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  1. O yes the smiles you put on their faces. I got my car running a few weeks ago took her out for a ride and you wold not believe all the thumps up I received and the heads turning. :cool: Or maybe it was because my trusty companion harley dog was sticking his head out the front window.
  2. Darn it I could not get past the 10th photo. That sure is one fine looking ride :cool:
  3. How does one know if the system is working correctly?
  4. Steve and Don, Thank you very much for the compliments. Without this forum and some painting forums I don't think I would be where I am at as of today. So does the car look cool or what without them big fenders hanging off of it :cool: They are the next thing on my agenda to hopefully get painted this summer.
  5. Just added some recent photos http://forums.aaca.org/f134/31-833-restoration-213384-25.html#post773940
  6. The oil pan had a few crack in it so the shop that did the metal work for me sent it off to welder that specializes in welding aluminum. I pickup the oil pan earlier this week. Ground down the welds got it all painted and pretty and reinstalled. Fired her up the following day and took her out of her hibernation shed for a few mile drive. Today was clean out garage day. Which was way over due. So I fired up old Bessie and parked her outside. Once I completed my task of cleaning and straighten out the garage I took Old Bessie with my co-pilot Harley out for a little longer driver (roughly
  7. Hi West, Sorry did get back to you sooner. Went out of town last Thursday to in laws Indiana home and had to cut vacation short because my mother-in-law fell down the stairs while we were out there and broke her hip. On top of that they found that she has %100 blockage in one artery and others have %20-%50 blockage. It has been a busy last few says for us. The picture you posted looks like what I have on there now. Thank you very much for taking the time and posting the picture.
  8. Say what as I am choking down the water I was just sipping? Is it because of the Packard name If you look at the picture of my bumper you can see that the bracket is attached to where the chrome ball that is shown in the picture you attached. The opposite side of my car has this same bracket which will I will not install since now I have the step plate you sold me. And the search goes on for some more pictures
  9. West that is exactly like the one I saw at the show yesterday. Thank you very much for the quick reply. FYI mine looks like the one in the above picture of the green car. The two extra brackets I guess were install since the car was missing the step plate. Would you know or anyone else on here where I can fins the little chrome ball that goes between the two bumpers? Attach is a reference picture I took before I started to disassemble the car.
  10. I know old post but since my restoration is coming along and bumpers will be hung in the next month or so. I am in need of a picture or two of the drivers side rear bumper attachment. Was at a car show yesterday and saw a '31 convert there and the mounting looks different then what is on my car and am curious if mine has been modified or ???? Thanks for all the help.....
  11. Here is a link to the Epoxy Primer and HB Primers I used on my car. http://southernpolyurethanes.com/Pricing%20Info.htm If you have any question or need help with anything related to painting Barry the owner is only a phone call away. I had called him once when I was stuck on setting up my gun to spray my SS paint. FYI, DO NOT SODA BLAST if using SPI Expoy. They state it I believe right in their product/tech sheets.
  12. Will anyone here be attending this show? 2010 Momence Chapter Car Show
  13. Wow what a collection of Automobile stuff. To bad it is not in our neighborhood to go check out.
  14. Hi Alex, I have used them also. That sounds like a good price for your bumper. I had dropped my bumpers and bow-ties off on Saturday got a estimate and then received a phone call Monday morning stating the estimate I received was not correct :eek:. It should of been $400 more then I was quoted. So at this point I will be pulling back my bumpers because it is a little over my budget. Will have to have then done at a later date. Yes cash only but watch if you go to pick parts up on Saturdays. If you like to hear why PM me. All the other parts I had done by them were done well also.
  15. Tom, Thanks for the kind words and link to the Old Car Manual Project I will have to check it out. Alan, Thank you also. If I stumble over anything I might need as I move forward reinstalling things I will keep your number handy.
  16. Video says it all <embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allownetworking="all" wmode="transparent" src="http://static.photobucket.com/player.swf?file=http://vid153.photobucket.com/albums/s210/packin31/Engine_Fired-up_05_29_2010.flv" height="361" width="600"> Had Murphy's law hit my oil pan and cracked it in a few places Not sure on how and when it happen but at least I got her going once again.
  17. Spent most the day trying to get old Bessie fired-up and here you go, <embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allownetworking="all" wmode="transparent" src="http://static.photobucket.com/player.swf?file=http://vid153.photobucket.com/albums/s210/packin31/Engine_Fired-up_05_29_2010.flv" height="361" width="600">
  18. Pete, Here are a few links to the Autobody forum where one of the sons of a poster did a science project on this very subject. Welding or Bolting vs gluing panels on, a science project.... Follow up peel test from my sons science project on Welds vs Glue. http://autobodystore.com/forum/showthread.php?11623-Real-world-test-on-panel-adhesives-check-this-out!&highlight=PANEL
  19. TG, How about this place. Quiet Ride Product Search http://www.quietride.com/catalogpdfs/linc-merc_car_catalog.pdf I purchased one for my '31 Packard and it was an exact match of the original.
  20. John,I purchased Mobil 600W Cylinder oil #98K814-601260 from here. Quality Oil Co Address: 55 N 400 E, Valparaiso, IN 46383 Phone: (219) 462-2951 5 gals @$73.00 with shipping if I remember correctly May never use it all in my lifetime but who knows.
  21. Here are a few places I bought mine from here Fairchild Industries :: Extruded Rubber, Molded Rubber, Automotive Industrial Rubber Weatherstripping, Trim Seal - Fairchild ALL-RUBBER WINDOW CHANNELS - JCWhitney STEEL CORE WINDOW CHANNELS - JCWhitney
  22. Hi Frank, Reply from my contact It's not a repair shop but a machine shop. I do all my mechanical repairs here. Mike Gregory does this for me. If he's looking for machine work it's called "Auto Machine in St. Charles. 630-584-1188 Talk to Kim or John. 310 North 6th street. Not sure if that is much help.
  23. The place that did the work was D&D Classic Bright Works Piqua, Ohio Cost was $2400 for the headlamps, tail light bezel, and two wheel hub covers. I received a referral from a few people here and from Packard Information.com stating that he does some outstanding work which he did but now my pockets are empty
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