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  1. I have a 38 Dodge humpback panel truck that has most of the wheel well bead rotted. I have the bead shape, but don't know how much sheet metal goes underneath. I assume that the fender must attach to it. I have searched, but can't find any pictures of this area. I want to keep it as close to the real thing as I can. As a beginner, I need your help. Thanks.
  2. Hello, My project (38 Dodge Humpback panel Truck) has been in an accident or two in it's lifetime. Before I remove it from the frame, what measuring techniques and bracing should I use to make sure it's square before I do all the panel patching? I'm not sure it is out of line, but the top support in the opening is mis shapened enough to make me think it might be from body torque due to the accident(s). Thanks for your help.
  3. Check out the infamous EBAY. They have them on once and a while
  4. www.P15-D24.com has a lot of answers
  5. I'm in the same boat. I need pics for my 38 Dodge humpback panel truck. too much has rotted
  6. I have to do an enormous amount of lower panel work on this truck. So far I have not found a good example of what the bead looks like or if there is a continuation going under and towards the frame. Does the metal bend in 90' after the end of the bead? If so, how far in? How does the floor supports (it is a wooden bed and floor) attach to the pillars and sides of the truck. if ou have any pictures, please send them if you can. Thanks for all your help in the past.
  7. My Panel truck has rusted out around the body mounts in back of the seat. After a few months of searching for pictures, I haven't come up with any examples to copy. I have a 1938 Dodge Humpback Panel Truck. How does the floor pan connect to the body, or support pillar, or side of the truck body. Frankly, I'm lost here. This is a VERY rare type of truck in my area. I have seen only one in quite a few years. So I don't have an example to look at. I'm sure it connects to the pillar. A picture of that area of a Ford, Chevy Etc. would be close enough. Thanks for your time.
  8. I get my stuff at Restoration Specialties & Suppliy, Inc.in PA. www.restorationspecialties.com 814-467-9842 I'm restoring a 36 Dodge D2 Sedan and a 36 Dodge Humpback Panel Truck. Their products have been very good quality so far.
  9. I have a 36 Dodge Sedan (D2). That was the year that they put a metal piece in place of the cloth top.
  10. I am restoring a 36 Dodge D2. It was used in a limo service for nostalgic rides. It needs a new floor, but the outside is in good condition. I didn't take it off the frame. I have redone most of the mechanical stuff. My point is that if the metal is in good shape and can be repainted without body work then don't do a frame off. If you want to ride it and have some fun, then fix the mechanical parts and enjoy it for its ride. You can always take it off later. But YES you take off anything that unbolts and restore it. Fenders, cowl, doors, running boards,front window..........right down to
  11. I have an Everlasting "Conmutador" directional signal kit. I'm not sure which power source I hook up the wire with the fuse in it (+ or -). The diagram has the wire with the fuse going to the positive source. Does this work on a positive ground system. I have a 36 Dodge D2. AND...do I need to hook this up to the stop light switch so the directional lights go on when I stop? The directions assume that the reader knows all about electricity. I Don't. Thanks.
  12. OK.......I blew it. I took the "in wall" positive ground 6v coil out and forgot which wire goes where. Does the positive go to the screw on the outside of the distributor? A beginners mistake. I thought I'd ask you BEFORE I tried to start it. Thanks
  13. Hi, Is there a name for the style of bead that marks the perimiter of the wheel well and rocker panels of my 1938 Dodge panel truck (humpback)? I want to get a bead die for the work. Any suggestions. Thanks.
  14. Hi, Is there a name for the style of bead that marks the perimiter of the wheel well and rocker panels of my 1938 Dodge panel truck (humpback)? I want to get a bead die for the work. Any suggestions. Thanks.
  15. Hi, I am restoring a 1938 Dodge Panel Truck (humpback) The bottom (3-4") section all around the truck is rotted away or has been bent up from an accident. I need to know the shape of the metal to rebuild it. Are there any schematics available to see what it looked like so I can duplicate it? If not, What should I do? Thanks.
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