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    you big concern is the aftermarket cd player.
  2. i live in Gloversville, NY is there an active chapter in Sharon Springs?
  3. clean the battery posts/cable ends
  4. There are conversion motor mounts for the /6<BR>to v8 swap from Schumacher at 206-364-7151.<P>No k frame swap required.
  5. wrong area to post???
  6. try the main forum, not the cars for sale area
  7. do not believe so.
  8. I hope to be there with my 70 Dodge Challenger r/t
  9. when is this meet in Purchase NY??
  10. I prefer to drive my cars, no trailors, instead of showing. I am 38 years old.
  11. just means i won't be there. no way i could win, i do not own a trailor, never will, and live 8+ hrs away.
  12. Why is this show pre-reg only?<P>I didn't know I could time off to be there until after the 8/20 deadline.
  13. And who is harmed?<BR>Nobody.