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  1. Wanted: Looking for someone who would like to sell their snap on wheel puller (part # 4567) and yet does not want to retire on the proceeds of the sale. Thanks Geoff
  2. I often lament over past times and the desire to turn back the clock to the earlier / simpler days. Then reality reminds me that with turning back the clock I would also loose such advancements that would have been considered miracles back then. Think medical, think social, think technological etc.... Frankly, given such advancements many of us wouldn't be around to have a chat... Now if I could time travel and take stuff back and forth with me.....
  3. Steve: Thanks I knew the value. And I am shocked there is no serious interest. I just wanted to pass this along to another Packardite for what I paid for it - as it was no good to me. Next stop e-bay. Now if I could only get rid of all that old Ford literature. It's super cheap too (see my old add if interested...) Geoff
  4. I have what I believe is a 1935 owners manual. Good condition. I bought it sight unseen from someone who told me it was a 1930 manual. For sale for what I bought it for - $10 plus shipping. Better to move it along than have it collect dust here. Geoff
  5. Sorry I should have updated this one earlier. Larry is correct. By the time I had to take care of some personal business, I was forced to bite the bullet and drive down to pick it up myself. It was a nice fall drive from Ontario to Pennsylvania and back in a day and a half. Thank for the info. And a special thanks to Larry for the kind offer of picking it up. I am sorry I couldn't work it out on this end. Geoff
  6. I have purchased an engine which is sitting at a house in central Pennsylvania at the moment. I need it moved toward Detroit. Does anyone have any experience with any companies (people ) that will crate and ship an engine? I want this done responsibly. I can pick it up myself, but I am wondering about alternatives. Any leads are appreciated. Geoff
  7. Late 20's Packard. But don't hold me to that....
  8. Last bump. Please someone get them before something drastic happens......
  9. Bump - Still looking for good home. Here's a more complete list of inventory - price is negotiable (but not too negotiable) 1970 truck parts and illustrations - 3 volumes 1964 car parts and illustrations - 1 volume 1962-1964 car parts and illustrations - 1 volume 1961-1964 truck parts and illustrations - 1 volume 1949-1961 car parts and illustrations -2 volumes 1968 car parts and illustrations - 1 volume 1948-1960 truck parts and illustrations - 2 volumes 1965 truck parts and illustrations - 1 volume 1965-1967 car parts and illustrations 1961-1962 truck parts and illustrations - 1 volume 1965 car parts and illustrations - 1 volume technical training bulletins - monthly from 1962-1963 - various not entirley sequential truck interchange manual - 1960's??? registered technician handbooks early 1960s - 14 units all different a number of odds and sods I guess mainly from the 1970's - catalogues covering such things as bearings numbers, lights, etc etc. - maybe 15 of them most come in their original Ford expandable binders - some in good condition, some, well not so good. Goff
  10. I've read all this and now have a complex that I have a lowly '31 standard eight coupe.....
  11. I for one was thrilled to see the first photo. That was one of the only ones in the 'What is it forum' I could identify!!
  12. 1956Packard

    1931 Rods

    Owen_Dyneto I have PM'd you. Thanks Geoff