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  1. My faint memory of seeing Flynn in his 1941 Packard convertible is not of a Clipper but the senior Packard, a 160 or 180.
  2. I read the notice in the Packard publication and called the CCCA number. The gentlemen who answered was very helpful. My concern was the detergents in the oil. I inquired if this oil would be safe in an engine that had used non-detergent oil for years but had a recently cleaned out oil pan. He didn't trust his own judgement, so checked with those he considered more knowledgeable and called back a day or so later. The consensus was that it would be fine in a newly rebuilt old engine, but not recommended for one only partially cleaned up. I'm using 15W-40 Shell diesel oil in my older cars
  3. Big Kev - Please relieve my ignorance. You mentioned cleaning metal with a "D/A". What is that?
  4. Speedster - As with all the others, I'm sorry to hear of your bad luck. A stroke is never fun. You might want to read two books dealing with strokes and their treatment. "Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (Neubauer and Walker)" and "Stroke: Recovery with Oxygen" by Polly Houston - Both books deal with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It isn't common, it isn't effective 100% of the time, but it has been effective in many instances. Good reading and good luck. Regards, Bernardi
  5. I learned to drive on a Model A Ford. There were no synchronized gears, so double clutching was a habit. The idea is to get the various gears rotating so that they engage without "clashing". Later, the shift from first to second and second to third in most cars was synchronized. From neutral to first or neutrel to reverse was not. Shifting to either of those gears while the car was rolling was noisy. So far as I know, double clutching is one of those things that never does harm, and in older cars definitely helps.
  6. Let us all leave the heated arguments and innunendos to the politicians. They practice more, are better at it and seem to enjoy it. I don't. Bernardi
  7. Tbirdman - Some people are blessed with beautiful cars. You are one of them.
  8. I can't give you any dimensions, but I can say that is a kit is developed, I'd be very interested if the price is right. Bernardi
  9. HH56 and B.H. - Thanks for the input. I expect to make either Parts-A-Rama or Hershey next year, maybe even both. Haven't been to either in several years, so I'm due.
  10. What price range and brand of fire extinguisher do you recommend? The cut-off switches I've seen only work from under the hood. Are any made that work from the driver's seat? If there were a problem,the car would be burned up by the time the driver got out, opened the hood and did the disconnect.
  11. Thata ship is a lot more complicated than my airplane! Wow!
  12. Let me add encouragement, too. I haven't put as many hours into restoration as you, but there have been lots of frustrations. Taking a break before attacking a vexing problem usually yields good results. The ship model sounds interesting. I'm about to attack an RC airplane model.
  13. I admire your persistence and your skill. That is really bringing one "back from the dead"! That also makes me humble - the work on my cars pales in comparison.
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