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  1. What i find that really looks out of place is a 30's 40's or 50's pickup with 3"white walls.
  2. Have you set the adjustment for the metering rods? as per specs? with a metering rod guage?
  3. Well it is a messy job,, and thouse clothes did not make it to the wash,, never mind into the house, that sand gets into everything,, and yes there is major fall out from it, lucky my nearest neighbour is over 200 feet from where i blast between the dust and the diesel compressor running, but every car in my driveway has to be washed to get the dust off, a resperator is a must,, but I find its the quickest way to clean the frames and parts of rust, then give it a quick coat of paint or it will be rusty by morning..
  4. It helps when you a big air compressor 210 CFM, i use about 1200lbs of sand to do a complete frame and parts, the biggest problem i have is the time it take to reload the sand pot as it only holds about 150lbs, and i am using a 3/8 nozzel on my gun and about 100psi at the tip, the top pictures are of a 3/4 ton GMC truck for my brother, have also made up some saw horses from 3" channel to rest the frame on, ever the 3/4 ton frame 2 people can pick up and move around easy to flip it upside down,, But it does make a mess, or a beach..lol
  5. This is a 54 Packard frame that was done in a weekend, and re assembled the following weekend..
  6. On thing you could do is do all the body work first, leaving the frame in place, then when it gets warmer out, remoe the frame from under it sand blast it, and paint it and slide it back in,, have done many like that in a weekend or 2
  7. There is a new movie out that has a few Packards in it, a 47, my black 54 Patrician and a 55 or 56 Packard,And others. Only problem is ia trying to see it but it's not as yet playing here in Canada, Yet it was filmed in the Toronto Area and in Oshawa, as my car was used in the filming. The only placees i see it showing is the Oaks Theatre (Oakmont,PA),Regency Tamarac Square (Denver,CO) Rialto Cinemas Lakeside (Santa Rosa,CA),Galaxy Cinema (Cary,NC),Drexel East (Columbus,OH)the file is called "The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio"
  8. Albert

    Carter WCD INFO

    624 base fits a 725S-SA 822S 822SA Buick, "40" 1950-53 "50 1950-52 & "70" 1950-51". Gasket assortmet # 195A Repair Package No 1515D (725S-SA) or # 1595 (882-882SA). For some reason there is two different Choke casting used on the 725 type carb the S & the SA the Bowl vents are in a different place the 725S the vent holes are on the opposite side of the fuel inlet, the SA card is on the same side as the fuel inlet.
  9. Albert

    Carter WCD INFO

    No. the number you are looking for is on the throttle plate portion.
  10. Albert

    Carter WCD INFO

    There is also a number in the cast iron casting of the carb as well which will also narrow down the Brass tad number and with the casting number off the main body and metering rod number(s) get the carb #. The number for a WDO on the cast iron base will be a 3 digit number 225,227 Buick 277 Cadi/laSalle 279 Hudson 306 Pontiac 8 ,327 329 371 377 561 564 Packard, 340 342 365 540 Olds, 540 Hudson, If you find the Number I can tell you more i have the Carter Manual and can give you the kit # for a rebuild.
  11. It's not the lower the voltage the higher the resistance, the problem is with 6V systems is that your 35W headlights will draw twice as much current as on a 12v system. Ie. 70W's (both headlights) is 70W/6V=11.66A vers 70W/12V=5.83A. (P=I X E) Now if you use a smaller guage wire the resistance per foot of wire increases reducing the voltage you would get at the headlights making them dimmer as you may have 7.5 volts in the battery but mAy get 6V at the headlight due to the voltage drop in the wire. If you check some books it will give you a resistance of wire per foot per guage.
  12. Well i got my 54 Packard Panama to turn over last weekend after 3 weeks of diesel and tranni fluid and it was only parked in 1967, kinda happened by accident when i put in a battery and hit the starter by accident and it broke free, still had to pull the head and free up the valves though but that seems normal on the flat head straight 8's.
  13. I have use diesel and tranni fluid poured down the cylinders to free things up, i did a 54 Packard a few years ago that had been parked since 1959, when i finally tore down the motor 3months later even the rings came loose without breaking. I have a 54 Packard Panama, that I picked up yesterday that has a liter of diesel and about the same of ATF (tranni fluid in it) will see what happens in a week or so...
  14. It was in the backround at porkys bar..not the pink one..
  15. The original "Porkys" also has a 49-50 Packard as well as a lot or other 50's cars.
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