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  1. My high school senior picture...fall 2003. Lost a lot of hair since then!! I knew it was coming though. Also had to include my better half. She's mad I edited the picture and made the car brighter than her. Guess I messed up. Oops.
  2. My special dash was original before I painted it and it was one color. It is a very dark greenish color. My car is an early '50 with the rectangle pull outs for the headlights, map light etc. It also has the '49 arrow style deluxe steering wheel if that makes any difference. Hopefully the picture will open. I've never attached a photo to a post so we'll see.
  3. Hi. Getting ready to finish up my chrome plating on my 58 Cadillac. I was wondering if anyone has used a plating company in the Cincinnati/Northern Ky market? I'm in the western part of Kentucky but we don't have anyone nearby. Honestly I don't think Louisville has a plating company either. Any input is appreciated. Thanks
  4. The Hastings filter is metal and even has a small ring that flips up to help pull it out. It's one of the nicest I've seen. I've had very good luck with them.
  5. Hastings Filter Model LF101. I buy mine at our local Federated Auto Parts Dealer for my '50 Special. I don't have the box handy but I'm positive that's the model number. The store should be able to check their book. That's how I found it. Good luck.
  6. I would also like to add something else. Everyone I've talked to seems to think there is only one style fuel pump for 1950. I always thought this was the case also. Every 1950 Buick I've seen has what the shop book calls an air dome on top of the pump. My pump is flat. It does not have an air dome. The shop book says Series 40-50 should not have an air dome but the Series 70 should. All 40 and 50 series cars I've seen have the air dome which according to the shop manual is wrong.
  7. HI. Let me first say I'm no expert on fuel pumps. I don't really know anything about them. Here is my problem. I have had a mechanic rebuilding my original fuel pump on my Buick. To my knowledge it has never been rebuilt. It is an original AC pump. There were 4 check valves within the fuel pump when it was taken apart. 3 of these were exactly the same. When put up to the mouth it was pretty hard to blow air through them. The 4th valve was different. It was much easier to blow air through. I ordered my kit through Antique Auto Parts Cellar. Good quality stuff by the way! My issue is that the valves within this kit were all the same. They tell me they are supposed to be the same. Bobs also tells me that to his knowledge all 4 valves should be the same. My fuel pump is not working now. It will not draw gas from the tank. Why did my original pump have three of the same valves and one different? I have an early 1950. Did 1949 have a different fuel pump? Thanks for the help!
  8. I talk to Paul all the time. He is definitely on the lookout for women...more so than Buicks. Ladies....please message him.
  9. Just ordered it. Good price too! Only 59.00. Thanks for the help. They seemed like nice people. Should be here in 3-5 days and I'll be getting the car fixed next week. Now I can drive the car stress free again!
  10. Thanks for the quick responses. I had never heard of them. I gave them a call and they said I needed to get the model number that is stamped on the pump. I'll do that shortly and give them a call back.
  11. Hi. Does anyone have advice on fuel pump rebuild kits for my '50 Special? I have been looking at a few places and found two very different prices on the rebuild kits. One company is inching towards 100.00 while the other is in the 50.00 range. I wonder if there is any difference in the kits? I have always liked the more expensive western company because I trust them and have never ordered from its eastern counterpart. Both are major Buick suppliers. I know shelf life is an issue. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  12. I have always used a Hastings LF101 in my '50 Special. I buy it from a Federated Auto Parts dealer but I'm not sure who else carries the Hastings brand. They are very nice heavy duty filters and cost about 7 bucks. Fit like a charm. Go to www.hastingsfilter.com and you can type in your zip to see who carries them. You might want to check on the difference between the 248 and 263 but I think they are the same. I wouldn't swear by it though. You should have no trouble finding a Hastings that will work if they are different.
  13. Not yet. I did blow it out real well going down the highway. No success. Will take the battery to get checked out tomorrow. After that I'll check on the starter. I'll be sure to let you know!
  14. I'm going to have the battery tested this afternoon. I do have very heavy 6volt cables on it but will check the connections. John...you are correct. I seldom drive the car longer than 30-45 minutes at a time so your idea could also be right. Time for alittle more experimenting.
  15. I'm stumped with a problem I'm having with my '50 Special. The engine was completely rebuilt 5,000 miles ago and has run perfect for three years. When the engine is cold it spins over just fine and fires right up. I can drive it for 30 minutes, warm the engine up, shut it off and it wont start for atleast an hour until it cools down. I have replaced the coil and the battery is fairly new. When the engine is hot it will spin over one time and then basically freeze up and wont even turn over until it cools down. I dont think the battery is a problem since it turns over great when the engine is cold. I'm stumped. James