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  1. you can get the wheel cylinder sleeved, but check on the Packard info site, as you may be able to buy new, my 54's rear wheel cylinders are the same ones that are use on some of the Ford trucks,, so easy to get at Napa or the likes and better then NOS parts with 30 + year old rubbers..
  2. you may want to take down the Anti thef number off the fire wall and the engine serial Number, and see if it was regestered with one of thouse numbers as well, have see some states use them too
  3. i also have a couple of extra sets too, do you also need the road tube?
  4. there is a product out there that you mix like JB weld, but is electricly conductive and will plate like regular steel
  5. we have found that at the garage i work at the GM cars with new champion plugs that just fail emission testing , will pass with delco plus instead,, yet my 54 patrician seems ok with champions,,
  6. i picked up a book years ago "ok to drive away" which is like a kids reader, except all the pictures where taken in the packard plant around 1952
  7. I made a new key from the door lock cylinder on the packard, as the ignition key would not work the door..
  8. Rusty , see if you can pick up a couple of key blanks from home hardware (normally briggs and stratton ), and i can make up a new key from one of the door cylinders, have done it for my Packards, how did that gas tank work out???
  9. use a 6V dash light,, in series with the charger, and it will light if the battery is charged, or the solar cells are putting out too much current,,
  10. One of the two leads on the brake light switch should have Battery voltage at it at all times, the other lead goes to the turn signal switch, if you measure with an Ohm meter to one of the wires to ground it will seem like a very low resistance, as you are going throught 2 cold light bulbs, that should be the lead going to the turnsignal switch, and then to the brake lights..
  11. sounds like the pressure switch , try jumpering the two lead together and see if the brake lighrs come on ,
  12. the low side pressure switch does have a shreader valve under it, so it can be remove without loosing the whole charge, it will hiss a little while the pressure between the line and the switch leaks out.
  13. there, is a manual for the 28 star on the durant website, i printed it off for my dad for his 27 Star,, my Packard is 62 /lbs for 7/16 fine studs, would consider 50 ft/lbs good too , as its not a high compression motor.. its more important to get them evenly torqued..
  14. most pumps are carter pumps that i have on my 54, and about the only difference between it and on say one off a gm, is the lever that runs off the cam shaft,
  15. Packard used lead to blend the hood scoop, fiberglass to the steel hoods back in 53, 54
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