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  1. Dave, contact Bob Kapteyn at Joliet Studebaker Parts in Joliet, IL 815-722-7262 he reproduces or has sources for many prewar Studebaker parts. John Shanahan
  2. Get a catalog from Restoration Supply Company in Escondido, CA 92025 (800-306-7008) their page 7 illustrates dozens of flexible conduit conductors and connectors for prewar auto accessories, the catalog is a must have item for old cars restoration. Stude8
  3. The engine appears to have a single spark coil distributor unlike the Presidents of 1929-30 that used dual coil ignition with 10 post caps. The engine model and serial numbers stamped on the top of the cylinder block at the left front end would clear up what engine it is for sure. Stude8
  4. Roger I'll attach a photo of the rear view of my 1928 GB Victoria in case there are any details it might answer for your restoration project. John Shanahan
  5. Roger I have a 1928 Studebaker Commander model GB Victoria that is probably very close to the same dimensions of your EP Coupe. My rear bumpers measure 66 inches from left to right sides and the rear fenders extend outward about 1" further than the bumper ends on each side. RTQ has a very large collection of Studebaker literature that he has acquired over the years so he can look up details of most any Studebaker question anyone can pose. He lives in Northern Illinois area south west of the Chicago area. I live about 350 miles south of Chicago but did live near Richard about 8 years ago and can confirm him as one of the most knowledgable Studebaker data sources. I attached a photo of my 1928 Commander below. John Shanahan (Stude8)
  6. Attached are photos of the original 1928 Studebaker Commander running boards on my car that illustrate the rubber matting style used by Studebaker in 1928, John Shanahan, Harrisburg,IL
  7. I replaced the horn diaphragms in my Sparton some 20 years ago, previous owners had warped them by over tightening or other mishandling and once warped they no longer oscillated correct. You need Phosphor Bronze flat stock .005 thickness to make them from, it can be cut with scissors to size. I got the metal from a supplier in Morton Grove, Illinois called Guardian Metal Sales, 6116 Oakton St, Morton Grove, IL 60053. Don't know if they still operate? The bronze diaphragm has to be aligned so that when fully threaded onto the horn that it rests against the round brass tube connected to the horn resonator. Kind of like a pipe organ reed horn. It may take a few adjustment trials to get it aligned where the diaphragm speaks (brass tube has fine threads and a lock nut to adjust it) at the desired tone and volume. Good luck. Stude8
  8. This is my 1928 Studebaker Commander Big Six Victoria model GB. It runs well and gets to local car shows here in far southern Illinois when the weather is OK for it to be outside. The 354 CID big six is a powerful engine and it climbs hills with the best of them all. The engine compartment photos shows the refinished splash apron panel being replaced. John Shanahan
  9. I'll attach some pages of an article from the ASC newsletter a few years ago about pulling Studebaker steering wheel levers, it might help. John Shanahan
  10. The magazine cover page was too large to post on this web page, pg 34,35,36,37 did fit. Stude8
  11. I have a number of Mercer race about scans of a 1959 magazine article about the teen's Mercer models, they are too large files to post on this web page but post your email address and I can send them direct to it. Stude8 ** I managed to add the Mercer images in another post on this forum after this one, unfortunately the article was about "L Head" models not earlier T Heads.. See post #3. Stude8
  12. To Steve I don't know the jet size, it is an adjustable needle type jet. John (stude8)
  13. I'll attach a photo of a 1929 Studebaker President roadster with 19" rims for comparison, I believe the bolt pattern is 5-1/2" diam 5 bolts. Stude8
  14. How about posting a photo, number of bolt holes and mtg circle diameter in inches. Also the hub cap mtg details, thread on or snap in?? Stude8
  15. Mark Can you enter a photo with dimensions of the 1935 cap you are seeking? I can check my spares for a possible match to trade for the wood wheel cap you have. Stude8
  16. The rotor with notch drive is Delco-Remy #825438 and fits Delco distributor #668A (1928 Studebaker President 8) The rotor with "D" shape drive is Delco-Remy #37598 and fts Delco distributor #668C (1929-31 Studebaker President 8 & some Pierce 8 cyl models) Both use brush Delco-Remy #35607 and spring Delco-Remy #35617. Stude8
  17. While checking a NOS Studebaker fender I have I found it DOES NOT HAVE ITS PART NUMBER STAMPED ON IT? It does have description and part number silkscreened in white paint on the underside (150826 Studebaker 1928 right rear). I wire brushed the mtg flange area to bare metal and there is no stamped number like others I have seen?
  18. To R L Elder; This forum does not allow pasting Excel files in a message, email me direct at studeracer_37@yahoo.com and I can reply with an Excel file of 1931 vehicle wiring that indicates all wires by size, type, color, start and destination points and function. Stude8
  19. Studebaker usually stamped the fender part number in the metal flange where the running board mounted at the trailing edge. It was 1/2 or 3/4 inch? high characters, try scrubbing the fender with a wire brush on the top rear edge of the flange and maybe all or part of the part number is visible yet to identify it.
  20. The Studebaker 1929-40 eight cyl parts catalog page 8 Group A-7 shows the following rear engine mount part numbers for 3C model: Qty Pt # Descr 2 195801 Cushion Upper steel & rubber 2 180437 Cushion Lower rubber 2 189241 Washer upper 17/32" 2 41X357 Washer lower 17/32" 2 189251 Bolt, 1/2-20 x 6 1/4" 2 23X5 Castle nut 1/2-20 2 41X357 Washer plain 33/64" 2 6x15 Cotter pin 3/32 x 1" Stude8
  21. I don't find the number 466487 listed in any Studebaker chassis or body part catalogs from 1953 thru 1965 ?? I suspect since the bag is marked "Accessories" it was not a production part and therefore not listed in parts catalogs for production vehicles. It does look like a possible Packard part that would not be in Studebaker parts books. Stude8
  22. I am looking for the "T" shaped exterior deck lid locking handle or just the lock cylinder for one if you have such a part for a 1928 Studebaker Victoria. The lock does not have to have a key, it can be made to order once removed from the handle. Attached are two photos, the first is of the "T" shaped handle disassembled and the second shows three lock cylinders, the two upper ones are the type that came out of 1928 deck handles and are retained by a small round dowel pin in the groove at left end, the bottom one is from a later 1929 two part lock cylinder that is retained differently with a spring loaded expansion clip that engages an undercut groove in the handle bore. Stude8
  23. A friend has a 1922 EK Big Six, here is a photo of the headlights on it for reference. Stude8
  24. What is the diameter size in inches for the split rim wheels? (tire size if any are on hand from these wheels) Any idea what year and model car they came off of? Stude8
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