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  1. I just replied to an earlier post a few days ago concerning "favorite Buicks" and no.1 was a 65 Riv, It looks nice however what I do know about 65 Rivs is they are great looking cars, what I dont know is everything else!. It does seem to be clean with very little rust and is probably a good buy . Let me put it this way ... If I had the space & the money ... the leading bidder on that car right now would be me !!! <P>Dan
  2. This is an idea I "borrowed" off another car website , but it seemed like fun so here goes . What does your Buick want for Christmas ?<P>My Buick has been really good this year and has already received her christmas gift of a new paint job. However her "birthday" is coming in January and I plan on getting her a new felt strip for the passenger side window and a new A/C hose so she can be cool this summer, How about you ?<P>Dan
  3. The 77 is about average in price , and has many of the common problems for models of that year. When I bought mine last January I had to replace the headliner & have work done on the drivers side armrest.the total for both repairs was $125.00. The headliner was $75 and the armrest was $50. The real problem areas of this car are hidden and before I would place a bid on this car, the seller would have to come up with some kind of proof that the frame & the rear bumper support are in good condition. These are the major problem areas and although the car looks solid the frame problem is very very common in the whole GM full sized line from 77 to approx 86. The rear bumper supports rusting out are also very common & very difficult to correct. Trying to find a clean bumper w/ good bumper supports is very much like trying to win the lottery. When I purchased my 77 I was fortunate enough to know the cars history & I purchased it from a friend who purchased it at an estate sale. My friend had the car checked out when he bought it , because I had told him before he bought it what the weak spots were. I also know that the rear bumper support and bumper wasnt original because I had been involved in an accident with the very same car and its original owner almost 20 years ago and know personally that the back bumper had been replaced because I was the one who had knocked it off the car !!!!!. Anyway as far as the cars condition if you go to the members cars section of the BCA website my car is the light blue 77 ...I paid $700.00 for it & that is what makes me say that this cars price is about average for its condition<P>Dan
  4. What Language???..Reread my posts under both names I never was vulgar or coarse with my language...Just direct.I think you have me confused with somebody else. If the "sheeple" comment offended you then I suggest to you that your skin may be a bit ........thin, at which point there will be no pleasing you any way & Ill just have to deal with that. If however you can show me anywhere else in any of my posts on this or any other subject where my language was out of line ...Ill apologize. If however you cannot ....Ill be expecting my apology.<P>Dan
  5. As the starter of this thread (Yes the secret is out I am /was 77 survivor)I am really glad this has happened ..however I dont believe it will last and I dont think it was worth the price that was paid( I have heard ...and I may be wrong that this drop is somehow related to Sept 11th).To those I offended with this thread , Im a very outspoken person and if it offends people Im sorry but I cant change my ways any more than I could change the history of the world.<P>Now in case your wondering why the namechange there are 2 reasons. Number 1 my computer sufferd anervous breakdown & by the time it was fixed my old aol account was dead so I had to reregister . Secondly the Buick can no longer be considered a survivor . I have had it repainted and it looks even better to me that it did before .<P>Dan
  6. I like Mikes idea about the membership cards, although a permanent membership card would be nice. If the club cant afford permanent memebership cards, then we cant have them , its that simple. I mean whats the use of having a permanent membership card to a club that shut down due to bankruptcy? Also , when I first joined the BCA I didnt recieve a membership card for several months afterward (By the way ..thanks Mike & Nancy ). I think Mikes idea makes sense on a lot of levels, it would be an inexpensive alternative, it would present you with a new membership card every month & for us forgetful types that would be a great thing, also since most new memberships recieve their first copy of the Bugle before they recieve membership cards having the membership card delivered with that first Bugle makes it that much easier to join a local chapter. I know in my own case my local chapter had to take my word that I had joined the BCA until my first Bugle arrived with my # on it anyway. If it had also come with the cut out membership card it would have eliminated both the guessing by my local chapter & the later additional work that Mike & Nancy Book had to do to get my membership card out. I think its an excellent idea <P>Dan
  7. Terry,<BR>If I know an answer to a question ,I will always try to help.....however thats only if I know of an answer, I have been on other boards(not car related) where I have recieved wrong answers to questions from people who THOUGHT they were experts, and it has occasionally cost me some cash. I will not give out any information or advise unless Im sure of what Im saying...It is better to remain silent & be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt!!. Now to answer your questions to the best of my ability.<BR>I dont know of anyone who works with lacquer any more , I wish I did for my own sake but it just seems to be a lost art.<P>As for the steering wheel once again Im not sure what I can bring to the table ,as you can see by my screenname I deal with a newer style of Buicks . New enough that if I had a problem with my steering wheel I would stand a fair chance of finding another one in a wrecking yard and would probably go that route to solve my problem.<P>Dont give up on the club...this is a good club that always seems ready to offer help if they can( I have belonged to another national car club for over 7 years and have never received any support from them...I have been here less than a year and have received a better welcome!!!!!)If you give it a chance the BCA will not disappoint you !!<P><BR>Dan
  8. To everyone who reads this board . I know there are some posters & readers outside of the U.S. and that the greeting does not apply to them today. So just remember it for now & when it does apply ......Happy Thanksgiving!!!!<P>Dan
  9. It was called the "Road Hawk" I know it was available in 79 and yes it was a Turbo. As far as a "cherry " Skyhawk Im not sure on that one, I dont know if one ever existed or if it was the cars fault or the cars previous owners fault , but the 79 Skyhawk I had the misfortune of buying in 1984 was the WORST car I have ever owned ...bar none. It was a mechanical nightmare that left a bad taste in my mouth for years afterward, I HATED that car, it almost turned me against Buicks. Sorry if Im ranting but I just cant help trying to save someone from the torture my 79 Skyhawk put me through.<P>Dan
  10. I highy recommend joining the BCA, It is open to ALL Buicks, regardless of year or condition. I have not been to a national meet yet but plan on attending the 2003 meet. I would go to this years meet but it coincides with my other automotive obsession Mopar and the national is being held the same weekend as the Carlisle All Chrysler Nationals and my reservations for that are already in !.My local chapter National Pike holds a few events every year and is really a great group. These events are mostly Buick only but we do hold an annual open car cruise that attracts all makes & models of cars and is a very nice event. You seem to be concerned about whether your car is old enough ...I had many of the same concerns with my 77 and the local club accepted both me & my Buick with open arms, so just relax and enjoy your car !!!<P><BR>Dan
  11. Nothing on todays market really jumps out at me (probably why my newest vehicle is a 79, my wifes van doesnt count ...its hers not mine)but if I was looking and had the money it would be a new Cadillac Eldorado, I think its about the best looking car on the market(looks the least like a jellybean on wheels). I did see in a magazine that Mercury is coming out in 2003 with a new Marauder based on the Marquis that looks like a fantastic car. Even tho Im not a Ford person , Im already putting away the down payment money for this rear wheel drive , V8 , "performance" car throwback that will probably be the closest thing to my style of car to come out of detroit in the next 20 years , and I cant keep flogging my 79 pickup forever.<P>Dan<p>[ 11-02-2001: Message edited by: Dans 77 Limited ]
  12. I just recently "acquired"(read that given to me because my brother couldnt sell it to ANYBODY!!!)a 78 coupe de ville. In an attempt to get this car running I have posted a question on the Cadillac - Lasalle clubs message board, the folks over there have been very helpful and seem like a great source of info, I highly recommend them !!<P>Dan
  13. Thanks Larry, Im not used to being thrown out of places till AFTER they get to know me . I hope she gets her server probs straightened out , I like the site and hope to see it again soon <P>Dan
  14. I dont know if this is the proper forum for this or not , but since this is where I direct all things Buick, here goes. I have apparently been banned from the Buick Bombsight webpage, at least according to my server I am forbidden! I have no Idea why, I have contacted the owner of the sight only once to put my 77 in her Buick registry and I dont think I did anything unacceptable , All I did was answer the questions asked. I also contactd a person selling a 77 "Limited sport coupe" asking him what the difference between a Limited and a Limited sport coupe was because I honestly dont know. I dont believe either of these actions should lead to my being banned from the sight. If anyone here is in contact with Miss Zippy(the webpage owner) would you please ask her to contact me at: YeloDart72@aol.com, because Iwould really like to know why Im not allowed on her sight <P>Thank you<BR>Dan
  15. Count the Electra and my family in. The way I figure it I have 2 years to get the "Buick" emblems glued back on the trunk and get the A/C working.<P>Dan
  16. I had a similar problem with an old chevy pickup, with the exception that my battery started a fire when it exploded and ended up destroying the truck. There are several ways a battery can explode , the first is the one listed in the post above, another way is to let it run too low on water , this permits a buildup of explosive gases, you get a spark from under the hood and boom!Another way is to overcharge the battery ( this usually only happens when its already running...it is also what the battery manu. claims is what happened to my truck) this is usually caused by a faulty voltage regulator. I personally believe that after 200,000 miles a new motor and patches on the patches .....my truck just commited suicide <P>Dan
  17. Hate to burst your bubble there Jeffrey, but if thats the biggest thing I have to worry about today .....I can let it go . I had to edit this post because I misspelled Jeffrey( Ducking stones!!!)<P><BR>Dan<p>[ 10-16-2001: Message edited by: Dans 77 Limited ]
  18. I recieved mine the same Saturday that you posted this message 10-13. Hope this helps<P>Dan
  19. Im very lucky, my Buick is in great condition, and actually only needs 1 item. Classic Buick has that item in stock & on the shelf....I cant have it !!!!! Its a $3.50 jack instruction sticker for my Electra, I was perfectly willing to pay the $7.00 shipping for the $3.50 part but they wont fill an order under $10.00 so now I cant have my jack sheet until I break something else!!!. Sorry I needed to *itch , I apologise<P>Dan
  20. Funny you should mention Caddy wagons, there is an alley that runs between the back of my house and the next street over and a few garages down from mine on the other side of the alley there are 2 Cadillac wagons in this garage. they are each buried under a ton of stuff and havent been out in years , the 71 is maroon with a black vinyl top and has a blown motor, the 72 is green with a tan vinyl top it kinda reminds you of the Ford Eddie Bauer green & tan, this car just needs an Exhaust manifold. The owner wont part with them and wont fix them ....what a waste. I have a friend who would kill to get one of these cars .....Id be willing to bet they probably have the clamshells too<P><BR>Dan
  21. Thank You Mike and Nancy !<P><BR>Dan
  22. My BCA# 37463 I joined in march of last year, Id just like my window sticker & memebership card before my dues come due again<P>Dan
  23. I have 2 nice cars My first pride & joy is my 77 Electra Limited 2dr That I bought for $700.00 at an estate sale. The really interesting part about this car is we share a past together. As I was cleaning out some of the things the Buick had accumulated while its original owner was still alive , I found something in the glovebox that absolutely floored me.On a piece of notebook paper I saw My name , My Fathers adress& phone number, a license plate number for a car long gone & an insurance policy number.I had been involved in an accident with this car in 1984. I remember it was not a serious accident , the Buicks late owner had crossed the yellow line to go around a delivery truck and didnt see me coming the other way, I was unable to stop in time and caught the Electra on the left corner of the rear bumper and just cleanly removed it from the car causing no damage to my own car. Well we argued back and forth over who was at fault and finally each agreed to fix our own cars( which was okay with me .... my car was a beater anyway ). I never imagined that 16 years later I would end up owning BOTH cars that had been in the accident. I hope the second meeting with the Buick goes better than the first.<P>I also own a 1972 Dodge Dart<BR>And my everyday driver is an exceptionally beat up 79 GMC truck<BR>If you would like to see my cars they are in the readers picture section of <A HREF="http://www.highperformancemopar.com" TARGET=_blank>www.highperformancemopar.com</A> <BR>Now how I got a Buick on a Mopar web site is such a big secret I dont even know <P>Dan<p>[ 09-20-2001: Message edited by: Dans 77 Limited ]
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