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  1. I just had this shop A-Len Automotive Service restore my original radiator for my 1969 GTO They also restored my 1931 Packard radiator back in 1990's
  2. I have decided to put my Harley up for sale. 1995 Harley-Davidson FXDS Convertible Dyna Low Rider 41,600 Miles Screaming Eagle Slip-on Mufflers Some chrome Accessories added (have all the original accessories which will go along with sale) Will need a new windsheild Good condition Asking $4,500
  3. This what I like about this hobby and AACA. Helping each other out.
  4. I sure do. I worked for my stepdads service station in the 80's. Recaps and even saved used tires (if they were still in decent shape) from customer cars when they had new ones installed. We would resell the used tires if someone could not afford new ones. That sure would not happen today thou. Or did it with my GTO?
  5. I found this while doing research on date codes From Coopers website http://us.coopertire.com/safety/sidewalls/tire-identification-number Tire Rack https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tiretech/techpage.jsp?techid=11 These are the only numbers and letters I could find following the DOT on my tires DOT 30HY-C280403 (pictured in my above post)
  6. I purchased my 1969 GTO back in November of '19. Stored at my nephews for the winter months. Went out on Saturday to go pick up the car and drive it back home here to Illinois. Had a few mishaps on the way home. On 80/94 I was looking into the left side view mirror I see this round chrome thing rolling down the expressway. I am like dang it one of my trim ring blew off. No chance I was going to stop and try to recover it. 80/94 at this stretch is not the best place to pull over. Later on my joureny getting close to home the front end started to shake vigorously. I pull over to check t
  7. Kerry, I don't find your post offensive at all. I am not a photogenic person most of the time too.
  8. Hi Kerry, Welcome aboard. You will find a bunch of friendly individuals here with taste in all different type and kind of automobile and motorcycles. And you know who I am already. Tom 1931 Packard 1969 Pontiac GTO 1995 H-D Dyna Convertible (antique eligible this year go figure)
  9. Received my two weeks ago. Woodridge IL.
  10. Oops forgot to paste the link Here you go https://www.automotivetouchup.com
  11. Ed, I just order some touch up pens from this place for our 2012 Acura TL and for my 1969 Midnight Green GTO. We received our order the other day. It is still a bit to cold here for me to use them and see how the paint in these pens matchup to the paint on the cars.
  12. How about this Mid Night Green GTO I purchased last November. Original color according to the Data plate was Matador Red. Would I have purchased the GTO if it had been the original color. Probably not since I already have a Red Mahogany Car in the garage. 😀
  13. Could it be a Bush or a Brush 😁
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