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  1. Mine started out as gold ish color with lots of prmer and a white interior. I bought it the first time in 1986 off of a guy I worked with . It was also the 305 V8 but it had just had the top end rebuilt before I bought it. When I finally sold it for the final time in 1991 it was a bright blue (had gotten the paint code off of my 89 Z24 Cavalier) had chevy rally wheels a blacked out grille and dual exhaust with cherry bombs. I loved that car. In the 5 years that I bought and sold and rebought it it only broke down on me twice. Once an ignition module went bad and drove me nuts for a few months cause I couldnt figure out what was wrong with it. My final solution to the problem was to buy a Bronco and just let the Impala figure it out for itself . I drove it sparingly when it would start and then one day it just quit running completely and I could finally figure out why. the other time the tranny was killed. I was in the hospital and had lent it to a friend , he bottomed it out and damaged the tranny pan........ game over. I replaced the tranny and the car never let me down again. Im not even sure why I sold it in 1991, other than the fact it had a HUGE hole in the drivers side floorboard. I wish I still had it . Dan
  2. Have noticed while driving and heard it on the news the other day..... gas prices are going up again. No tornadoes in venezuela, financial panics in Dubai. Rusty pipes in the gulf or any of the other excuses the oil companies trot out when they want to bend us over the table and cop a feel. Guess they just dont care anymore. I hope I live long enough to see an alternate to petroleum based product tested and brought to market and leaving all these greedy price gougers stuck with tank farms full of oil that they cant even give away. Now thats justice. Blood pressure is starting to drop . Dan
  3. I know Im going to forget a few, there have been so many, but here goes. By the way this is done in the order I owned them. 1970 Chevy Impala 2dr-mint green 1975 Chevy Suburban-lt blue & white 1972 Dodge Dart Swinger 2dr-blue 1972 Dodge Dart 4dr- resale red 1971 Chevy Monte Carlo-mostly blue 1971 Chevy Malibu 4dr-mostly primer , some blue 1968 Plymouth Road Runner-blue 1973 Dodge Coronet 4dr-tan, green&primer 1973 Olds Cutlass Supreme 2dr-chocolate brown 1976 Olds 442 2dr-blue&white 1966 Chevy Chevelle 4dr-mint green 1972 Olds Vista Cruiser-orange&woodgrain 1979 Buick Skyhawk-lt blue 1977 Chevy Impala 2dr**-Gold then flat black then blue 1977 Chevy Malibu Classic 2dr- dk green 1978 Ford Bronco-resale red, white roof 1973 Ford Maverick 4dr-dk blue 1988 Dodge Dakota-tutone dk blue & silver 1989 Chevy Cavalier Z24-blue 1983 Chevy El Camino SS-tan& dk brown 1976 Jeep Cherokee 2dr-sand colored 1981 Buick Skylark Limited 4dr-lt blue 1979 Chevy Impala 4dr-tutone green 1983 Chevy Scottsdale pickup- dk brown 1984 Ford Thunderbird-wifes car-white 1993 Chevy Silverado pickup*-teal green:D 1988 Buick Regal 2dr-wifes car-silver 1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst-white & gold (only color ) 1979 Chrysler 300- wifes car-white(only color) 1985 GMC wrecker-red 1982 GMC wrecker-red 1992 Chevy Blazer - wifes car-gray 1978 Ford F-100-mostly primer & lt blue 1987 Chevy Monte Carlo SS-black 1983 Pontiac 6000 4dr-dk red 1983 Pontiac Parisienne 4dr-tutone blue 1982 Chevy Impala 4dr-dark red 1994 Dodge Intrepid 4dr-arrest me red 1979 Chevy pickup-black primer 1979 GMC pickup-mostly black 1998 GMC Safari- wifes car- dk blue & silver 1978 Cadillac Coupe DeVille-cinnamon 1989 Chevy Cavalier 4dr-white 1977 Buick Electra Limited 2dr-lt blue:D 1972 Dodge Dart Swinger 2dr-yellow 1986 Dodge 600 turbo convertible-dk red 1991 Pontiac Firebird-blue 1992 Plymouth Acclaim 4dr-white 1990 Chrysler Lebaron convertible-dk red 1989 Dodge Caravan-black 1986 Cadillac Sedan DeVille-dk red 1997 Dodge Ram pickup- tutone black & red 2004 Chevy Malibu-wifes car-gold:D 2002 Chevy Impala 4dr-silver:D 1969 Dodge Polara 500 convertible-cinnamon 1968 Buick Wildcat convertible-white 1967 Buick Skylark-wifes car-turqouise:D 1973 Pontiac GrandVille convertible-green:D * This is the same pickup that I own now. I sold it to my father in 1995 when I bought the tow trucks. I got it back in 2007, so Im only counting it once. **Same with the 77 Impala . I owned that car 3 different times in my lifetime. The ones with the smileys next to them we still have . If I remember more I will add them later
  4. Keith if you order your new top from Hydro-E-lectric they give you a pretty usueful instruction sheet on how to install a scissor top. A few things Ive learned from my GrandVille. I know you Centurion is in real good shape, but if you are replacing the top,I have learned the following in a very painful and expensive way. These may or may not apply to you but check to make sure . Get the glass window top. The plastic window top just doesnt work or fit right. Check both the front and second bows on the top frame as they are prone to rust. Make sure your top comes with new side cables. If it doesnt ..... order them. Make sure the tack strip in your trunk isnt damaged (damage and rust are supposedly very common on these) Dan
  5. I think a lot of you guys are missing the point here. You break it down to 15.00 a year or 1.25 a month or as a few of you have said its worth the $50 a year to me. Thats great ..... you're not the problem. The problem is selling this club in a tough economy, selling this club to people on a fixed income and last but not least, leaning just a little too hard on people who have already made the commitment and are standing by the club .......for lack of a better term , punishing the people who have stayed with the club to make up for the ones that have left or the ones who were never here. Talk about how little it actually is or what its worth to you personally all you want , no matter how you put it pricing more people out of the club IS NOT the answer to declining membership. I do a lot of recruiting and while $50 may not sound like much to someone who can afford it or has been a long time member of the club and attended the meets and made the friends , it is a lot to someone who doesnt KNOW the BCA like you do. Hell you see it all the time on used car lots a used car for $9999.99 instead of just the actual 10K price of the car. Its done like that cause the dealer KNOWS he will draw more attention to a car with a 4 digit price tag as opposed to a 5 digit price tag. Yea it may only be $1.25 cents a month but trust me when I tell you its a hell of a lot easier to sell a $35.00 a year club than it is to sell a $50.00 a year club. Then you add 10 or 15 or even 20 dollars a year on top of that for a chapter membership and now its even tougher. And the tougher it is to sell the club the less chance you have of stemming the LOSS of membership. If you lose 35 members a year due to death , money crunch , job loss pick your poison and you only sign 15 members because of the 40 or so you talked to about the club, some thought it was too much , some thought their cars were maybe too new and some just werent joiners you still have at the end of the year a net loss of 20 members. So now you raise the rates on the remaining members and you start hearing I cant do this anymore from guys like Joe Taubitz who has belonged to this club since before I had my drivers license and has probably recruited more BCA members than any 5 of us combined. Now the question is "Is that 1.25 a month youve gained worth what youve lost ??????" You dont save a sinking ship by adding more water gentleman. Its as simple as that. Dan
  6. There is a main road thru the business district of my old neighborhood known as Broadway ave. Its the street with the "Safety Islands". The Safety Islands took care of my 1st car - the Impala My 2nd car - the Dart also died on broadway. The first Buick , the devil possesed Skyhawk blew its motor on broadway. I do wish I still had the Impala (or at least even have got to drive it) and the Dart was a great car. Last night I saw the girl that "had to have the Skyhawk" when I finally got disgusted and sold it for the first time in about 10 years or so. She told me she loved her Skyhawk...... damn if I remember it that way. It seemed to me that she hated it as much as I did. Oh well I guess time makes things better as t it goes by . Dan
  7. Maybe this has been done before. But I saw it on another site and it looks like it could be fun so ............ What was your 1st car ? What was your first Buick ? My 1st car was a seafoam green 2 DR 1970 Chevy Impala. 350 2 barrel. Before I was done with it I had duals with thrush mufflers, Chevy rally wheels, raised white letters , and a mustang (thats the brand name on it ... I still have the radio) AM/FM Cassette radio. Pretty serious equipment for 1981 . It was at my aunts house just waiting for me to turn 16. My cousin "borrowed" it one night from my aunts driveway. He hit what us Pittsburghers knew as a safety island. Safety Islands were about a 10 ton concrete block that sat in front of the boarding platforms for the old PCC streetcars that used to serve my neighborhood. There wasnt a whole lot left of the Impala. I never got to drive it. The 1st car I actually got to own and drive was a slant 6 1972 Dodg Dart Swinger . My first Buick was a 1979 Buick Skyhawk...... the biggest POS I have ever run across in my life. Luckily it didnt kill my tatse for Buicks. Dan
  8. I hope it wasnt my post that caused it to be deleted. I tried not to be...... at a loss of a better word ..... "extreme". I didnt want to dig up old ghosts or renew arguments that have long since been settled ..... I was just trying to make it clear why I felt the way I did. That was also why my description was as vague as it was. I wasnt looking to call anybody out. I was just trying to clarify my answers to this thread . If I offended anybody .... I do apologize Dan
  9. I feel the need to adress a few of the statemnets made here Barney, please dont take it personally ... its not meant that way. Its just a few things I need to get off of my chest after reading these words. I atteneded a BCA meeting in Hershey a few years back to speak on an issue that was very important to my chapter. At that time finances were discussed and it sounded to me at the time like the BCA holdings were in pretty much recession proof holdings and at the time we were told at that meeting that the BCA was financially sound and would remain so for the conceivable future. If something has changed .... may I ask as to what exactly it is that has changed ? Secondly and this is the one that really set my keyboard in motion. You made a comment as to someone "not doing their job" when it comes to recruiting new BCA members. Without getting into great detail and or opening old wounds the BOD that day made a ruling that for all intents and purposes damn near killed our chapter. If it wasnt for current members at the time and a lot of dedication and hard work the PGH Tri-Shields would simply not be here today. We were handed a death sentence by the BOD that day, and I guarnatee you that to a member nobody in what was then known as the National Pike chapter felt like they could recommend the BCA to anyone. But we still tried. In the 3 years of hard work , bruised egos , sometimes open confrontation , endless phone calls and hurt feelings it took to get ourselves back on to what we felt was at least a level playing field ( and Im still not sure about that) , we held a regional, we got our chapter on a local TV car show, we held various activities aimed towards recruitment and we recruited maybe 3 new members. If it wouldnt have been for the direct actions of the BOD the number probably would have been closer to 20 members and we would today be a thriving chapter instead of the small one we still are. What do I do to recruit ????? Scan the new members part of the bugle for local names and locations . Then I type a personal letter to each new member inviting them to join our chapter. Maybe that doesnt get a new BCA member but if they enjoy our activities enough ... maybe it retains that member. In all 6 of my vehicles I carry tri-fold pamphlets that invite a Buick owner to join both the BCA and our chapter and if I see a Buick I put one on the windshield. That has gotten at least 2 new members this year. I go to cruises and shows armed with these invitations and place them on ANY Buick I see. Our chapter has gone twice to the Pittsburgh world of wheels and placed applications for both the BCA and our chapter within easy reach of anyone who wanted one, plus there was ALWAYS somebody with the cars to talk to prospective members. Now here in lies the problem. After what I feel was a screwing by the BCA board (sorry I try not to feel that way but I just cant help it ) and nine years of chasing people and cars and going thru thousands of these pamphlets,and holding positions on my chapters BOD...... Im tired . I just want to be a member ,I want to enjoy our chapters activities instead of organizing them I dont want to be a mover and shaker anymore I want to be just a member ... but even now I cant do that because there arent enough people for us to lose anybody. So Barney I guess what Im trying to say is I have done and I am doing my part. And I feel the $50 fee is just a bit much to ask.Ill pay it begrudgingly. However if membership is declining the way to stop the tide is not to financially punish those of us who have stayed . Dan -
  10. If it helps any Hector , my 77 doesnt have Electra on it anywhere either. It has Buick recessed into the grill. A Buick emblem on the decklid. Limited in script on the rear of each quarter . On the right side of my dash to the right of the clock it has Limited in chrome script and Buick recessed in black, printed. It also had Landau written in script on the rear quarter windows. And when I bought my car it still had the factory paint on it and the Buick emblem on the trunk was missing but you could plainly see that something was missing it really showed up on the light blue paint. But that was the only place I saw that , so in my opinion its pretty safe to say our cars dont have Electra written on them anywhere. Kind of like how the Chrysler Cordoba 300s dont say Cordoba on them anywhere either. Centurion every Limited I ever saw has it written on both quarters ..... I think your parents car was shortchanged, wonder if its too late to file a warranty claim:D Dan
  11. I understand what you are saying , but I still dont think you have understood me. I have the following vehicles. 1967 Skylark- Owned for 3 known for three years previous to owning.Not an everyday car but a car that is driven. Never needed ANY wheelbearing work, not even grease. The same statement can be made for the Electra that Ive owned for the last 9 years. The same can be said for the 1993 4x4 Silverado that I own now but has been in the family for the last 15 years. Keith B cant even get 40 thousand miles out of a set of bearings on his Caddilac ? I dont know how fast he accumulates milage but it sounds like he has put about 70K on his car and had to replace both aftermarket and ORIGINAL wheel bearings . After 70K 2 sets of bearings .... thats crazy. Dan McCann cant get 2 years out of set of wheel bearings ? A man who watches his car so closely that he wont even let a mechanic tighten the wheels on his car ? Dan does it himself with a torque wrench, Ive seen it with my own eyes, hes that fanatical about the care of his vehicle and hes worn out at least one set of wheel bearings ? Doesnt sound like owner neglect to me , does however sound like inferior parts on the car....... which were originally instaled by GM on the assembly line, which may have lead to installation of aftermarket bearings (Although knowing Dan I seriously doubt it ) Lets put it this way . I can get 3 years and counting from a set of wheel bearings in my 93 pickup. My father owned the truck for 12 years previously, if you attended the 2004 great lakes regional I am referring to the truck that did all the grunt work for the show. My father never had to change the wheel bearings during his ownership. I dont go anywhere with my car that I dont go with my truck, my car has gone through 4 sets of bearings ....... my truck none.I also average about 3-4 K a year in milage on my truck that I do my car. Even if the 3 following sets of bearings on my car were ALL aftermarket . The ORIGINAL assmebly line set didnt hold up any better. So once again Im back to "If GM had put a better quality part on in the first place , maybe the quality of the aftermarket parts would not be such a huge factor ..... since there would be less GM cars on the road running them and less disgruntled car owners who are shelling out $200 a side to change them out and swearing to themselves to look at a Toyota the next time. Makes sense to me Dan
  12. I kind of have to take issue with you on this one. Ive edited your post so as to cut down on space and to really only address the parts of it Im taking issue with. I DO lay the blame for this at the feet of G.M. they are the ones who built these cars with substandard parts that dont seem to last any longer than a year. Any of us who own these cars Myself , Keith Bleakney(My3Buicks) and Dan McCann(HurstGN) are just the examples I remember. We have all had the same problem. Wheel bearings. I dont know the milage of Keiths vehicles or what kind of driving conditions they are under, but I do know that Dans car is driven mostly highway and is very well cared for. My car does short trips , and I will admit it has racked some miles up on it but Ive also gone through quite a number of wheel bearings and tie rods. My wifes car (a 2004 Malibu) is driven rarely. She is the original owner from 04 and has put a grand total of 28000 miles on her car since she brought it home. Ive had to put wheel bearings and tierods on that along with a boatload of other things. Do you really mean to tell me that I shouldnt blame the manufacturer of this car when Ive had to replace tierods and wheel bearings over the life and milage of this car ???? At that milage I shouldnt have to worry about whether or not Im getting quality replacemant bearings.......... I SHOULDNT NEED THEM. My 77 that Ive owned for 9 years has never had a wheel bearing problem. My wifes 67 that I know from 2003 has never needed a wheel bearing. My brothers 1958 Chrysler that he has owned for the last 13 years doesnt show any signs of needing wheel bearings , and Im pretty sure they are the originals. The point Im trying to stress is if G.M. had put a decent bearing in the cars in the first place , then the quality of the replacement parts wouldnt be that great of an issue. Dan
  13. We were on a private track at a loosely sanctioned event sponsored by alteredgas.com. Im not goofy enough to street race with a stock 77 Electra. I didnt even really want to do the flashlight drag thing but I got talked into it. Dan
  14. I didnt have much exposure to Buicks either. I remember my late Uncle tom was a Buick man and I still remeber the 66 Wildcat he had I really liked that car. His next car was a 75 LeSabre coupe and I really liked that too. A lifelong friend of my mother had a 63 Riv when I was small. I still have a soft spot for 1st gen Rivs because of that car. She traded it in on a 72 Skylark that while it was a nice car it didnt really do much for me. In high school I had a friend who had a red 72 Centurion ragtop, that car was great !! . That was my exposure to Buick. Dan
  15. Yes it was Century...... but it did seem to say something about "Gran Sport" or something like that on the sides and the trunk. Trust me I saw a lot of the "Gran Sport" on the trunk. And I never never said my Buick was fast ...... just that it could do one hell of a burnout for a late 70s luxury barge. In fact I almost did score one against the "Century" when after we got the light (Flashlight drags) he took off and then lifted cause he thought his car wasnt hooking up. In reality it was MY car that wasnt hooking up and if I could have fooled him for a few more seconds I might have got him. Can you even begin to imagine Randys embarrasment if his "High performance A body":D had got dusted by my lowly 77 ????? Bragging rights for YEARS!!!!!!!!!!:eek: Dan
  16. When I was born in June of 64, my Dad had a white 1962 Chevy Biscayne station wagon. My mother never drove. He sold that and bought a 69 Chevy Impala custom 2 dr in 1970. My brother totaled that in December of 74. He then bought a 73 Malibu 4 dr the first car he ever owned with A/C . It rotted away and I put it in a demolition derby in 1981. He then bought a 76 Cutlass 442 which eventually ended up with me until I blew it up. He then bought his only Buick a 1981 Skylark Limited. That also ended up with me and I blew it up too ! While owning the Buick he bought a 78 Bronco and gave that to me to use for a trade in at a later date. In 1989 he bought his first brand new car an 89 Olds Ciera. He also bought a 78 Ford F 100 pickup. The Ciera eventually went to my brother in 2001 who kept it until the end of last month when it was just too rusty to be road worthy anymore. In 95 he got rid of the F 100 and bought my 93 Silverado pickup which he kept until 2 years ago and then gifted it back to me. In 2001 He bought a brand new Bonneville which he still has and has a grand total of 14,000 miles on it . There were cars that he owned before I was born a 55 Chevy sedan a 37 Hudson a Desoto I dont know much about these cars as they were all before my time. Dan
  17. Not very fast at all, but then again I didnt buy my Buick for speed. However it does do one hell of a burnout and the funny part is until the smoke starts rolling out of the fenderwells nobody knows its me Dan
  18. Ummm.........mine. And considering that in the past Keith and I have disagreed on more than we agreed on , and that we both agree on this ought to tell you something. Ill put the interior of my 77 Limited up against the interior of any 70s Lincoln. And my interior is still original from 77. I dont think there are a whole lot of 70s Lincolns still sporting their factory installed interior. Also I would like to add that many of the 80s midsize Buicks were plusher than the Lincolns of the 70s. Hell man I had an 81 Skylark Limited compact that was incredibly plush and would have given any Lincoln a run for its money. My car is NOT a Park Avenue edition it is a Limited. The Park was even plusher than the Limited. Now I dont have TOTAL production numbers in front of me for the Limited but what I can remember is that 33,000 of them were 2 doors like mine. But once again thats just the 2 door Limited , which does not give us numbers for the 4 door or the Estate Wagon. So I seriously doubt we are talking low numbers here for plush interiors Of course this is a Buick board and you have to know that we are going to feel this way. Dan
  19. I failed the first 2 times too. The first was in my sisters brand new 1980 Citation. It was an automatic , but one of the requirements on the PA driving test at the time was you must be able to keep the car running. At the time I didnt realize that was meant for a manual trans car , but the Citation kept stalling out (ended up going back to the dealer a few days later ) so the instructor failed me ..... at least that was the excuse he used. The second time was in the Monaco. I went with my Dad in my my brothers car . I drove the 30 miles to and from the state police barracks. I did the whole test, but when I was doing the three point turn I couldnt see out the back window so I took one hand off the wheel and threw it over the back seat so I could see out the window. Bingo I failed . Drove back and the cop told my Dad that I drove well for driving such a big car but he was going to have to fail me cause I didnt have 2 hands on the wheel while backing up. I spent the next entire week doing 3 point turns in the Monaco with both hands on the wheel. Third time was the charm. Dan
  20. I love my son , hes the greatest. But if your wondering why it seems like I fell off the face of the earth for the last few months........ well you need to ask Tim. I am an AOL subscriber and my son who enjoys "experimenting" with various mechanical and electronic devices decided that we needed internet explorer. Well we got internet explorer in spades. It didnt matter what you did internet explorer got in the way. Every time I tried to sign on my AOL would come up my "Youve got mail " would speak then internet explorer would come up and everything would freeze. the only way to unfreeze it was to pull the plug on the computer. My wife has worked some kind of miracle and has made it work again ...... just when I thought we would have to get a new computer. And the point of this rant ? Man am I glad to be back !!!!!!!!! Ive been going through withdrawl and with winter coming on it was getting critical. Gotta run I just saw Tim heading out to the garage :eek: Dan
  21. My family and I had a great time. Well done Akron-Canton. Dan
  22. Not to be too impolite , however what you call patina I would call rust. Patina is highly overrated. My Pontiac convertible has patina but I still wish it had nice shiny paint. But I like you will not be squirting any paint in its direction until next year. In the meantime Im planning on doing a satin black rattle can job on it to cover the same kind of "patina" that you have. Then until paint time or winter (whatever comes first ) I plan on driving the wheels off of it. Dan
  23. Thats interesting. The reason the 73 Malibu was available for the demo derby was because my Dad bought a 76 Cutlass S. This is the car I drove through my teenage years. Living within a few miles I wonder how many times we passed each other back then eyeing each others cars up for parts Dan
  24. Thanks Roberta. I wasnt sure , I know with Mopars (A former sickness) you could usually find them in the seats. I had also heard about on top of the tank , but the rest I didnt know . Thats why you always go to the experts:D The car does appear to have had some sort of "restoration" years back. New front fenders , BC/CC paint, some wrinkles taken out of the front end and the front seat was reupholstered (wrong , but reupholstered) so the build sheet may be gone. But its at least worth taking a look. Thanks again Dan
  25. Original production was in the neighborhood of 33,000 cars . But according to the count in the last Bugle Roster I was sent there are 18 cars like mine (including mine) currently in the BCA. Dan
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