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  1. These people have great products if they have what you are looking for. http://www.vintageandclassicreproductions.com/Catalogue.htm
  2. Caveat Emptor The doctrine of caveat emptor or “let the buyer beware”—is based on the notion that purchasers must fend for themselves, seeking protection by express warranties from the vendor or by independent examination of the premises. If they fail to do so, they are often without recourse.
  3. Many cars have driveshaft with constant velocity u-joints. They help eliminate vibration and a lower floor. Contrary to what many believe the CV joint can be separated and serviced like any other spicer style U-joint.
  4. Welcome to the forum, lots of help available here. If you have half as much fun with your Pontiac as I have had with mine you will have a great time.
  5. Keep pictures of everything you are looking for including casting numbers or other marks if a cast piece and ask EVERYBODY. You never know who has something that they have no idea what it is or fits. I heard some friends talking about SS Ford valves. I asked how I would know if a Ford valve was SS. They told me SS in non magnetic. It turned out I had seven of them that came in a mixed box that I had bought decades earlier. If you are asking by make model and year make sure your information is correct. Make sure the components on your car are the correct ones id you are ordering by make model and year or else know what you are replacing came from. Remember many car manufacturers bought electrical, brake, carburetor, clutch, transmission and differential assemblies from other suppliers. For example the interior parts if a Delso starter that fit a '29-'31 Pontiac also fit many WPC and other vehicles right up until they did away with the step on starter. Another example is many parts from Bob's Automobilia also fit Fisher bodies used by other GM divisions. Always know the dimensions dimension even when you have the number off the old bearing. Check prices, I needed a two row ball bearing for my differential. The only one I could find was a poor change up light duty bearing for $275.00.. My transmission and differential shop found a exact modern replacement for $135.00 including their markup. Don't start out by asking about a part by year, often putting the old part on the counter and asking for a replacement gets you a part that is in stock. I put my worn out clutch disc from my Pontiac on the GM parts counter and asked for a new one. The partsman went in the back and came back with a replacement from a mid 70's Camaro that was a perfect fit. SBC manifold to exhaust pipe seals are different looking but are a perfect fit for split head Pontiac engines. Pinto fan blades (if you drill different mounting holes) are a perfect fit for split-head Pontiac engines and are visually the same when installed. Belts: know the dimensions, length, width and Vee angle. KEEP a LOG BOOK of everything you replace, noting original number and all change ups up to the current replacement part. KEEP this book in the CAR AT ALL TIMES.
  6. Another one from AmeriCar entitled Broadway Newburgh NY back in 1926 . Nobody even queried what they were. I think from the left is a White Bus, unknown, a Ford , an unknown and a Ford. Since this is 1926 it shouldn't be necessary to say Model T.
  7. Obviously. For your convenience I have turned it over.
  8. In recent years I have used Coker Tires 525/550-19 4 ply rating 1998-2004, (45,000 miles), Insa 500-19 475-19 made in Chile 2004-2010 (40,000 miles). I couldn't get a deal from the new owners at a local tire shop, where I had taken our fleet of limousines and hearses for 30 years so I called a shop in Vancouver and had tires, tubes and flaps delivered by bus in two days. The tallest tires they had were Excelsior 525-550 x 19, 6 ply rating, max load 1332 pounds @ 32 psi. I don't drive the car as much as I used to since I retired, so with 30,000 miles here is a picture of the tread. With these tires my rpm @ 60 mph went down from 3047 to 2802 making the car quite a bit quieter.
  9. Yes with enough time and money. All connecting rod bearings, unless they have dippers, oil through the crankshaft. All ordinary engine bearings are babbitt. The difference is some babbitt is thin on a replaceable metal backing, some is thin on a cast backing usually bronze, and some is poured in the connecting rod or in the block for main bearings or camshaft bearings. The only advantage to insert bearings is how easily they may be replaced. Poured bearings in my Pontiac have always lasted in excess of 180,000 miles.
  10. Everyone that I ever spoke to about 26-32 Pontiacs said they were poor starters and couldn't be driven in the winter. I never had any trouble with mine but the always needed full choke on the fist start of the day even right down to -45 degrees. You had to be quick in opening the choke or it would flood. It would even start with the hand crank at -40.
  11. I figured the bumper was newer but never thought of Dodge. Thanks Keiser31.
  12. Wow is all I can say, thanks for the references as well.
  13. This was not identified on the Americar site.
  14. The AmeriCar site identified these cars, perhaps you folks would like to as well.