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  1. Tinindian

    K- SEAL

    The only thing that stops a head gasket leak is a new head gasket. At the same time perhaps the head needs to be planed, if not it is less than a one day job.
  2. My lead/acid batteries generally have lasted 6 to 10 years and up to twelve after I went to a alternator. This was in a 1930 car that was used daily, on average 800-1000 miles a month. Our modern car, my wife's, batteries always lasted over ten years.
  3. You need to find out what make of brakes your Studebaker has. Ford made there own brakes for a few years and all/most of the other manufacturers used specific brake companies parts such as Wagner, Bendix, Midland Steeldraulic and Huck to name a few. Wagner and Bendix had several different systems each. Once you know what system you have it greatly widens your parts base. I don't have a listing of what years, makes, models used whose system but if you could post a picture showing the shoes and springs I could probably tell you what system you have. As Steve Moskowitz said Google is your friend.
  4. "Back fire" through the carb is caused by a lean mixture. "After fire" in the muffler and some times in the exhaust pipe is caused by a rich mixture. I have no experience with a three jet Marvel, just 60 years and 500,000 miles with a two jet Marvel so can not help with adjustments. It does seem logical that the question is why/when/how does your carb go from rich to lean when the engine is running. Good luck with solving your problem.
  5. Use "print screen" sometimes says "prt sc" on key next to delete. open "paint", click on paste (top left) and then file and save as. Unless you wanted to crop the screen shot.
  6. Because they were far from home, had little or no money and old car nuts are generous to a fault.
  7. IMHO the only things wrong with this "customized Pontiac" are the Woodlites and the Chevrolet engine. I really believe the engine should match the make of the body. One of GM's biggest mistakes was to start using the same engine across make lines. Their own engines was one thing that made Pontiac, Olds, Buick and Cadillac different from a chevy.
  8. Sorry, I didn't remember that WPC was + ground/ Just connect to the coil the opposite of what I said. Probably a good change, those old coil can fail intermittently or totally any time. I don't think many people today could/would try to hot wire a vintage car. Good Luck and happy hobbying.
  9. You might get more response if you posted this under Oldsmobile Buy/Sell.
  10. I drove for years with a stick as a gas gauge. Back in the early 60's it was impossible to find King Seeley fluid, finally I discovered that Ford used the same gas gauge and fixed the gauge in the 80's. Sure easier to look a the dash rather than trying to calculate the consumption using wind, temp, time and speed. Lots of time wasted checking or stopping and filling up with 5 gallons. Once I trusted it I could drive over three and a half hours without stopping. Met less people but got farther in a day. Best one day trip was just over 600 miles.
  11. Not to belittle their epic journey. One has to take into consideration all the repairs that were done in different cities and countries by local people and shops at no charge to the family. This journey was not a trouble free example to show how easy high mile trips are taken with old cars. They spent several weeks in my hometown with free lodging while donated work was done on their engine with local people supplying the parts free.
  12. The heavy shielded wire is so the car can not be hot wired. Just remove it and the old coil. Run a hot wire from the ignition switch to the + on the coil, the - from the coil goes to the points. Easy peasy.
  13. According to the Filling Station this is the Chev spring for 1931. It is a different shape and length and con not be modified to fit. I have tried.
  14. It discharges at an idle in gear because the generator is not turning fast enough. TOTALLY NORMAL
  15. "Flame Arresters" come up on eBay often. Many different sizes.