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  1. Good Morning All,


    Was going through the garage attic to do some winter cleaning and came across a box of magazines.

    I am willing to part with these if anyone is interested in them.


    I also have two boxes full of Packard Magazines

    AACA Magazines from roughly starting from 2000ish to present


    Picture below is a sample of want I have


    Price would be free but you would have to pick up. As we know shipping could get pricey





    2 hours ago, SC38DLS said:

    That’s a great helper,  we all need a laid back friend. 

    That picture was taken back in 2017 a few months before we had to lay him down to rest. I miss him dearly.


    And yes he was a very laid back 85 pound diabetic lab and white shepard little pup.


    When I would be out in the garage working on the Packard he would be standing by the back door crying to be out there with me. Would drive my wife nuts.

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  3. I sure do. I worked for my stepdads service station in the 80's. Recaps and even saved used tires (if they were still in decent shape) from customer cars when they had new ones installed.


    We would resell the used tires if someone could not afford new ones. That sure would not happen today thou. Or did it with my GTO?

  4. 11 hours ago, 61polara said:

    That's not the date code.  The date code is only 4 digits.  That is the tire serial number, which does not contain the date code.


    I found this while doing research on date codes


    From Coopers website



    Tire Rack



    These are the only numbers and letters I could find following the DOT on my tires

    DOT  30HY-C280403 (pictured in my above post)





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  5. I purchased my 1969 GTO back in November of '19. Stored at my nephews for the winter months.

    Went out on Saturday to go pick up the car and drive it back home here to Illinois.

    Had a few mishaps on the way home. On 80/94 I was looking into the left side view mirror I see this round chrome thing rolling down the expressway. I am like dang it one of my trim ring blew off. No chance I was going to stop and try to recover it. 80/94 at this stretch is not the best place to pull over.

    Later on my joureny getting close to home the front end started to shake vigorously. I pull over to check to see if I had a flat but all tires had air. Figured it was just the road and the suspension on this old GTO needs some attention when I get it back home. Get back on expressway and the shaking got worse. I got off at the next exit since I was only about 15 mile out from home pulled over again to look at tire and look what I found.

    Click image for larger version  Name: Cooper Tire tread separation_1.jpg Views: 111 Size: 41.3 KB ID: 541914

    Click image for larger version  Name: Cooper Tire tread separation_2.jpg Views: 143 Size: 51.3 KB ID: 541915

    Cooper Tire date code
    Does it really read 4th week of 2003?
    Click image for larger version  Name: Copper Tire Date Code.jpg Views: 78 Size: 45.5 KB ID: 541916

    There was a nice guy that seen me pulled over so he stopped to help me. He mention to be that he could see the tire shacking. He followed me to a parking lot so we could change the tire. I don't trust the bumper jacks so he looked in his truck for a bottle jack he thought he had but he didn't. So he went to his buddies to pick up a floor jack. While he went to do that I pulled out the spare tire and the lug nut/jack wrench and low an behold the lug nut wrench doesn't fit the lugs on the car. Luckily the guy that helped me had an Milwaukee Impact gun and sockets.

    Put on the spare and took the side main roads back home.

    Once I got back home and settle in I texted the guy I bought the car from and mention to him my joureny home, He told me the interior the shop that did the interior for him also put new 14" Rallies on and tires. Said he had only put on about 50 miles on these set of tires before selling the car to me. He said he is going to call the interior shop on Monday to see what he spent over $15,000 on and will let me know what this shop has to say about the tires they installed.

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  6. Hi Kerry,


    Welcome aboard. You will find a bunch of friendly individuals here with taste in all different type and kind of automobile and motorcycles.


    And you know who I am already.



    1931 Packard

    1969 Pontiac GTO

    1995 H-D Dyna Convertible (antique eligible this year go figure)

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