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  1. Finally got around to reviving the 77 last night from its long winter nap. A little air in one tire , a pint and a half of trans fluid , pull off the battery tender hit the key and almost instant response. It fired right up after sitting since october . I havent started it at all over the winter between being sick and all the snow I didnt set foot once in my garage since november. the Buick started like I had just parked it the day before . Moved it out today to work on the brakes on my truck for inspection . Glided out of the garage and around to the front of the house. Did the nasty on the truck and got myself pretty dirty , much too dirty to be in the Buick so I asked my wife to put it away for me . Now Ive got a problem...... she has fallen in love with MY Buick all over again. I like her Buick and all .... but I like mine better and now I get the feeling Im not going to be driving it much this summer . Problems ..... Problems Dan
  2. I guess your right , it just seems kind of strange that both front windows would do this at the same time. If it was just one I could see it but we cant get either of the front windows down . And after talking with my buddy who worked on the car we did have both front windows down at the time of repair. Who knows...... its just my luck, my Dad is convinced that Eddie (mechanic ) did something to the car so he could make more money off of the repair. I was right there the whole time and the front windows werent even bothered with other than to be put down so some warm air could get into the car. But my dad is convinced its a conspiracy and you go ahead and try to change the mind of an 85 year old Irishman. Guess Ill be hearing about this one for ever and ever amen. Dan
  3. My Dad has an 01 Bonneville. Over the winter one rear window quit working. The cable broke. This has happened on the front too. I took it to a mechanic friend of mine who I trust and he replaced the cable assembly in the back window . This involves pretty much replacing all of the guts in the power window. When I took the car back to my Dad I used the front windows and they seemed to work fine. Yesterday over Easter dinner my Dad informed me that neither of his FRONT windows will go down. He said this was the first time he had tried to use the windows since the car came back from the rear window repair. The back windows work fine. When you press on the window switches for the front windows you can hear a click inside the door but nothing happens as far as the windows moving. This happens from the main switch on the drivers door and also when you use the passenger door window switch. Like I said earlier I drove the car to and from the rear window repair and remember putting the front windows down..... it was a cold night and I couldnt see out of the side windows so I put them down and then put them back up again when I got the car back to his house. Is the front windows not working in any way related to the repair done on the one rear window? Is there something else that can cause the fornt windows to quit working while the rears still do ? Why would I get what sounds like a click coming from both front doors when I hit the switch? If its a bad motor would this happen in both front doors? Take into consideration that the window motor /cable assembly on the drivers side front door was changed out a couple of years ago while the passenger side is original. This car is NOT abused. My Dad is 85 years old and is the original owner of the car having put 14 K on it in the last 9 years. Both my mechanic and me are catching hell cause my Dad is sure this is all related . Help me out please . Thanks Dan
  4. 67 Skylark=8 73 Grandville=8 77 Limited =8 93 Pickup=8 02 Impala=6 04 Malibu=6 2 lawnmowers=2 weedwacker =1 2 outboards=2 worktruck=6 cox Japanese Zero=1 Does the weedwacker piston hanging on the key ring to my Pontiac count? 56 if the keyring doesnt count, 57 if it does Dan
  5. I prefer the hard copy. I dont get a whole lot of time on the computer and when I do it usually ticks me off (Dropping me or freezing up or a whole list of other little stunts that it pulls). So the hard copy works for me. The only question I have is if the number of bugles that the BCA has to mail out every month goes down, how does that translate into the price per bugle going up? Your printing fewer issues , your mailing fewer issues out . Your spending less on ink and paper........ and the price goes up? Im a little confused by this. Dan
  6. Welcome Opel owners. I think you should have been here all along. Now that I know that there is interest in Opels by the BCA I just happen to know someone who has a few . time to spread the word. Dan
  7. Okay Bill on your first point about the BOD and this forum. Why do you think I posted this here. I wanted response from both the BOD and the general membership. Im just like the rest of you , if I have an idea of course I think its a good one or I wouldnt put it out there. Is it a GOOD idea ? Thats why Im looking for input from the people who make the decisions and the people it will affect (the rest of us and any and all future members). I have a job , a home, a son whos working his way towards eagle scout 3 old cars and 2 cars and a pickup truck that all cut into the time I have to spend on the phone with various members of the BOD. And sometimes frankly Im tired and dont particularly feel like spending time on the phone. Here I can present my idea and walk away. Checking back when I HAVE THE TIME. This is what works for me . You the BOD are the ones who are always asking for input from the membership. Well here it is. Input .From a member who by the way despite being dead set against the dues increase just paid for another years membership in the BCA. I care about what happens to this club. Thats why I voice my opinions. I dont particularly care what people think of me. There are at least a few persons on this board who can testify as to what my personality can become like when I feel Im provoked. Im not trying to stir the pot , I feel Im doing what the BOD has requested, which is come up with ideas to help save this club. You also request that the idea be more or less fleshed out before its presented. Why ? Why should I go through the effort of all the nuts and bolts details if Im not even sure the idea has any merit or if anyone will even accept it as a valid premise. Im a truck driver by trade not a financial anylast. How to make it work and implement it is as they say "Not my department". Run for the BOD. Not me bubba. On top of the aforementioned rsponsibilities there is also the following problems. #1 You HAVE TO ATTEND BOD meetings , no matter where they are. I have exactly 8 vacation days a year. Do you really think I want to spend the majority of them sitting in conference rooms ? Let me answer that for you. Hell no I dont. #2 I dont like to fly . Period end of discussion. BOD meeting anywhere west of Wisconsin. aint gettin done and getting back in 8 days. So there goes my 1 BOD meeting of the year cause I dont have the time off to do another one ...... unless of course you want to hold ALL BOD meetings in Pittsburgh, then maybe I can do it. And if you hold them in the evenings in Pittsburgh then I wont have to burn a majority of my vacation time attending them. If the BOD is willing to do this ...... Ill run tomorrow Sorry if my idea or my presentation of it wasnt up to your standards but its the best Ive got. Dan
  8. Looks to me like a center cap emblem for a chrome wheel. Dan
  9. My 77 Limited is named "Bird".... after a sticker on her back window that was made famous in my chapter. My wifes 67 Skylark is named "Blueberry". Its blue and she bought it off of a guy named Barry. My 73 GrandVille is named "Landbarge". Obvious reasons My 93 Chevy truck is named "Dads Truck". My Dad gave it to me and my son put the "Dads Truck " plate on the front of it. Dads Truck no matter how you look at it. My 02 Impala just bent me over the table for state inspection. So at least for now anyway its name is @#&*^%$%$!+= My wifes 04 Malibu is named "Boo" . also obvious. Dan
  10. Thats interesting..... a free membership for the first year, however that would have to be handled correctly. I think if that were the case you would have to sign up for at least 2 years. As far as the free mebership in the chapter goes , it sounds like a good idea but it seems it would be a logistics nightmare. The BOD (who would ultimately approve any plan) would have to confer with the treasurer and director of each chapter beforehand to make sure they were onboard with free chapter membership before it could be offered at a national level. Then there is the problem of small chapters or start up chapters that just might not be able to afford that. If you have one chapter that cant do it do you just exclude that chapter or does it sink the whole program ? I think the program would be better done at a national level. At the national level even if we are in financial distress we at least have the cushion of having something already in the bank. Linc I dont think the 6 month idea would work. Not that its a bad idea but just not long enough. In the perfect world of my mind where this idea was cooked up , the plan was to get someone in the door for at least a year , possibly 2 and let them get the bugle sent to their door every month for a year , let the new member see whats planned for THEIR upcoming year as far as regional , national and local events pertaining to the kind of cars that they the member have an interest in, whether they own one or not. I guess the idea I have could be given the following example : Theres a guy who lives in lets say Toronto Ohio and he owns a 75 Estate Wagon. He loves it , its a car that has been passed through the family and he has great memories of family trips etc in this car. He doesnt think its special to anyone but him. He takes it to weekly cruises in Boardman Ohio and gets the occasional nice comment but for the most part he gets ignored by people walking past his car to look at a RoadRunner. He sees an ad in Hemmings for a Buck club he didnt even know existed and they are offering a first time membership discount. Hell, he thinks, at this price it might be worth it for me to join if not for any other reason than to find parts for my baby. So he joins. He starts getting the Bugle, finds parts vendors like Wheatbelt advertising in there and realizes that there ARE people who actually stock parts for his Estate Wagon and there are actually people who would be as much interested in his wagon as they would be interested in a RoadRunner. Maybe even MORE interested in his wagon than the RoadRunner. Now while paging through the Bugle he sees an ad for the Great Lakes Regional coming up in August in Colombus. Its practically in his back yard. He registers , he goes. Now he is surrounded by people who appreciate his car theyre looking in it , under it , pointing things out to each other about it. In fact he doesnt even have the only Estate Wagon there. Hes entered in a class where hes not competing against a RoadRunner but against cars that are similar to his .... various styles of full sized Buick coupes sedans wagons and convertibles. And all the people he is being judged against are friendly !!!!!!! In fact theres this one guy from Pittsburgh,he thinks, with this Blue Electra who keeps coming up and saying that HE was the reason this guy joined the Buick club. Strange , but if thats what the guy wants to believe... let him . There are parts vendors there who actually have PARTS THAT FIT HIS CAR. Hes sure glad he saw that ad in Hemmings and even though it was half price this year it seems like it would be worth the full price next year. Ladies and Gentleman you now have your next dedicated BCA member. Thats what Im hoping the discount idea will create . Dan
  11. I spend all day driving in circles in a dump truck with no radio. It gives you a lot of time to think. It also hurts your back and makes you dizzy but thats a thread for another time. A lot has been made lately of decreasing membership and increasing dues. Ways to do one without doing the other or trying to do both. Ideas have been floated concerning other cars that while they may not technically be Buicks they are Buick related.Decreasing the size or quality of the Bugle, etc etc..... There are those of us who feel the dues increase is a bad idea and that it will add to the problem that is causing the dues increase in the first place. Declining membership. There are those out there who feel that the benefits they have gained from the BCA are worth whatever the cost may be. What if both sides are right ? What if we could find a way to compromise? I was recently driving in circles, thinking about bills when this idea hit me. I dont know if its feasible or not thats why Im looking for responses from people who would know. I recently switched cable providers under an "introductory offer". I get my cable at a reduced rate for a year or so , mainly to get me hooked and then after that year is over and the hook has been set I pay a regular cable rate for the following year. Whats the possibilites of the BCA doing the same . Everybody ( including myself) say its the poeple more than the cars. The friendships, the chapters, the going to regionals and nationals to renew old friendships and make new ones. That the people and services the club offers is what makes the club worth the dues paid . But if you cant get someone to join( especially if they feel that the cost may be prohibitive) .... they will never know what we do. Why couldnt we offer and introductory rate on 1st year dues if the person agrees to at least a two year membership. This gets them in , gets them hooked and lets them find out that "the club is worth whatever the dues may be " to paraphrase several of the responses in the other threads. And if we do this maybe we can also spend a little of the declining account to agressively advertise our "introductory rate " in magazines such as Old Car Trader and Hemmings. Let other Buick owners know we are out there and that we are looking for them to join Yes our club finances may take a hit ... but if I understand it correctly theyre taking a hit now anyway. Would you rather just take the hit or take the hit in an attempt to reverse the declining membership ? Seems like a no-brainer to me but I dont know the fine details and Im sure there are things that would have to be worked out by the BOD . Thats why Im floating this idea and looking for responses from both the BOD and the membership in general. Is it a good idea? Is it a bad idea ? Why ? Dan
  12. Screeching tires , smoking brakes ,1/2 a tank of gas gone and I never made it out of the parking lot. I had a Dodge Dart I used to take drag racing that didnt get beat on as much as my Electra did that weekend. But all in all it worked out. I dont think we are currently capable of hosting anything much larger than a cruise at the moment. Dont have the same manpower that we did in 04. Pretty safe to say we arent doing a national anytime soon . Dan
  13. While I understand where you are going with this Derek, the only opposing opinion I can offer is my experience with the BCA. As I stated in previous posts I have been a member for 9 years. In those 9 years I have never once seen an article or series of articles relating to a 77 Limited. The recent Park Avenue articles are about the closest I have come. I havent stomped off with my ball and gone home. I understand that if Pete is going to do anything with the 77 Limiteds he has to have material to work with and frankly there just arent that many of us in the BCA who own these cars. So there may never be an article on 77 Limiteds in the Bugle but having an article about my car in the Bugle is not what I base my membership on. I dont really think Opel owners would be much different. I joined like I said because I had this car I didnt know what to do with or get parts for. When I joined the BCA most members still considered a car like mine to be daily driver material. I even got yelled at by a guy at a cruise about how the cruise was only for old cars. He was driving a Celebrity wagon and my car at the time was 24 years old. Now my argument is MY car is not now or has it ever been in the Bugle (except for an interior shot in an article about our chapter) and Im still here. Most people didnt really give my car a second look , but I stayed . Its probably almost as hard to find parts for this as it is to find parts for an Opel..... yet Ive been sending my dues in every year since 2001. Why you may ask..... According to the criteria you set down .... Im not getting anything out of the BCA either. What I get out of the BCA is enjoyment. I love going to regionals and activities with my chapter . Im still looking forward to attending my first national just to see if the Judges are as good as they think they are. I know whats not right on my car .... I want to see if you do I have fun going and doing with my chapter , thats why I stay. Dont you think a few of the Opel owners may enjoy that too ? Its never been about the club ... its been about the people IN the club. Dan
  14. Happy belated birthday Dave. 5 days ago I was too busy shoveling to look at the computer:D Dan
  15. My chapter made up fliers with a little message telling the prospective member about our chapter and the BCA. It also includes a form to join both. This has worked for me as I keep them in every vehicle I drive. Even the Pontiac convertible. Ive had about a 50% success rate with them . Dan
  16. Kris I am one of the "sinking ship" people. I will freely admit to it. But there is a reason. Its not because I dont love the BCA but because I do. I think the raise in membership dues is an absolutely foolhardy idea and will lead to the "sinking ship" syndrome. I cant just standby and let what I feel is an absolutely terrible decision by the BOD go through without voicing my opinion. I keep hearing the BCA is EVERYBODYS club, well the last time I checked that included me. Its already going to cost us a long time BCA member and one of the most respected people in the BCA. This gentleman has clearly stated that he feels its too expensive and will not renew. A man who has been a member since before I was old enough to drive ....... is leaving over this. Like I stated earlier I think even if we only got 3 Opel owners nationwide , it would still be 3 new members that the BCA didnt have before. I do try to recruit even if I am one of the "sinking ship people". But its very hard to recruit (we have 2 local chapters going after the same group of people) then in these tough economic times to ask people for $50 to join the national and then another $15 to join our chapter. Thats money that these Buick owners could be spending on the very reason they would have an interest in the BCA in the first place. Id love to think that the BCA isnt sinking but in my own personal opinion the people on the Titanic probably hoped it wouldnt sink too. Ive been a member of the BCA for 9 years. I joined because I had this Buick that I had no idea what to do with and to be perfectly honest a car that I really didnt want. I wanted a musclecar not a luxury car but I bought it A.) because it was cheap B.) it was much too clean of a car to continue down the destructive road its former owner was taking it down. So I bought it. I joined the BCA and found my chapter purely by accident. I went to my first meeting and met some great people. I stayed and have continued to stay through bouts of unemployment and personal financial hard times. Once again not because of the car , but because of the PEOPLE I met in my chapter. Now we are making it harder to keep those people and when somebody comes up with a group(like the Opel owners) we HAVE to look into recruiting them. If we dont then we are not trying to patch the leaks in the "sinking ship" we are just poking a bigger hole in it. I dont want to see the BCA go away thats why Im raising hell about the "sinking ship" . Im pretty sure this is the club for me or I wouldnt really give a damn about what happens to it. Dan
  17. In a time when we are raising dues (still think its a bad idea) and complaining about decreasing membership, why would we want to exclude a vehicle that was sold and serviced at a Buick dealership, by Buick salesmen and Buick mechanics ? Some of the cars even had Buick badging on them. Yet instead of seeing this as an opportunity to reverse our falling membership dilema some of us are going to sit back and whine about them not being "real Buicks ". Give me a friggin break . Im 45 yers old and I remember when you could buy an Opel at a Buick dealership. To this day when I see an Opel (which surprisingly there are a few of them around where I live) I think BUICK ! An imported Buick ..... yes but still a Buick. I am also a member of POCI (pontiac club) and I see this with them all the time. A lot of Pontiac owners have a real problem with Pontiacs powered by GM corporate engines. They dont consider them to be real Pontiacs. Now if WE want to go down that route we can start by excluding: Opels Skyhawks- based on the Chevy Monza Apollos-based on the Chevy Nova X body Skylarks - Gm corporate platform introduced first as the Chevy Citation Any Buick from 76 on up(including mine) that doesnt have a true Buick engine Any 455 powered Buick- engine shared witth Olds and Pontiac so its not a true Buick only development. The new Regals Built in a chinese factory and shipped here not true Buick Reattas Not built by Buick, built in a GM facility maybe , but not built by Buick Rendevous- Not built by Buick, Buick badged imports We could go on like this forever and eventually find a reason to exclude everybody..... but what are we really going to achieve ? I say welcome the Opels and their owners. They know enough about their cars to teach us how to judge them. Even if only 3 Opel owners join the BCA thats 3 members more than we had before. Dan
  18. Dan I was loving it. All my neighbors (even one of the ones who works for the city now) wanted to know why I quit. I told em the truth.... I was sick of plowing. But Ive come to a conclusion........ PLOWING IS A HELL OF A LOT BETTER THAN SHOVELING. As far as the city officials go .... you forget that I was a part of that system and I knew we were screwed for at least several days so there wasnt any point in getting mad. As far as the news crew went ...... they were from channel 4 , and you know what kind of history I have with them. I wasnt getting anywhere near the camera and if anybody would have gotten killed by a berzerk ex-city employee it would have been the reporter. Dan
  19. Hiked over to the garage last night in a vain attempt to get to work this morning. Got the 4x4 stuck now too . Even thought about taking a bus to work this morning but the bus I would take from here to town and the bus I would take from town to work are both not running this morning. In the blizzard of 93 I was still that public works plow driver guy so I really didnt have to worry too much about getting around. I was at work long before the snow started falling , I took care of my primary routes and then the next street I did was MINE!. Still not used to being on the sidelines I guess. Dan
  20. Well its been a little under 2 days since the snow started falling. 23 inches according to the yard stick in my back yard. Im stuck. My 4x4 is approximately 3-4 miles away in a heated storage garage. My car is a beast in the snow and most times I dont need the 4x4..... so I didnt get it out . I have shoveled the cars out , shoveled the sidewalks and waited for the new plow driver. The new plow driver isnt nearly as good as the old one was. He always made sure this street got opened. Knew the guy all my life , he still stares back at me every morning when I look in the mirror. But he quit public works and I still get mad at him for it. Lets not forget the Pontiac Sunfire thats blocking the middle of the street with a blown tranny from trying to get unstuck. Something tells me Im not getting out of here till April. Anybody else got any good storm stories ? Dan
  21. Well I thought my feelings on this were perfectly clear. But Ill try once again . Raising dues is a bad idea. It decreases membership It upsets current members Some of those current members wont renew Higher dues makes recruiting new members even harder Were raising dues because of declining membership Does anybody see anything like a death spiral in the two statements made above Am I the only one smart enough to make this connection ? Its a BAD BAD BAD idea This club will die going down this road. Is anybody listening? Dont think I can make it any plainer than that
  22. I would go with archival instead of display only . Display only is just that. While people will admire your car on the field ther will be no "formal judging" of any kind. Archival is the way I would go if I hadnt painted my car when I first bought it. To the question of using your car . Ive never been to a national but I have been to several regionals and I can pretty safely say that the format is the same . Your car is available to you at any time except the show hours. You will find in your packet that ther will be dedicated "show hours". In most cases it is during the saturday of the show. The hours vary by show size , availibility of judges etc. During that time period you really do not want to move your car. The judges roam the field and often times they themselves dont know in what order the classes are going to be judged until the judges meeting the morning of the show. The rest of the time is for participating in activities and enjoying your car. Hope this helps Dan
  23. Look if the car has already had 1 repaint and YOU think it needs another ...... then paint it. If it was original paint and maybe was a bit dull then that would make adifference. But somebody ahead of you on the title trail has already decided it needed a repaint. The choice is yours its YOUR car . Dan
  24. Well lets see. Its the 15th day of the year. In the last 15 days Ive spent 9 of them vomiting.6 of them in the hospital . 1 full day in the ER and 1 full day in ICU. Ive been told that the condition that brought all this fun on is treatable but uncurable so now every day for the rest of my existance Ive got to worry about getting violently ill. On my way to ICU the wonderful bedside manner of my nurse was just great . Im retching and scared and I ask if Im going to be okay the nurse looks at me and says "We dont take healthy people to intensive care." I work outside on the river there hasnt been a day over 25 degrees between january 1st and yesterday (Not that I would really know Ive only managed to squeeze 3 working days in so far). Oh yeah I have managed to lose 20 pounds between last saturday and today ..... but I cant really say I recommend the method I used So far this year BLOWS!!!!!!!!!!! Bring on 2011 Dan
  25. To take it into a completely different direction........ have you checked to see if the tranny fluid is low ? It may not be a hesitation .... it may be a slip. They seem to do this as your just starting out. Usually all you need to cure it is a pint or 2 of trans fluid. Not that the other points made arent valid , Im just trying to cover all bases Dan
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