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  1. Could you bore a hole lengthwise in the vane and fill it with lead. Would the added weight be enough to ensure that the vane followed the contour of the body tightly?
  2. I would suggest the sedan in question is '29 or '30 going by the line of the front fender and the angle of the spare tire.
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    This was posted on the AmeriCar site, comments about marriage and divorce but nothing about the car. I wonder what it is. Thanks.
  5. My Pontiac, that my Grandfather bought new had the original top when I started driving it. The material was smooth, just like the picture of the material on your Cadillac. I could not find any material similar from auto suppliers so used "oilcloth" like you would buy to use as a tablecloth on an outdoor table. Looked the same as the original and stretched into place just fine. The original lasted 30 years (car was outside only when being driven), the oilcloth lasted 25 years (outside 12+ hours every day in all types of weather. The third top was oilcloth again and has lasted 34 years and needs to be replaces now. I also owned four other 20's Pontiac's that looked to be original and they all has smooth material on the tops.
  6. On the bottom left when you are replying there is a paper clip, reduce the size of your desktop page so you can click and drag your picture here, or click on choose file browse on your computer until you find the picture you want and then click open. easy peasy.
  7. Why would you want to do that. 6 volts worked fine for 66 years. If you have starting problems, fix it properly.
  8. Best place in North America, let them install the linings. https://fortwayneclutch.com/
  9. Obviously they don't know S*** from shinola. The * tells you that the threads are 18 MM and the 6 is the heat range. If it were my engine I would use NGK AB-6 plugs. When I used AC or Champion plugs I had to clean and re-gap them at 5,000 miles and replace them at 10,000. When I was driving almost 1,000 miles a month that was a lot of bother. Since I have changed to NGK, I just replace them about every 20,000 miles and have been doing so for over 300,000 miles. By the way I found the plugs in stock at the local Porsche Dealer at almost half price compared to NAPA.
  10. Read tis companies information, everything you need to know but were afraid to ask. https://www.thebrassworks.net/
  11. Best is a hammer, rap each tire every stop. If one doesn't ring true an old fashioned hand held tire gauge is foolproof.
  12. Hemmings for sale on line is easy to see but even having one copy of the whole book is an eye opener. https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale Good luck in your transition.
  13. Looks just like a multi disc clutch that were used in many vehicles. If I were doing a repower again I would do the complete engine and transmission. Much easier to find a complete matched unit.
  14. Bill Cartwright does very good work. If you can't install the "kit" yourself labour will likely cost you two or three times the cost of the kit.