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  1. Just saw this post and just have to jump in. Im a driver.......its what I love about the old car hobby. I love caravaning , I have many friends with a large variety of cars and seeing them all driving down the road is a great sight. But to a certain degree I get the trailering thing. Some of my friends cars are heavily built and driving them great distances is neither healthy for the car or economical......so they trailer.Several years ago I trailered a 72 Dart that I owned to Carlisle for the Mopar show.....and I have to admit I had fun.I pulled into the Mopar show driving a Dodge Ram dually....with a trailered Dart on the back and a 340-4 speed combo lashed down in the bed and I felt like I was home ....there was no way I wasnt a serious Mopar guy . So I get that aspect too,however when I go this year in one of the Buicks (hopefully the LeSabre) I will be driving Dan
  2. Bought another Buick today.......and while I will never match the deal I got on my 77 , I think I did pretty good. Its a 1975 Lesabre convertible. New top with glass back window. Solid body,54K milage, fair paint, dent in the bottom of the passenger door. Ive been told it has a 455 in it and the VIN code backs it up , but Im not sure. For one thing .....not to pick on the Buick........but honestly my 455 powered 73 Grandville will run circles around the Buick. The motor in the Buick looks more like a 350 to me and feels more like a 350 to my right foot. The car is well optioned A/C, power windows,speed alert, outside thermometer,delay wipers,power trunk release, rear window defroster and trip odometer.Im not sure what the original radio was since it now has a busted aftermarket radio in it now. Its light blue with a white and blue interior and a black top. So that now gives me 3 blue Buicks. Now I have to sell my Pontiac but I think for what I paid it was worth it. So now once again all my old cars are Buicks Dan
  3. Dont really know just yet . I spoke with the owners wife today and he is supposed to call me tonight. I know he wants it out of his garage so he can put his early 90s Vette in the space.It does need some work , theres some rust on the front bumper and the plastic around the right taillight is busted, plus all the issues of sitting almost 30 years, but the rest of it is just dusty, but Im really hoping to score this thing cheap!!!! Getting the Electra for the steal that I did has made me notoriously cheap. Dan
  4. I stumbled across a 1976 Riviera S/R today. I didnt even know Buick made these. From what info Ive been able to gather it was a package ....not a seperate model. As if that wasnt interesting enough its been in a garage since apparently 1989 its for sale !!!!!!Im tempted. I wasnt expecting to run across something like this while working so I didnt have my camera on me to take pictures but under the 20+ years of dust it appears to be sequoia cream with a red console interior a stainless steel band on the roof a white landau top and rally wheels. From what Ive been able to gather they all came with 455s. There was too much stuff on the hood for me to get a peak , but the car looks very clean and the interior looks immaculate. The owner is supposed to call me about buying it tonight . This may be something worth looking into. Dan
  5. Found one today ......and its a garage find.......and its for sale! I have never seen one before today and didnt even know what it was. This one has been sitting (at least according to the inspection stickers)in the garage since 1989. It is cream with a beautiful red interior, stainless steel band on the roof and what appears to be a white landau top. The body is clean but its kind of hard to tell cause the car is behind 23 years of accumulated junk. It looks like it has the original tires. I wasnt prepared for this (actually I was working)so I dont have any pics. But I am thinking about buying it if the price is right. If it is as appears, a solid rust free car thats been sitting....any idea what its worth ? Oh I guess I should specify.....its an S/R. Weird that I should find one (especially when I didnt even know they existed)and heres a post talking about one on the other side of the state that sounds very very similar to this one. Dan
  6. Keith,I tracked this guy down(after,like you, Ive spotted this car ) ...he lives in my old neighborhood and I probably see this car 5-6 times a week,talk about torture. Sadly he plans on driving this car all winter long and in fact wanted to know if I was interested in selling the snow tires that were on mine when I bought it. Its a PA vietnam vet plate. What a shame ....it really is a pretty car. I think he works on smallman st in the strip. Dan
  7. Another thing Ive learned the hard way . NEVER EVER EVER unhook your boat trailer on a hill. Thats a lesson thats stayed with me for over 20 years now. Dan
  8. Or for that matter your 18 month old son sitting on your lap in your built up 454 powered 100+ MPH balls to the wall wreck chaser tow truck. You would not believe how fast he threw that truck into reverse.Luckily I was backed up against a wall to begin with. Had his first accident before he was out of diapers:eek: Dan
  9. Never ignore your neighbor when they are yelling thru your front door "Excuse me but did you know your truck is on fire ?" Dan
  10. Lots of cool cars in my family.My uncle Chuck had a 65 Chrysler 300 L and an 85 New Yorker Turbo that talked to him....he said about 2 weeks after he bought it he wished it would shut up. My Uncle Joe had a 64 Chrysler 300 K. My Aunt Helen had an old forward look Mopar with big tailfins that was painted pink and she called it "Phineas". She also owned the 70 Impala hot rod that was supposed to be my 1st car before her son totaled it for me. And last but not least a 73 Caprice with a factory equipped solid lifter 454 that I begged her for but she wouldnt let me have it. I think my parents may have had some influence on that decision. My cousin Jimmy had the coolest 66 396 Caprice when I was a kid. My cousin Joey (the Impala totaler) had a 66 Charger, a 69 Corvair convertible and a 67 Sportwagon. My uncle Larry (Bud to us) had a 396 powered 68 Impala fastback painted hemi orange( I think the original color was white.....but it looked good in mopar colors) And for the Buick guys not only did my cousin Joey have the sportwagon, there was also Uncle Tom. He was strictly a Buick guy.The two that stick out in my mind the most were his 66 Wildcat and his 75 LeSabre. Between the Dugans ,The Hummels and the Georges my family had a lot of great cars. Dan
  11. This happened to my brother in law.He owns a really nice 70 Monte Carlo. Somebody lifted the pictures off of his car domain site and put up a phony ad on Ebay. One of his friends in the first gen Monte Carlo club saw it and warned him.I dont know if the guy was caught or not. Buyer (and for that matter car owner) beware. I do very little on Ebay anymore, they insist on me having paypal and I insist on not having paypal. I use US postal service money orders to pay for items , as much for the sellers protection as my own, and if they are not acceptable to the seller, then I guess they really dont need to sell the item. Dan
  12. I have one Id be willing to part with, but to tell the truth ....mines kind of tired looking too. Dan
  13. And here I was thinking either my wife or my son had opened it up and read it before I got home from work. Dan
  14. Sounds like intake manifold gaskets to me. My 2002 Impala did the same thing. Dan
  15. And under the right circumstances (ask me about club dues ) I can be capable of accomplishing both talents. Welcome aboard. Dan
  16. Nice truck Sid. However unlike the other guys I think the wheel looks great in there, Im not sure Id change a thing. The wheel just looks like the kind of wheel you would find in a hotrod truck. Granted a nailhead would be nice, but its kind of like seeing a 32 Ford with a Hemi or a chevy engine it ....... it works but it just doesnt seem kosher. Still its a beautiful truck and most importantly its YOUR beautiful truck so if you want a nailhead in it ..... it shall have a nailhead in it. And the best part is ... it will still be a beautiful truck Dan
  17. What a nice car. One of my first Buick memeories is of my late uncle Toms 66 Buick. To be perfectly honest I cant remember if it was a LeSabre or a Wildcat, but I think it was a Wildcat. It was a 4 door with a white painted roof and was mint green instead of the blue of your friends car. But this car is probably the closest match to my uncles car that Ive seen in almost 30 years, and that car was my introduction to Buicks and I have to admit I was kind of sad when my uncle traded it in on his 75 LeSabre. Sounds like you had a great day and Ive been reminded of a good memory. Dan
  18. I couldnt agree more , Ken is a class act and one of the first people I turn to when I need Buick parts. Sorry to hear about no more website , but it does give you the chance to speak to Ken Dan
  19. Ill fix the Jeep later, the truck only has a dead battery and a low tire, I can do this and still make it to work by 8:00. 4 hours, bent vise grips, a broken hammer and ticked off boss later at least the new battery was in.It took less time to change the water pump in the Jeep than it did to change the battery in the pickup Dan
  20. Oh Im sure I could get an unpaid day off . But you have to make any time off request 2 weeks in advance and with the weather being as unpredictable as it has been lately, I could end up with a lot of unpaid days off . So I just sucked it up and drove her in the rain. I looked in on her the other day and even though it does need a bath its not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Dan
  21. To slightly update my list. I no longer own the 2002 Chevy Impala, it has been replaced by my 01 Cherokee sport. And somewhere in the list around the time of the tow trucks there is a 1981 Plymouth Reliant that I somehow (gasp!) forgot bout . Dan
  22. Yesterday was the only paid day off Im getting until labor day. So I needed to take the Buick to the local paint store to get some paint matched up for my new bumper filler for the back. The problem ? It rained like the return of the great flood. It broke my heart to take the old girl out in the rain yesterday , but if I want it looking good for the summer ..... oh well!!! I guess whenever the constant rain around here quits Ill clean it up again , but for now it sits dirty, wet and unloved looking in my garage. At least I got to drive it a little anyway...... and hey the windshield wipers still work like new !!! Dan
  23. I can honestly say the top was shot on my Grandville when I bought it 3 years ago and I still havent fixed it yet. It needs a front bow new side cables and new canvas. But it still goes up and down whenever I need it to. You just have to be careful. And having had other convertibles and knowing others who are knowledgable about convertibles ........ you should always be careful anyway. Checking to make sure the top is folding correctly and tucking into the well correctly should be standard operating procedure for ANY convertible owner, not just scissor top owners. I mean hey its your money do you really want to spend it just because you were too lazy to get out and inspect how your top looks at about the half way point ? I dont , I know that . Even after my top is repaired Im not going to put it up or down any differently than I do now. Dan
  24. I did take the Electra to the chapter meeting last night. All I had to do was hook the battery up and turn the key. She needed a quart of trans fluid and the left front tire aired up a bit but other than that she ran like Ive driven her everyday....... the car just amazes me . Dan
  25. Spring made a very brief appearance. And Im probably going to get blackballed for saying this but the day spring showed up ......... I drove the Pontiac :eek: Im sorry ..... I do love my Buick ........... but the Pontiac can do things that the Buick just cant . Its got these wonderfully loud mufflers that would in all actuality be just plain silly on the Buick. Its also got this strange switch on the dashboard that when you press it in combination with a few other steps ...... makes the roof disappear. And since it was my new Peruvian friends first experience with old american cars ......it seemed neccesary to initiate them in a tire frying obnoxiously loud convertible. However in my defense .... its a little cold this evening but it doesnt seem like its going to rain, so Im probably going to take the Electra to my chapter meeting tonight...... and I did pick up new tires for the Skylark today. Dan
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