,000 miles. It has leather seats and absolutely no rust and the paint is near perfect. The interior is clean and shows very little sign of wear. It is located in central Wisconsin. Phone number is 715-359 4845. Ask for Tom. He is asking $4000.
  16. I used a few spray cans of black Plasti-Grip. It filled all the smaller weather check cracks and looks like the original rubber surface. Rollie
  17. In regard to the Turboglide, while it lasted I never used the grade retarder once. I understand that the whine in the Powerglide is the sound of a pump being engaged while in neutral or park to keep the working parts lubed. When in motion it lubes itself. For that reason I always shifted into neutral when stopped for any amount of time. I can't be sure if this is actually true but I knew this when I was young and knew everything so it must be. Rollie
  18. Frank is right about the Powerglide. I have owned both. In my younger days I hac a 57 Bel Aire convertable with Powerglide and Powerpac. I had a friend with a 57 Bel Aire convertable and Turboglide with the Powerpac. Except for the transmission they were identical. One night we swapped cars for the evening and he didn't want to return mine. He wished to trade vehicles as mine with the Powerglide was a much better performer. I later totaled the 57 and bought a used 59 Chev with Turboglide. It was a dog and the transmission shortly failed completely. The owner of the transmission shop claimed that the housing was aluminum and tended to warp causing the working parts to fail. He installed a used Powerglide and I never had a bit of trouble and it was a much better performer. I can't understand what genius thought America needed a car with Grade Retarder. Rollie
  19. I havn't checked turn signal laws recently but it appears that in Wisconsin if you are using a cell phone you are not required to use your turn signals. Rollie
  20. I am sure that you can get them from Bobs Automobilia. (805) 434-2963 Rollie
  21. My memory may be failing but I seem to remember the Scarab in the old Can-Am series trying a Powerglide and it handled the power just fine. Rollie
  22. This happened to a friend of mine several years ago. He was making wood on a friends farm when the tractor pulling the wood splitter became stuck in the soft ground. He unhooked the wood splitter and backed up his early 50's Dodge pickup to pull it out. He hooked a nylon strap to the hitch ball on the tractor and proceeded to pull it out. Watching in his rear view mirror he saw the strap go slack and thought it broke. Instantly his rear window shattered. Looking about he noticed a hole in his windshield in the exact shape if a trailer hitch ball. He was wearing a military style field jacket with the button down tabs on top of the shoulders. In passing through the ball ripped the tab from the jacket. This all happen so fast that it took a few moments to understand what happened. It was written up in the local paper along with a picture of the truck showing the hole in the windshield. The ball was picked up down range. He foolishly traded the very nice Dodge for a van which was a piece of crap and has regretted it ever since.
  23. I had a 57 Chev convertible in the days of my misspent youth and it drove just fine without power steering. I drove a friends with power steering and it seemed to lack road feel. Power steering in those days was not what it is now. After I totaled the Chev I had a 57 Olds without power steering and that beast surely could have used it. Although parallel parking it did give you a good workout. Rollie
  24. Not being familiar with Studebakers of that age I have wondered what is the difference between the big six and the small six? If you could enlighten me I would be grateful. Rollie
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