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  1. PackardV8,<P>It is just the back plug that turns black. I just purchase these plugs last year.<P>The carb is an updraft.<P>I don't have the carb number of hand but I will get it tonight. You are right about the carb being simple there is not much for settings on it. Thanks for the link.<p>[ 04-03-2002: Message edited by: Tom Malas ]
  2. Pete,<P>The Carb that is on the car is not the original. It's a Linkhart and all brass.<BR>Do you think this carb can be jetted?<P>I just had it clean by a friend. I have not had a chance to put it back on the car because Mother Nature is not being kind to us here in the Midwest (burbs of Chicago). If I only had a three/four/five car garage. <P>[ 04-02-2002: Message edited by: Tom Malas ]<p>[ 04-02-2002: Message edited by: Tom Malas ]
  3. I guess it would of been nice if I posted the year. <P>1931 Packard<BR>Series - Eighth<BR>Model - 833 Standard<BR>Style - 468 Coupe with Rumble Seat, Dual Sidemounts, Wooden Spoke Wheels.
  4. Would it be the 289? <P>I got the 319 from the Packard Club Site
  5. Al,<P>Thanks I will check the compression and wire once I get the car up and running from storage.
  6. Why does the rear spark plug keep fouling?
  7. Winter is still hitting us in the Midwest so have not had a chance to get her up and running again
  8. Pat,<P>Thanks for the info. Would you have a phone number you can e-mail me?
  9. Tom M

    Hollywood Packard

    Flipping through channels and came across that program. <P>Very nice car you have Jim.<P>Congratulation on being a Hollywood Star. You get the big bucks as the rest of them cry for.<BR>
  10. Thanks 54 OLDSMAN.<P>I have never been to a Big event yet. Only been to local shows and Cruise Nights.<P>How does this show compare to the Carlisle show? This the show my Brother would like to go to. He has a '57 chevy.<P>Tom
  11. I'm 36<P>Own a 1931 Packard that has been in the Family since 1958.
  12. When is the Hershey Show
  13. Also need CrankHole Cover for 1931, 883 Standard Eight
  14. Peter,<P>I liked the live chat. FYI classicar is up and running again and they have a similar format like yours.<P>The web is wonderful.
  15. I'm Lookinf for Mirrors for my Sidemounted Tires. Thanks<P>Tom Malas
  16. Tom M

    Packard parts

    Why this high a price for a bulb<BR> <A HREF="http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=599824998" TARGET=_blank>http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=599824998</A>
  17. I have been there a few times and what I can see the cars are in very nice shape. Hey I'm on vaction next week that sounds a trip I can take next week.
  18. Tom M

    1939 Super8 oil filter

    I cut and paste the photo from a different site so I don't know what that unit is.
  19. Tom M


    Bravo Pete, I agree with on this your statement even thou I am a youngster:<BR>"But...if your "true classic" is like mine...presentable...but DRIVEABLE.......well...now.....tearing down the road in one of these engineering masterpieces........is TRULY a "classic" experience!"<P>My car looks good from a few feet away but up close you can see it needs paint and interior but for now I enjoy driving her to local cruise nights and runs to the local grocery stores. It feels wonderful when people come up to me and say you have a good looking car even thou the state that it is in.
  20. Tom M

    1939 Super8 oil filter

    Does anyone know the number for the filter for the '31.
  21. Tom M

    1939 Super8 oil filter

    <BR>Hopefully this worked. This is the type of filter I have on my '31.<P>My father bought a kit a few years back that I have just found in the storage compartment. I will bring in the details on it Monday.
  22. Tom M

    idle chat

    Hello All.<BR>Craig I finally figured out how to post to this new format. Thanks for the link.
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