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  1. Still have the 7k tach? If so, how much? Thank you, Marty Norwalk, CA 90650
  2. Good afternoon. Shipping from what city and state? Marty
  3. Good morning. Is this still available? I know it is an old post... Marty
  4. Greetings. They look great! Are they new? Are you selling them? Thank you, Marty
  5. Greetings. Looking for a windshield for a 1960 Buick LeSabre. This is for a friend located in Norwalk, California. Thank you, Marty
  6. They look great and would match my interior. I would be interested in buying them. Marty
  7. Good afternoon. How much for the mats? Also, do have any photos? Marty
  8. Good morning. I have a 65 Riv with dark green interior. Do you have a photo? I am interested. Marty
  9. I am interested if the other member changes their mind. Marty Supple
  10. Good afternoon. Did you ever sell the 3.91's? Thank you, Marty
  11. Still for sale? I know the post is over a year old..... Marty
  12. Good morning. Great car. What is the sensor for between the rear seats located above the rear speaker? It looks like a guidematic sensor. Marty
  13. Good morning. The 1963 to 1965 Buick radios had signal seeking (Wonderbar) only on the AM units. Just for clarification, you took the AM/FM unit and in addition to modern electronics, your radio now has signal seeking just like the AM Wonderbar radios? If so, that is exactly what I would like to do. Thank you, Marty
  14. I do believe I have a 364 manual trans flywheel. Marty
  15. Did they sell? I know this is an old post. Interested. Marty
  16. Good afternoon. Actually, the 1963 Dynaflow is the "Twin Turbine", not the "Triple Turbine". Buick used the "Triple Turbine" from 1958 to 1959 as an option. In 1958 the transmission was also know as the "Flight Pitch Dynaflow". From what I have read, we are better off with the Twin Turbine unit due to its reliability, parts availability, and overall performance. Marty
  17. I am interested in the wood wheel horn components. Please send me a pm for shipping info and method of payment desired. Thank you, Marty
  18. Greetings. Thanks for the pics, great info. Is this plastic ring for the 1964 Riv wood wheel? If so I will buy it. Thank you, Marty
  19. Good evening. Are the wood wheel interior parts still available? When you refer to the horn switch are you referring to the plunger? Thank you, Marty
  20. Good afternoon. It is a 67 Riviera and it looks great! Marty
  21. I am also looking for a gas pedal for my 64 Riv..............Saddle interior. Thank you, Marty
  22. Greetings. Looking for a set of 1969 Riviera brake rotors. Do you have a set? Thank you, Marty
  23. Yes.......you are correct, I am looking for the turbine wheel covers you have. Can we make a deal? Thank you, Marty
  24. Greetings. Looking for a set of front brake rotors for a 1969 Riviera. Thank you, Marty
  25. Greetings, Looking for a set of front brake rotors for a 1969 Riviera. Thank you, Marty
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