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  1. I have not heard any updates. Thanks for everyone's interest.
  2. Thanks John, Do you by chance have any contact info for them?
  3. Thanks Gary. I'm not a member of POCI.
  4. I just received word that a 1915 Oakland has been stolen out of Ohio. Stolen out of a storage unit. Blue with black fenders, see pictures below.
  5. just received a report of a stolen 1915 Oakland from Ohio. Stolen out of a storage unit. The car is blue with black fenders. Car is pictured below. I Thanks
  6. Ken, I don't know anything about a 23 Buick, but my 25 Oakland is 6'-4" from floor to top of roof. No problem with getting it through a standard garage door, but if your car is that tall and you have or get an enclosed trailer, you need to get one that has a little extra height and the door is taller than the standard height. I believe that most standard height enclosed trailers only have a door opening that is 6'-2". HTH
  7. It has never been about winning trophies for my wife and I. We usually get a real good reception from the crowd, especially some of the more senior spectators who tell us that they learned to drive in a car just like it. We really enjoy being able to show people what a car from that period looks like in its unrestored condition. It's not a rust bucket by any means, but there are bare spots where the paint has worn off, a few small dinges and the paint is faded, but not many people get to see the original factory paint, interior, etc and that does make it something special. We don't expect to win awards for the car, but I guess it was more the fact that the judges basically told us that our car wasn't "worthy" of an award and that they would rather pull a car from a different class than actually have to give our car the award. It was almost like our car wasn't good enough to be at their show.
  8. My experience with Original vs Restored. My wife and I took our 1925 Oakland to a car show last spring (not AACA sanctioned). Our car is about 95% original. Not the prettiest thing to be seen, but it is pretty much all original. The car show is by invitation only. We were the only car entered in the 1920's Class. When it came time for the awards, the 1920's Class trophy was given to a 1929 Nash that was entered in the Hot Rod Class. I guess our car just wasn't pretty enough to get a trophy. We won't be going back to that show again.
  9. For a 1925 Oakland, should the head on the engine be retorqued after the break-in period with the engine hot or cold?:confused: Thanks
  10. My Oakland 6-54B Sedan has solid steel wheels with five lug bolts on a 3-1/2" radius with 4" from center of bolt to center of adjacent bolt. I don't know if it is the same bolt pattern as on the opera coupe that you have. Hope this helps.
  11. ac63corvette, I have a 1925 Oakland Sedan. I will try to remember to measure the bolt pattern tonight when I get home and reply to you tomorrow.
  12. Thanks Mike. That info will certainly help. Any additional info would be greatly appreciated. Ed
  13. It is on my 1925 Oakland. Just having a few plugging issues and want to make sure I understand exactly how the carburetor operates. I'm kind of anal that way.
  14. Does anyone have a cut sheet for a Stromberg OE-1 carburetor? Thanks for any help.
  15. Please keep us informed of where you are finally able to locate the rings. I may need some for my '25 Oakland 6-54B. Thanks, Ed
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