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  1. If finding by process of elimination, it's not a 37 either. Rollie
  2. Sorry about that Christan. The name of the product is Plasti Dip. You should be able to Google it. Rollie
  3. I'll check on it and get back to you. Rollie
  4. I had the same situation with my 37 a few years ago. I bought a few cans of spray on Black Plasti-Grip. It did a very nice job, filling the minor cracking and sealing the surface with a smooth rubbery finish, while preserving the original appearance. Rollie
  5. It has come time to replace the tires on my 37 Special. The tires are 650-16. There are also 650-16 light truck tires, 6 ply rating, available. I would like to know if anyone has used the light truck tires on thier car and how they worked out? Rollie
  6. Grant, I used a NOS carb that I bought from an ad in Hemmings. This was several years ago. I talked to the seller (from Mass.) who didn't know what year it was for but it is likely a post war carb. As long as it has 3 mounting holes which I believe identifies it as being for the small engine it shouldn't make a difference as to the year. If someone knows how to date the carb I could look for some numbers on it. If you find one, ask for advice on the linkage arrangement before you attempt to fire it up, VERY IMPORTANT. I also found an easy way to hook up the automatic choke and will try to post a pic. I found this to be a simple switch once Jon explained it and well worth while. Rollie
  7. I used black Plasti-Dip in the spray cans and it did a very nice job. Acouple of applications filled in all weather checking and gave a nice even appearance. Rollie
  8. I wouldn't worry about detergent oil use without a filter. In years past I've had two VW beetles of which neither had an oil filter and they were designed this way. I put well over 100,000 miles on each and neither used oil. I drove one with 110,000 miles on it from northern Wisconsin to southern California and it used less than a quart. Rollie
  9. Biggarmike- Back in the 50's I worked in a factory producing piston rings and valve seats and opperated a lathe manufactured by Lipe-Rollaway. Any connection? Rollie
  10. A word of caution. I recently changed carbureators on my 37 Special and that required some changes in the throttle connection. The new carb has the starter switch on the carb and starts by depressing the accelerator to engage the starter. Every thing was fine but I noticed that sometimes the throttle would stick. One day I stepped on the gas pedal to start up and the gas pedal stuck in full throttle position and the starter was unable to disengage. With the motor racing I killed the ignition but it was too late and fried my starter. I discovered that I didn't bend over the cotter pin where the accelerator rod connects to the carb and it worked loose and caused the jamb. It would certainly be cheaper and easier to fix the linkage than go through that headache. Rollie
  11. That is a nice looking car you have. I have seen them offered on e-bay and I have seen the conversion on a car. The sealed beam lens is flatter than the original and does not look correct on the car. I considered the change at one time but after seeing one installed I changed my mind. Others have suggested resilvering the reflector if needed and changing to halogen bulbs. Rollie
  12. I don't have much advice, but I can tell you how I solved a similar problem on my 37 with the same carb. First be sure that your float hasn't leaked. Mine leaked badly and caused alot of trouble until I discovered that problem. I then acquired a NOS carb from a later Buick but didn't have the knowledge and confidence to try the exchange. The car ran roughly and had really poor mileage. Finally I sought and got advice from "carbking". I also read an explanation of the newer carb choke system by Lamar. Fueled with this new gotten cognition I made the switch and was amazed at the difference. From my experience and what I learned from the experts you will likely never get that excuse for a carburetor to work well. Rollie
  13. Well Jon, I now have the newer NOS carb on my 37. The difference between the old and new carb is night and day. I didn't know that the car could run this smoothly. It starts right off, idles better, and has no hesitation or stumbling on acceleration. Since I could only get 10 mpg before I believe my mileage will also improve somewhat. Previously I had the starter button under the dash. The new carb has the starter switch so I wired it in and now it starts with the foot feed as it should. When my son in law comes over with his high tech camera I will try to get him to post a picture. Many thanks, Rollie
  14. Jon, your expertise is greatly appreciated, I can't thank you enough. Rollie
  15. Some time ago Jon (carbking) was gracious enough to give me step by step instructions for replacing the original Stromberg with one of later vintage. I have finally gotten at it and have another question. I would like to attatch the tubing for heat to operate the automatic choke to the pipe that housed the automatic choke coil for the original. Since it is recessed into the exhaust manifold is it possible that the hot air taken from there would be too hot? Rollie
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