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    Digital dash

    I have a 93 Allante the tach side is nice and bright, the speedo and gauges are very dim. Can they be repaired? If so where can I call. Thanks
  2. I have a 93 Allante half the dash is very dim and the other side is ok. Anyone know someone that can repair it? Is it the same type of dash that's in the Reatta? Thanks
  3. Professionally rebuilt for street or track 200 R 4 H/D clutches and shift kit, driveshaft, shift cable and hardware. Less than 500 street miles and 0 track miles. $1250.00
  4. I would like to buy one, which year is the most reliable, and easy to got parts for. Rightnow I'm leaning to a 1964 R2 With auto trans. Any info to help me in my search, Please. Also what problems to look for. Thanks
  5. 87 Grand National need location, and can it cause the digital dashlights to dim when I turn on the headlights. Any part numbers would help. Thanks
  6. 87 Regal dashlights go very dim when I turn on the headlights or parkinglights. Thanks
  7. My digital dashlights go very dim when I turn the headlights on. 87 Regal Not sure what to do. Thanks.
  8. I'm looking to but new tires for my 90. Can anyone recomend a GOOD brand, I'd like quiet,long lasting, good performance that wont cost an arm & leg. Thanks.
  9. All 37's were body color. All 38's were chrome. If you want to keep it stock go with the painted.
  10. Are The BCM and ECM's The same for THE 88 89 90 & 91's ??? THANKS.
  11. WOW!!! That looks like a very nice red 37 Buick behind the Reatta. Could you please tell us about it. I have a restored 37 Special and it's a fun car to drive, they turn a lot of heads.
  12. Welcome aboard. KEEP THE CAR. You can't replace your fathers car, you have replaced a lot of expensieve parts already. If you have not flushed the brake system yet, please do so. BUT KEEP THE CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. How many Reattas and people are regestered for the meet??? I sent mine last week.Should be a great time,looking forward to it.
  14. If your going to pull the engine you will need to pull the front clip off the car to get to the bolts for the rear mounts. Not hard, it takes about 4 guys to lift it off. I did mine last winter.
  15. MIKE, What do you charge for a new top ? And how much do you think shipping would be to Missouri. Thanks. [color:\\"blue\\"]
  16. BREH

    VIN for Barney

    89 Red/Tan Red belt 16 way seat 140 K. Mi.For Sale Branson,MO. # 1g4ec11c2kb905225 I saw this car about 6 weeks ago and lost my note till today. Was asking $3500.
  17. Your post asked to regain HP & fuel economy. Try changeing the O-2 sensor,that should do both.
  18. Welcome aboard.Post your info here. Year VIN,Color,inside & out beltmolding color & options.Thats all you need to do he'll get it.
  19. THANKS,Kenny,Danny & Mike, The carpet is out drying in the sun now.I wonder if the A/C drain is clogged & thats where the water came in,I cant see where any rain water came in.The carpet & insulation were soaked.
  20. THANKS Mike,I'll give it a try.
  21. Danny, I tried to send the address to you but had a delivery failure. All I need to know is how the front of the top plate of the console is atached,is it just snaped in ? I dont want to damage it. Thanks
  22. Can anyone PLEASE tell me how to remove the console. I have to get the carpet out,somehow it got wet in a heavy rain storm comming back from Plano.It's a 90. THANKS
  23. BREH

    new owner

    WELCOME. You should find this forum very helpfull to keep your Reatta going strong.Hope you enjoy the ride.
  24. I used 3M's heavey duty epoxy tape.I comes on a roll it's clear and did a good job for me.3rd year and still holding. you can get it at any good hardware store.
  25. It was in Normandy Beach.I lost it by about 30 minutes.It looked nice,by the pictures.