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  1. Tinindian

    1949 Buick Road Master model 70 starter issue?

    How strong is your battery. Sometimes if it is even slightly low the starter will draw so much current that the coil doesn't always fire.
  2. Tinindian

    Noob level brass era T Model Ford ID

    Thank you trimacar . I am just catching on to the "modern" three letter spelling and this was my lesson for today.
  3. Tinindian

    Noob level brass era T Model Ford ID

  4. I had one of those trailers with a watertight box on it. Towed beautiful behind my Pontiac and my modern north american cars but sure gave my 72 Toyota Corolla on a winding road.
  5. Tinindian

    Car Vending Machine 7 stories tall in Indiana

    You get a smaller caterpillar bulldozer.
  6. Tinindian

    Help with my 51 Chevy Wagon

    Welcome to the forums. You should scroll down past technical, Buick, CCCA, Ford and Chrysler. Then comes GM products and there is a section for Chevrolet. Every one here would love to see pictures.
  7. Tinindian

    Air cleaner size

    Just for an example here is a picture of my carb with the flame arrester. The carb throat is 1 7/8", the deflector is 4 1/2" diameter and 2" deep, the neck that goes to the carb is 1 1/2" long. My engine is 200 ci 60 hp @3200. Maybe you can upscale from this. Some others that I have seen are like a tin can with louvers all around.
  8. Tinindian

    What might this be ?

    I don't think bungee cords would be period correct.
  9. Tinindian

    Air cleaner size

    It possibly originally came with a flame arrester not an air cleaner as such.
  10. Tinindian

    Need pulley for generator

    Any auto electric shop should be able to supply one.
  11. Tinindian

    Pilot bearing lubrication

    I have always held the clutch pedal down when waiting at a light, except when I was driving a specific 1953 White tractor in 1964/65. I wasn't strong enough to depress the clutch with one foot. Pushed the pedal down with both feet and started then drove floating the gears.
  12. I had to replace the honeycomb rad in my Pontiac in 1962. The drain in the original was two tubes up from the bottom of the cross flow rad so when I Grandfather put the car away in the fall the rad didn't completely drain and the bottom was burst. The replacement radiator had the drain right at the bottom. Fifty six years and 400,000 miles later it still works as new. It has always had 50/50 antifreeze in it and I have never had to add coolant between changes (usually every two or two and a half years. I would say from my experience that the rad has the same ability to transfer heat no matter it's age.
  13. Tinindian

    Headlights 10.25" diameter

    harvest, the 5 year old in the avatar was taken in 1947, the one with the canoe was my Pontiac's blue period in the 70's and the last one is me with my Pontiac in 1997. Same person, me, same car.
  14. We sold hundreds of these in the late 50's and early 60's. GM authorized them so they must have been "rocket science engineered". Many of the mechanics doing wheel bearings didn't replace them. Nobody brought them back or complained that they didn't work or complained that they were missing.
  15. Tinindian

    crank handle identification requested

    Maybe 29/30 Chev??