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  1. What issue featured 1949 Buicks last year? Thanks in advance. Ray.
  2. I'm for it!!!! Ray Newport BCA# 30054 49 Roadmaster, 64 Riviera, 96 Park Ave Ultra.
  3. Buick friends. I've a problem. When i press down the gas pedal to engage the stater. On my 49 Roadmaster. It sticks to the floor and everything electrical starts to heat up. Is the problem the switch on the carb or the switch on the accelerator, or could be something else. Thanks in advance. Ray. BCA# 30054 49 Roadmaster, 64 Riviera, 96 Park Avenue. <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/ooo.gif" alt="" />
  4. Hello Pete. I've a 49 Roady, Series 70, 4DR. 911 PAINT NO. I THINK THAT IS GALA GREEN. Between the bumper and grill it is green, and that matches the interior that is lighter than the exterior green that is darker. From the grill to the radiator it is black. This is the original paint scheme. Sorry that i couldn't respond sooner. I hope this helps. Ray Newport, BCA# 30054 49 Roadmaster, 64 Riviera. ROA# 10564.
  5. Wondering if cruise control came with the 64 Riviera, was it standard or an option? If at came at all. Ray Newport BCA#30054
  6. That is one nice piece of old iron! Awesome truck.
  7. looking for a shop manual for a 30/31 Model A . Interior door parts, etc. especially door latch/lock mechanisms.
  8. Problem. When i use the turn signal while driving at night, both turn indicators flash at the same time at the dashboard, the correct light on the fender flashes the right direction i'm turning, while the other is off as it should be. During daylight driving everything works correctly. The car is a 49 Roadmaster. Any solutions? Thanks in advance. Ray Newport BCA#30054 49 Roadmaster, 64 Riviera.
  9. Thanks for your response Randall. We found a transaxle. Ray
  10. Looking for a transaxle for a 81 Eldorado with the 468 engine for a friend. Also looking for the shop manual. Any help would be appreciated. Ray Newport BCA#30054 49 Roadmaster, 64 Riviera.
  11. Yes it did have fins. If anyone is interested, email me and i will contact the owner to see if he wants to sell it.
  12. Came across a Goldenhawk sitting in a boneyard just outside of California City Ca. It was sandwich between several cars. The body looks straight. Wasn't able took look under the hood to see if there was a engine. It really looks restoreable. It still had the Golden Hawk badge on the front grill. The badge was circular with a golden hawk in a white field. I don't kwnow if that is authentic or not. If anyone interested, email me. I will try to get more info about it. Ray Newport BCA#30054 49 Roadmaster, 64 Riviera
  13. Interested in the power steering pump, if you still have it. Email if you do, and your selling price. Ray Newport 49 Roadmaster, 64 Riviera.
  14. I need some help with a problem about power draining on my 64 Riviera battery. I put in a new altnator, voltage regulator and a new battery. Still have the problem. Any ideas, anyone. Thanks in advance. Ray Newport BCA#30054 49 Roadmaster, 64 Riviera.