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  1. Dues for yearly membership in the BCA. Noone will consider you a freeloader for posting on the board. Even though this is the Buick club board all Buick owners and Buick lovers are welcomed here. This site helps promote the club and therefore wouldnt turn anyone away who has an interest in Buicks. Dan
  2. I actually live in the city of Pittsburgh, in the Brookline neighborhood. There are a number of local people on board here. I know my friend Dan who doesnt get on here much , but does occasionally post under the name HurstGN lives in Bethel Park. The other guys Im not sure of exact locations so Ill let them take care of this themselves. ( better to remain silent and thought a fool , than to speak and remove all doubt) Dan
  3. What Ive done in the past was to rent the trailer and rent one of their $19.95 a day trucks. Kinda takes away all their arguments about the truck being able to handle the trailer. Ive driven my Limited back and forth to Daytona Beach a few times with no problems. Dan
  4. Cant help you with the powerball numbers..... if I could my butler would be typing this. However I have found that one of the best Buick parts vendors out there is called Wheatbelt automotive. Friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to point you in the right direction if they dont have the part youre looking for . www.wheatbeltbuick.com Hope this helps Dan
  5. My first Buick was the Skyhawk and I bought it when I was 20 years old. Im the exception to the above statement. I dont ever even want to SEE another hatchback Skyhawk just the thought of ever having to drive one of those things again makes me break out in hives. It was so bad that to this day Im still amazed that I ever bought anopther Buick again in my life. I mean dont get me wrong ...... Im glad I did give Buicks another chance and those Buicks I have owned since have redeemed them in my eyes and my 77 has been for the most part a joy to own and drive, but that Skyhawk was truly the most unreliable car I have ever seen. I mean seriously it was so bad that I stuck the Skyhawk in my Dads garage, dropped the insurance on it and just made payments on it while I drove a $300 rusted out Cutlass with no heat. The Cutlass was a better car or at least a more reliable one. My apologies to the Skyhawk owners on the board but it truly was a terrible experience. Dan
  6. Im 46 and my current daily driver is a 2001 Jeep Cherokee . I love it . When Im not driving that to work im driving my 93 Chevy Pickup. I currently own 2 Buicks a 77 Electra Limited 2 door and a 67 Skylark 2 door post. Ive been told that the Skylark is unusual because most 2 door Skylarks were hardtops and not post cars. Its also fairly well optioned for a 67. the Buicks I have owned and moved on from are: 1979 Skyhawk - Hands down the absolute worst car Ive ever owned in my entire life. To call it a piece of sh*t would be insulting to sh*t. Every tow truck driver in the city of Pittsburgh knew me on a first name basis. 1981 Skylark Limited - nice comfortable little car literally ran it till the motor and the floors both gave up the ship. Would take another one in a heartbeat. 1988 Regal- My wifes car. great car and even though its been 15 years since we traded it in, I still know where it is and if I ever catch a for sale sign on it I may just be tempted. 1968 Wildcat convertible- great car but just a little bit beyond my abilities and financial concerns for me to save. It needed a lot of work. But the good news is I sold it to someone who could do the work and Im happy to say that as of last summer the big cat was out on the prowl again and looking like a brand new car. Welcome to the board Dan
  7. Its a strange thing. My cars have been used in 2 locally shot movies, however in both movies my Buicks hit the cutting room floor, one is actually quite funny if you catch it. The first one was not a big budget studio production its called "Mysteries of Pittsburgh" I think a part of my car still appears in one of the shots in this one . They were the nicest people, they needed cars and were very happy that they had a supply of cars to use. They treated both the cars and the owners of the cars with respect. The second one was called "adventureland ". It was done by a subsidiary of Disney and they treated both the cars and the owners like something they had to scrape off of the bottom of their shoe. At one point during filming there was a guy with an older Ford and a member of the production crew jumped up on to the hood of his car and decided thats where they were going to watch the shot being filmed. the Fords owner asked her to please not sit on his car and she told him "Im a second unit assistanr director and ill sit wherever the hell I want to watch this shot". Well that was enough for him and pretty much the rest of us too. With the primadonna still sitting on his hood he started the Ford up and started driving away ...... she screamed , jumped off and he just kept on driving ..... never saw him on the set again. Ruined the shot and started a big problem. With the way we had been treated the car owners went to the transportation captain and told him to get a handle on these people or we were all going to follow the Ford right out the door. so there was a big meeting and the filmcrew was told to lay off the cars and after taha we at least got a little bit of grudging courtesy. It can be fun to see a movie made but it can also be a hassle. Dan
  8. Dimmer switches start to do that when they age. Ive had several do the either on or off thing including the one currently in my Jeep. They normally do not affect the taillights. Now I believe your lights are turned on and off by a rocker style switch two buttons to push ... one turns everything on and the other just turns the parking lights on then you push another button that shuts off whatever you have on. This is very similar to the set up on Chevy pickups from 88-94. The light switches , not the dimmers, are notorious for going bad on these trucks and the most common problem when they go is that the parking and dash lights do not come on. I in fact have a switch just sitting on a shelf waiting for my 93 Chevy Truck cause I know its just a matter of time. I have also seen the same thing happen on similar year Firebirds that once again although designed to look slightly different function the same way and have the same problem as the chevy trucks. I would try replacing the dashboard switch assembly before doing anything else. Hope this helps Dan
  9. OOPS ... I thought we were talking about convertible TOP frames here , not car frames. My mistake and apologies. Dan
  10. I never met the man but I have read several things written by him. You cant own an old Pontiac with hearing the name Paul Zazarine. While he enjoyed all older cars he had a special place for Pontiacs. He will be missed. Dan
  11. Not meaning to nit pick here (well maybe I am ) but if this guy from Discovery needs a black 1950s Buick for Jan 6th, shouldnt he have started looking before Jan 4th ? I mean Ive done some of this stuff with my Buicks and at one time did get called in the morning for an afternoon shoot ....... but the info on my cars was in the production companies hands long before the actual filming ever started. In fact one I recently passed on started filming in Wheeling W. VA at the beginning of October and the production company was out passing out fliers to cars they thought would fit their needs the weekend before labor day. Discoverys kind of cutting this one close. Hope they find what they need. Dan
  12. In a way I guess it is a genuine Buick motor ...... I mean it came with the Buick new in 77 so I guess its technically a "Buick" motor. Burnouts in a "dignified" Buick are lots of fun. All people hear are the tires squealing and they have no idea where its coming from until the smoke starts pouring out the back and then their jaws hit the floor when they realize whos doing it. It really POs the muscle car guys. Almost immediately somebody in a Chevelle has to do a better one LOL I dont do it very often (maybe 3 to 4 times in the last 10 years ) because I dont like hurting my car like that but every once in a while the gearhead street racer I used to be kicks in and I have to show off a little. Dan
  13. I dont know how bad your top frame is , but I know I have been able to find everything I have needed to fix my Grandvilles convertible top in a Hemmings magazine. Pumps , switches, roof material and frame parts. The only thing I havent found so far is the courage to actually start ripping into the top issues on this car. Dan
  14. The fuel gauge on my Electra is on the to do list, but honestly I dont believe my Buick uses a whole lot of gas. I know that when I drive it frequently (4-5 times a week), I gas it up about once week and it uses 3-4 gallons of gas. As opposed to my Grandville which uses a little over a quarter tank to cover the same distances. Plus with the 403 you do have enough power to be comfortable. Hell I drive....... oops I mean I know of one that has been known to do a burnout or two in its time :eek:. Dan
  15. Yea its managed to become a part of the family. My wife has the cats .... I have the cars . Dan
  16. January 2011 is the 10 year anniversary of buying the 77 Buick. It seems hard to believe Ive had the car this long. I dont usually keep cars much longer than 3 or 4 years until I get the urge to move on to something else. But the Buick has just seemed to always stay around. Even outlasting cars that I had bought with the specific idea that this would be the car I would show after I sold the Buick A lot has happened over the last 10 years . New Paint job. Within months of the new paint job , a guy , whos now in jail for fraud, illegally landed his helicopter less than 25 yards from where the Buick was parked, just an hour or so after the 2004 Great lakes regional had wrapped up , putting a bunch of scratches into my Buick, 2 of my friends Buicks and my pickup truck ( Actually then it was still Dads truck). Hope he rots in that jail cell. 3 Regionals. 2003 , 2004 , 2010 Great lakes regionals . She took 2nd place in her class at 2 of the 3 . Not too shabby for what was once a get back and forth to work car . My son absolutely loves the car and its been a bonding thing for us. Its also an incentive for him. Ive promised to sign over the title to the Buick to him when he graduates college. Hes in 8th grade now and when the day comes it will be ready for him. Getting insulted by the Cub Scouts . You just had to be there to understand 5 All G.M. Nationals. Two second place finishes, one 1st place . Once again for a car that a friend had bought just to run back and forth to work till it died, shes run up a pretty impressive record. 4th place at the 2007 World of Wheels show. That was amazing. I used to go to the WoW show every year as a spectator, never dreaming I would ever actually have a car as part of the show. Then to actually win an award with my car......... :eek: The fun Ive had the could have only happened because I had the Buick. Wedding processions, parades , shows , going places with friends, its been a great ride . When I bought the Buick I hate to say it was with ulterior motives. It was clean , it was inexpensive and once it was flipped I was going to have more money to work on "my" old car. Little did I know how much this car was going to become a part of my life. Well its now 10 years later , "my" car is loooooonnnnggggggg since been sold , the Buick is still here and is NO LONGER even considered to be up for sale. I cant wait to see what the next 10 years has to bring. Dan
  17. If the price is right I would recommend this car...... but my opinion may be just a bit biased:D. Although on the serious side , my car has been a great for lack of a better word ....investment. And I dont know what the one you are looking at is going for but I got mine for a steal. These cars are kind of underrated and even the spotless ones go for a good price. Now of course the down side is if youre looking to drive it for a few years and then flip it , you arent going to get huge money for it. The things to look out for buying this car are : Of course the rear inner bumper support , in fact the whole rear bumper assembly is prone to rust. If the car has a landau top check for rust repair at the base of the vinyl roof under the rear quarter window. Check the frame behind the rear axle. They are prone to frame problems. Also check the heater and A/C controls to make sure they function properly. A drooping headliner is common but is also an easy fix. Bad interior door panels are one of the few parts ( along with bumper fillers) that are actually being reproduced Now the good news ....... The rust under the window if caught early is a minor issue ( mine had a small rust bubble that was easily fixed). The heater and A/C controls are interchangable with any full sized Buick from 77 to about 1985 and the dash is very easy to disassemble and work on. I have seen other GM cars with the frame problem that were repaired for a reasonable cost (78 Pontiac Grand Am ) These cars are also a bit tough to find parts for but they are avaiable and some pieces are even starting to come out in the aftermarket . More good news is that whether the car has the Buick 350 or the Olds 403 it has plenty of power and arent really all that hard on gas. Good luck with it and hopefully there will be aother 77 2 door in the BCA soon ! Dan
  18. I had the same problem with my 93 Chevy truck. I used double sided tape on the edges where it couldnt be seen and just stuck the grilles back in place. That was several months ago and so far..... so good. Hope this helps. Dan
  19. I am a not a member of the portholes chapter (I belong to the other one) but I have spoken with Phil Dayen , the gentleman who runs the back issues for their chapter and he has informed me in the past that he has several copies of each back issue of the Bugle. Dan
  20. In the last roster I was listed as owning a 1968 Wildcat convertible. I no longer own that car. I am now down to just the 67 Skylark and the 77 Limited. Dan
  21. When you are the snowplow driver (which I was for 17 years) , its always the same old story. Monday- youre the hero that opened the street up so we can get out . Can I get you a sandwich or a cup of coffee ? Tuesday- Youre the ******* that plowed my driveway in. Just because its nothing more than a huge piece of metal that uses brute force to get the snow off of the street, cant you make that snow go somewhere else?:confused:. Why have you got to plow my driveway in. Why dont you get a real job? #1 Reason why I am the FORMER plow driver. One more winter of that and some loudmouth would have been stuck to that precision instrument, that everybody except the people who have to use them, think the snowplow is. Dan
  22. And the same to you Dick and the rest of the BCA. Stay safe and enjoy the time spent. Dan
  23. Lance I would have to say that the blame goes a bit both ways here. You did ask if there was any bubbling on the chrome before you purchased. The seller never answered that question specifically.Kind of seemed like he danced around that question. Shame on him. You bought it anyway even though he never answered your specific question . Shame on you. Just the way I see it , hope you get it worked out to your satisfaction
  24. I like the Olds version ... looks (at least to me ) a lot better than the Vette. Having been able to drive a 53-54 (dont really remember which year ) Vette one time I was less than impressed. Having to wash and detail that same Vette for my boss with no roof on it can also be filed under "less than impressive" or fun for that matter. Anyway in my short test drive I found that I didnt like the Vette much. The shifter for the powerglide was almost under the front seat and it was kind of an awkward reach for it. Being a car with manual steering it had a HUGE steering wheel that made getting in and out of the car gracefully almost impossible. that same wheel was also a pain in the ass while driving as it tended to rub on your legs unless you put them flat on the floor and extended all the way out. At 5ft 11in tall with the Vettes limited leg room ..... that wasnt happening. The blue flame six was anemic. I honestly saw no reason to even want an early Vette , Im surprised they sold any of them. Of course I guess back then , just like today , the corvette was a great car for making up for what you were lacking in height or other areas but I didnt like them then (around 1986 when this happened ) and I dont like em now . Dan
  25. Thriller you are correct about the AVG , that was their official title , their knickname was the flying tigers. Thats what happens when you type without looking facts up first LOL. Eagle Squadron was the name I couldnt remember. Ddi they fly as completely seperate units from the RAF or were they incorporated into already existing RAF squadrons ? Like I said Im not trying to crush anyones national pride , I myself have always felt that Canada has been a great ally to the U.S. I was up at the falls a few years ago, just months before the passport requirement went into effect. It was the Canadian border guard who reminded me that if I wanted to come back anytime soon I should start working on the passport not the U.S. border guard .... strange huh? Dan
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