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    electrical thoughts

    If you need more than 7 amps for you 12 volt accessories just use two (2) converters. At one time I had three on my Pontiac at the same time and they and the accessories worked fine. I found that some electrical products to not list how much they draw, and many places will not refund on opened boxes. Simple solution was to insist that they open the box and connect it up so I/we could see the draw, otherwise I went elsewhere. I never had to ask twice.
  2. Tinindian

    '54 Pontiac windshield washer switch and system

    Do you want total originality or would like to have period washers. My '53 Buick (Pontiac's big sister) had the jar on the firewall and the nozzels as part of the wiper mount. Rather than engine vacuum or and electric pump there was a foot operated bulb on the floor between the clutch and brake pedal. It was similar to this picture but more like one half of a ball with one line in and one line out. Just a thought for something you may never have seen.
  3. Tinindian

    Glass Replacement

    You remove the window reveals and the door trim panel. With the lowed chanel unhooked from the window regulator you just lift the glass and channel out. You can use an ice pick to remove the door handle clips or else buy this tool. Beware that the clips are in two sizes an d in the twenties and early thirties they used the smaller clip. So you need the tool with the narrower opening.
  4. Tinindian

    V-8 with horizontal valves?

    The "synchronizer" is on the right on Oakland engines and on the left for Pontiac. The engine in the picture is therefore an Oakland engine as is obvious in the first picture right front corner.. Even replacing a head gasket would be difficult with the angle.
  5. Tinindian

    What does original mean?

    What a beautiful 90% original Packard. Is that an 11 series?
  6. Tinindian

    V-8 with horizontal valves?

    I would have to look up which is which but the connection from the frame to the balance shaft is on the opposite side depending whether it is an Oakland or a Pontiac.
  7. Tinindian

    32 Plymouth PB4

    You should set the tappets with the engine idling at operating temperature. You could run the engine hot, turn it off set two valves, start it and get it hot again and over and over. Setting the valves cold would only be done to get the engine running so you could do a final hot adjustment in this case you could add .003" to the settings. It is obvious that the exhaust valves are in line with the exhaust ports, likewise the intakes and the intake ports. These are easy to do hot...after the first ten or fifteen times. Good luck with your project.
  8. Tinindian

    What does original mean?

    The OP asked almost what I was thinking. Another question compares an assembled car to a built car. I assume Ford (after the Rouge Plant) was the first to build a car. All the rest and all cars today are assembled?? Does anybody build a car with their own components. What is original. When I worked for Penner Dodge in Winnipeg (1963) we had a new Dodge come off the train, on to a transport and off on our lot. There were picture taken and I sure wish I had them today. V8 with two different makes of spark plugs in three heat ranges. If that specific car were restored today it would have to have the same combination of plugs to be "restored to original" even though that may have been the only one of it kind. How do any of us know (for sure, without any reasonable doubt) what was original eighty, ninety or one hundred years ago for any specific car,
  9. Tinindian

    Glass channel needed

    All our local automotive glass shops stock this type of channel. Cut to length and notch as required. I have had two of my Pontiac channels replaced in the last thirty years.
  10. Tinindian

    Get it before the butchers do

    It sure looks to have six (6) spark plugs.
  11. Tinindian

    The next generation and keeping it in the family

    I agree with keiser31. It really does get awkward. We have two sons, one with schizophrenia who is one step from supervised housing (24-36 months wait list) and his younger brother. Neither have any interest in our family heirlooms. In fact my youngest son would give my Pontiac to a museum (if he could find one to take it) and would have an auction house empty the house including Grandparents and great-grandparents furniture and personal things. I have told him not to feel any obligation to keep anything and now am wondering if I should liquidate all the personal items. I guess all things have to come to an end.
  12. Tinindian

    What is the story on this one..

    I think it is the most beautiful Frazer I have ever seen.
  13. Tinindian

    Help ID year Cadillac?

    It looks like a toque with a tassel draped over the fin.
  14. Tinindian

    1917 Model T "Sears drivers training car"

    It certainly could have been a "parade" car used in the mid fifties. My phone number in 1947 was 21-708 (had been my Grand parents number since 1928). We move and our new number was 74-3723, in 1956 the number became SPruce 4-3723 which later was written as 774-3723. Neat old car.
  15. Tinindian

    Engine Crank Handle

    I would certainly make one when there is a pattern available. You might never find one.
  16. Tinindian

    Oil pressure line removal

    You are not going to hurt anything by disconnecting the line.
  17. Tinindian

    1925 Chandler Cleveland Six

    I am no authority on Chandler vehicles. It starts, drives and stops so that is worth $5000.00 The interior looks nice, if it is done and can be proven as original thats another $5000.00. It could be driven and shown as is but would require six or seven thousand for paint, four thousand for bright work a thousand for tires and another two thousand for incidentals. That is over 20,000.00 for a 40-45 mph car that would be worth maybe 15,000.00. Personally I would ask seven thousand and take the first four thousand + offer I got. That is IF you want to SELL it. There is a very nice completed 1929 Chandler in Hemmings for $34,5000.00 on a car that cost $80,000.00 to restore. Unless a person had a specific need/desire for a 1925 Chandler the 1929 is at least five times more desirable especially since it is a 50-55 mph vehicle. IMHO Good luck with your sale.
  18. There are extractors/pullers made specifically for pilot bushings. Sometimes you can fill the bushing with grease and then inset a dowel wood or steel and hit on the endith with a big hammer. The grease will usually fill the space ahead of the bushing and push it out of the flywheel.
  19. Tinindian

    Need help identifying this car only picture I have

    Wheels and wedges are NOT "Jaxon" might be a hint as that eliminates GM Products.
  20. Tinindian

    1936 Buick gauge cluster lighting

    They will be brighter and have a very short life with the higher voltage. Basic physics.
  21. Tinindian

    Engine Crank Handle

    Lots of crank handles are interchangeable. Someone may have one that would work but would have no idea. We (non Rockne hobbyists) would need toknow the type od nut that the crank goes into or over. Also the diameter of the hole in the nut or the outside diameter if the crank fits over the nut. Length is also important. Search on line for illustrations of cranks to see how many differences there are. give us a hint with a drawing or picture. Someone here will have one that will work.
  22. I once worked in a brand new GM Dealership. There was always discussions at the fiscal year end that they made money but nothing like the business plan. Finally someone looked over the business plan and discovered that 7x20 was the calculated space for shop stalls in the mechanical and body shops. Obviously it takes at least a third more space to work on a car than to park it. As the GPS person says re-calculate. Once this was done all was well. Needles to say the next few new dealerships had a different architect.
  23. Since your original problem was overheating NOW is the time to knock out all the core plugs and clean out the water passages. I personally would use all new pistons, pins and rings after the block was bored/honed to a specific oversize. Make sure to have the rods aligned, new bearings would not hurt either.
  24. Tinindian


    Thanks for the information/help. No problems at all when I use Google or Duck duck go. I uninstalled Bing as it would not let me change the settings. Then I kept getting Microsoft update dialogue boxes. I let Microsoft update and only use Google as a browser now. I also deleted all the one note and quick access stuff.
  25. I have always had my computers set for "NO Notifications" period. All of a sudden now I get a "footer" dialogue box that says aaca wants to send me notifications. I don't want any body's notifications and have set my computer that way. When I "X" out the box it keeps coming back. I find it very annoying.