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  1. Yea, the current one is a 64 Chevy Impala SS hard top. It had been here for years in pieces, My age is 78 and I thought I better start getting it all in one piece. I took the easy route on another project and sold it to a younger, more ambitious guy. He is happy and so am I. Curt Washington, WV
  2. I had to replace all the wood (except some of the wood in the doors) in my 1930 Buick model 57. The only plywood that I found was the roof slats. These strips were about 1/4 Inch thick by 2 inches wide. I was able to salvage the wood in the doors by saturating it with liquid epoxy. The floor pans were metal in the Buick. Good luck. Curt
  3. Hi. You may want to read the artical installing a gv unit in a Chrysler. It was in the latest issue of Cars and Parts. I have been mulling over installing a Truckstell overdrive in my 42 Chevy. My dad bought the car new, and considered buying an OD unit from the Chevy dealer, but money was short, and it didn't happen. I have had one of the od transmissions for several years, but just didn't get started on the job. Of course you know that the drive shaft, and it is torque tube drive in the chevy. has to be shortened. This is covered in the cars and parts artical. Good luck. Curt
  4. I met a friend at a car show that was carrying an extra lead-acid 6 v battery in the trunk of his nice but hard starting Chrysler woodie. I recommended a 6 V Optima battery to him. They are pricy, but are light, put out gobs of cranking power, and can lay in any position. good luck, curt
  5. This is the die cast casting that clamps to the column in the engine compartment near the firewall. The rod from the gear shifter goes down through it, and the two shift levers stick out of the side. Mine is broke. Any one have one for sale or can tell me who might sell them? I hate to do a JB weld job on the broken one! Any help is appreciated. Curt
  6. I guess I shouldn't even mention it, but you did wire them in parallel not series? Just a thought. Also how about the wire size? Good luck. Curt
  7. I guess you are luckier than I as I have not got my 48 on the road yet. I believe I would start by bleeding the brakes again. Then I would try to see if the master cylinder was going back far enough to bleed back to the reservoir. Talk about luck, I was needing my master cylinder repaired, but first, I always check what is available locally. Advance Auto (parts) had a new rebuilt master cylinder in stock for under $50.00 exchange. It looked super on the outside, but I was suspecious, even wondered if it had been overhauled. I took it apart and it looked super on the inside too. good luck. Cur
  8. I read your post today. I went out to see what it looked like on my 1941 Century 4-Door. Not much help here, because the century only used one support. I would guess your car must have a larger deck lid if it needed two supports. Happy motoring. Curt
  9. The aluminum trim on the 77 Chevy is kinda spotted, or just plain dull. What works best to help the appearance of this trim? Thanks, Curt
  10. I just got a 77 Caprice and it needs a filler piece between the rear bumper and the rear of the body. Is it a one piece part or in pieces? Who might sell them? Thanks for any help. Curt
  11. The item I had the question on was a Stutz RA Mascot used from about 1926 to 1935. Sorry I never got the picture online. Curt
  12. Sorry, I did not see how to add the picture.
  13. I should be able to remember what car used this mascot. I guess I need to ask for help with this one. Thanks Curt
  14. I need a left (driver's side) vent window regulator for my 1942 Chevrolet. It is part number 4099412 for closed cars. Does anyone have one for sale or can you tell me what other GM cars used the same regulator? Any and all help appreciated. Thanks and have a happy 2007. Curt
  15. What fluid do you guys with the experiance use for the top and window hydraulic fluid system? Thanks. Curt
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