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  1. The one I know goes something like " Buick- For the free spirit in everyone". Late 70s Era- go figure :cool: Dan
  2. The saga of the 67 Skylark post car continues. This car has been a rollercoaster ride . The beginning of the summer she wanted to unload it, now it " Must be put back to original". By the way that is a direct quote. This would be a whole lot easier if I could find the build sheet. I mean Im getting some good info (Like finding out what kind of radio it came with by looking at the antenna. I never would have thought of that). But now she wants to know more . So not being much of a numbers matching kind of guy myself ...... I have no idea where the build sheet would be on the Skylark. But Im willing to bet I can find out here ! Thanks Dan
  3. My Brothers 1974 Dodge Monaco 2dr hardtop. Dodges version of the Newport. If you could drive one of them , anything short of an aircraft carrier was childs play. I loved that big old tank. I wanted it but my brother didnt think I could afford to buy gas for it .....he was probably right but I still wish he would have sold it to me .I learned on my Dads 73 Malibu, it was so rusty that I wasnt allowed to take the test in it . Basically cause my Dad had hot inspection stickers on it and he didnt want a statie ANYWHERE near it. Hey itwas 1980 and at that time my mother was sick and times were more than just a little tight for my Dad. We all survived my brother sold the Monaco and I dont know what ever became of it . The Malibu however , went out in a blaze of glory in the summer of 1981, claiming 2nd place in the Washington county fair demolition derby. Prepped by yours truly and driven by a friend. It still ran after the derby , It was driven off the field. It lost its bid for 1st when a battery cable fell off and then the first time it stalled ........... Game Over! I still think it could of won.
  4. Thanks guys. My wife now has a better idea about the car and hopefully this will be what she needs to get her into really trying to finish the Skylark. Tried to find some pics that showed the post a little better and had no luck. Now what else is weird about this car is its a 4307 , which should be a 6 cylinder. But from what Ive heard from other sources, you could get a 4307 with the 300 under certain conditions. Maybe it has the 300 because of the A/C. By all indications the 300 that is in it now appears to be the engine it was born with. Thanks again , Sandy thanks you too.
  5. Yes there is a frame between the front and rear windows behind the chrome. I know these arent very good pictures and I will try to put some better ones up. Thanks.
  6. Im not quite as computer literate as some of you. You may have noticed that since the board change over Ive lost all of the photos that used to go along with my posts. (The 57 "Winner that looks the part" and the pic of my 77 right after I first bought it) . My computer goes through fits from time to time and I would prefer to not have to rely on it for anything. Its a playtoy , not anything more or anything less. I for one would prefer to find my Bugle in my mail box not my E mail box. Just my 2 cents
  7. That was the first thing I thought was "Lamar just took a picture of HIS lawnmower":D
  8. Last night I went to one of the largest cruises in the area. They were holding a Buick, Olds , Caddy night with any of these makes of cars parked together in a special area. So naturally there were a lot of Buicks parked close to mine. One gentleman had a gorgeous 67 Skylark. My wife and I started talking to him, he seemed to know much about 67 Skylarks, and naturally my wife started showing pictures of hers. He looked at the pictures for a minute and said to her "You know you have a really rare car here. There are not a lot of 67 post Skylarks out there. She told me afterwards that this wasnt the first time she had heard that. So today at our chapter picnic another one of our chapter members who is from way out of town and doesnt get to a whole lot of chapter functions noticed her car. And he said that he had worked at a Buick dealership during the 66-67 model years and in that time he had NEVER seen a Skylark that wasnt a hard top and that her 67 Skylark post was indeed a very rare car. Now we are not sure what we have here. !967 Skylark custom 2dr post sedan 300 2 brl powerglide Turqouise white painted roof AM radio A/C Clock power steering power drum brakes remote control drivers mirror Factory floor mats Buick Rallye wheels (Not sure if they are original or not No evidence of fender skirts, however the car was redone some time in the past so they may have been removed then. Original front fenders were replaced and the ports behind the wheels were never put back on. The white paint on the roof is original but the base color has been redone at least once before . Is this Skylark as rare as we are being told ? Buick people I need your help Dan
  9. Bob ..... My apologies. Its kind of a raw nerve with me. She hasnt really had the car out since and frankly its got me a bit upset. But apparently there isnt much I can do. As for dealing with the offender . Believe me when I tell you he did get dealt with. Right there at the sight of the offense. Any way now over a month later I think its time to put it out of its misery. Im hoping a little time will heal my wifes battered ego and she will once again take her Skylark out into the sun. Dan
  10. Bob what do you want me to say ?!?! How many times do I have to tell you ........Im not the one with the problem. Unfortunately my wife is currently 1500 miles away, staying with her parents for the next 2 weeks , listening to her father who by the way doesnt want his daughter to own an antique car. And he will be nice and comfortable in Florida while Im dealing with his daughters emotions about the car, sellers remorse and people in general. It may not seem like a big deal to you. But then again you werent there the day she bought that car, you didnt see how proud she was of having an antique car of her own, and you dont love her . I do . And to have the rug pulled out from under her like that, on her birthday of all days, flat out sucked. You know why????? I couldnt do anything about it...... and thats whats bothering me . And if youve got a problem with me being protective of my wife and her feelings . The line to place your lips on my gluteus maximus starts to the left . With all respect......... youre not living here. And if this thread is bothering you that much ......dont read it anymore.I dont read anyone complaining but you.
  11. Dan, Thanks for the update. Im glad the board has taken the time to look into this. She is still VERY upset, and has tossed the idea out of selling the Skylark . Its her car , not mine , and she wants to do the work on it herself, Im only there for advice and tools. After this situation she feels that her car is "ratty" and she will never be able to change that. Ive tried telling her that anything is fixable and she has a very solid starting point, and with just a little effort her Skylark could be beautiful. The problem is that she is in Florida visiting with family, and since im still up here , I cant spend the time needed to straighten her out. Dan do me a favor and thank John F for me concerning the E mail he sent. Dan
  12. Oh believe me I called them out about it in my own "special "way I like the beer on the hood idea As far as the mass reltaliation goes ..... it wasnt my idea , it was the idea of the people I had talked to. In fact the Edsel parking idea was thought up by Richs wife and I hadnt even told her about it. Dan the club in question is one of the clubs you belong to. Ill call you about it.
  13. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: JohnD1956</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Yes Bob, that's the way it should be done. Except isn't it a shame that you can't comment on condition? </div></div> John they werent commenting on condition per se. They pointed out the flaws on the cars and then said something along the lines of those cars dont belong here. And they said it loud enough for my wife and son to hear them over the turbo mufflers on both her Buick and my Pontiac, so I dont think they were commenting amongst themselves and I also dont believe they were offering "constructive criticism". The one thing that has come out of this is the number of people we have talked to since Saturday night who have come out in support of my wife and her Skylark. The Cadillac owners are in for a rough summer........ There are about 10-20 local cruisers who are about to go over that Caddy with a VERY critical eye and a clear commanding voice in the upcoming weeks. Another friend has plans on parking his 60 Edsel for several weeks and taking his beat up Sundance convertible to cruises and parking it next to the Caddy every time he sees a spot open. And his wife who has absolutely no problem expressing her opinions and who also happens to be a good friend of my wife has plans on letting them know what she thinks of them , their attitudes and their car every chance she gets.Id be willing to bet that after a few weeks they wish they had really kept their mouths shut on my wifes birthday. Should be interesting.......
  14. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Bhigdog</div><div class="ubbcode-body">The car hobby like any other has it's share of snobs. You need to get a thicker skin........Bob </div></div> Believe me Bob Ive got a thick skin. It wasnt what they said about my car that bothered me. Its got a very strong 455 in it and if I wanted I could have shred my back tires all over the caddy in retribution. What POed me was the fact that they upset my wife on her birthday with their B.S. I mean this wasnt even a judged show ... it was an ice cream parking lot cruise, there were cars there in all conditions . Some were completely primered, mine had a little primer on it , a friend who just spent years restoring a 56 Dodge Pickup to concourse condition got involved in an accident with it last week and the right rear corner is crunched . My problem with this was if you want to go to a judged show ..... go by all means and if I go too Ill take my lumps. But this was a cruise .... not a show, what if I or my wife had been newbies, what kind of impression would these clowns have made on someone who might have had their project out for only the first or second time. Do you really think they would have wanted to stay? or comeback, or join a club potentially full of people who had just burned down their pride & joy ? Think about it .
  15. Yesterday was my wifes birthday. As part of her day she wanted to go to a local cruise in her 67 Skylark. Now her Skylark is not perfect, but it has managed to win a trophy or two in its time. It has a scrape in the passenger side door and could use a bit of freshening.But overall its a solid car with a ton of potential and a nice cruiser. I followed her in my Grand Ville as yesterday was just too nice of a day not to drive a convertible. Its in about the same condition as the Skylark. We get to the cruise and park. Im not even out of my car before these two people in a 64 Caddy convertible start tearing down our cars. We have been doing this for a lot of years and are fairly well known , have lots of friends at most cruises we go to and for the most part the people we know would never be critical of another persons car. These two ignorant A-Holes ruined my wifes day which up to that point had been a good one. The worst part was they were displaying a plate showing them to be members of a club I used to belong to and was actually thinking of rejoining.This club always struck me as the type of group that accepted anyone who was truly interested in bettering their car regardless of what it started out like. Now Im so damn mad at these A-Holes for upsetting my wife on her birthday that I dont think I want anything to do with a club that would accept them as members. Dan
  16. I just recieved fiberglass replacements for my 77 Electra from replica plastics. I think I remember seeing pieces for a regal on their webiste; http://www.replica-plastics.com/Manlist.aspx Dan
  17. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Dave@Moon</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I never used him for a convertible top, but I was very happy with seats made for me once by John Cary Auto Trim in Mt. Oliver (1224 Brownsville Rd.). </div></div> Dave unfortunately John Carey went out of business a few years ago and where his shop stood there is now a rite -aid drug store. However there is still hope. If you(Scotta) can send me a PM I have the number of one of John Careys former employees and I will be contacting him soon about putting a top on my 73 Grand Ville convertible . Id be more than happy to float you his number. Dan
  18. Im still just a member Dan
  19. I have been in the Serb club a few times . My buddy Tony was a bartender there for years. I was the token Irish . That staion that your thinking of was at 18th & Sarah and I believe it is now a Marathon station. Iwas one block down at 18th & Carson ..... The place where I worked is a metered parking lot now. The BP station is at 10th & Carson. Was just down there tonight Dan
  20. I would try replica plastics for the bumper fillers. I found them for my 77 Limited there. Dan
  21. The south hills is as they say ... my hood. I live right on the other side of the Liberty Tubes in Brookline. Grew up in Beechview and if you remember Fort Neccesities on the corner of 18th and Carson I worked there as a gas attendant in high school. Who knows we might have even crossed paths on occasion. Dan
  22. Still up in the air. Ive recently started attending school to become a water treatment plant operator and Im still not sure whether Im going to be able to afford to go to Akron. I guess I could probably make a day trip out of it , but I would really prefer to stay. Stevo , Akron is only about 1/2 an hour away from Beaver .Pick up 151 in Beaver and it will take you to Akron. Maybe you can still do both ! Dan
  23. About 1-1/2 years ago the Electra and the Skylark were both used in a couple of movies. I havent heard anything concerning either movie since then. Until tonight. I saw a trailer for the movie "Adventureland" on TV tonight and that was the second movie that our cars were in. Its going to be released April 3rd in the Pittsburgh area. As long as they werent edited out my Electra is used as a background car in 3 seperate shots. One of them is an actual driving scene where my friend and fellow chapter member Kevin Rettenauer is passing me in his 73 Riv in traffic. Also used in a background shot is my wifes 67 Skylark and another chapter members 76 Electra. I dont know if any of these shots ended up on the cutting room floor but I will be there April 3rd checking all the background shots. Dan
  24. I have to call my buddy Rich. We went to a cruise about 2 years ago. It was late in the evening and late in the year , more or less the last hurrah before winter. As people were leaving the cruise almost everyone was stopping and doing a burnout on their way out of the lot.This cruise was also about 20 miles north of Pittsburgh. I was in the 77 and I had traveled with a 63 T-Bird , a 61 Plymouth police special, a 60 Edsel Ranger,and a 75 Dodge Dart. As each of us got to the end of the lot we all did our best. And it was all captured on film. So somewhere in Richs hundreds of pictures is a photo of my 77 Limited doing a brakestand burnout.Nobody thought I could do it , not even the people watching the burnouts. I have to find and post that picture. Dan
  25. Even though I hate the things , I just randomly happened upon a thread at the "Performance years" forum where Im also a member. They posted a link to pictures from the 77 New York auto show and guess what just happened to be there. A 77 Nighthawk [img:center]http://entertainment.webshots.com/photo/2818895520056625441aCISat There are also photos of all the other cars at the 77 New York auto show go to http://entertainment.webshots.com Then once you get there type 77 NY autoshow into search bar and enjoy ! Dan
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