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  1. It could also be '46, '42 or even older. It is not correct for 1948. There are two sizes for the various series. Howard Purvis
  2. Starter motor issues are a common problem with age and mileage. Repair may be beyond what most enthusiasts want to tackle, but disassembly, testing and evaluation are straightforward. A reliable auto/electrical technician can evaluate and advise.
  3. It's very straightforward. You drive it out, which is simple with the right driver, then you drive a new one in
  4. Adam, Maybe I should have added that all '49 50 and 70 series cars had hydraulic lifters. The 40 series - carryovers from 1948 - had mechanical lifters. Howard
  5. As Aaron states, the ball studs are different. The valve springs, push rods, rocker arms, camshaft and oil filter are as well. Hydraulic lifters appeared first in 1948 on series 70 cars equipped with Dynaflow beginning with engine number 5192694. Series 70 engines with Dynaflow up to engine number 5192693 had mechanical lifters. These things are not easy to see. But other differences are: Hydraulic lifter engines had red lettering on the decals on the valve cover; those with mechanical lifters are lettered in black. And a small sticker randomly placed on the top of the valve cover reads, "This Engine Equipped With Hydraulic Lifters." Finally, stickers on the oil filter specify different filter cartridges for each system. Hydraulic lifter engines require AC 127; mechanical lifter engines take 115.
  6. Sequoia Cream was a standard factory color for 1939. Howard Purvis
  7. Richard, The grilles for all '47 and '48 models are the same. Howard Purvis
  8. Gary, I just noticed an error I made yesterday: I should have written ". . . '39 and up" instead of "36 and up." Howard
  9. Gary, I don't have one, but the numbers I gave are from a Master Chassis Parts Book for a '38 Roadmaster. The numbers are the same for '37 and '38 but different from '36 and up. Howard
  10. Gary, Yoke, transmission gear, second and third shifter, 1937-38, 60, 80, 90 series: Group no. 4.303, part no. 1394477. Howard Purvis
  11. Insert rod bearings replaced babbit bearings and shims early in the 1949 model year. Thereafter, bearing replacement required rod replacement as well. It is therefore possible to find both types in the same engine. The 263 cid engine first appeared in 50 series models in 1950. Howard Purvis
  12. Dave, You're right on the money. My Master Parts Book says exactly the same thing. But then I looked at the judge's manual. . . and reread the question. HP
  13. The name of the optional color you are looking for is Dante Red. It is matched with French White pinstriping. Howard Purvis
  14. There is wood in the doors through 1940 which serves only as a sound deadener. Howard Purvis
  15. If the car has a manual transmission, it is a 248 engine with mechanical lifters. Howard Purvis
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