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  1. Possibly used as a stop and turn lamp for the rear of a stake bodied truck. Perhaps loaded with tires in Akron, Ohio.
  2. "Midland Steeldraulic" Also to Midland Steeldraulic" I believe. Famous for a soft pedal with great self energizing. Easy on the foot and easy on linings. I managed an average of 80,000 miles between relinings.
  3. Would it not be better/quicker to ask this question in the Buick -Pre-War section??? Might find more Buick information there. Good Luck https://forums.aaca.org/forum/60-buick-pre-war/
  4. Sixty years ago I turned down the offer of a running and licensed 1917 Chevrolet V8 for $200.00 because I did not want to go down from driving a 1930 Pontiac. Stupid is not easily fixed but can be improved upon with enough time.
  5. As does my 1930 Pontiac. The other car in our garage is our third Hyundai and our second (but not last) Sonata, should we live long enough to need another car.
  6. That is just a standard ferrule that used to be very common. The nut was slid up the tube, the ferrule was slipped over the tube and the tube was inserted into the gauge. When the nut was tightened the ferrule was crimped into the tube. Sorry I do not remember the specific weatherhead name for that style of fitting.
  7. Unless you are trying to make the position of the distributor match a wiring diagram or an original factory photo it does not matter where the rotor is pointing. All that is important is that the wire from there goes to # 1 cylinder when it is at TDC on it's compression stroke. The rest of the wires just follow around in order CW or CCW depending which way the rotor turns. keithb7 had the right idea. Before taking anything apart you should mark the position of everything. Even with timing gears or chains that are marked, I always make my own marks with a punch because I never
  8. Interesting. I can usually save a picture, open it, rotate it, rename it and post it right way up. This time I had to run it through "paint" and slightly crop it to get it to stay right side up.
  9. capngrog I agree with you 100%. If you read the post Interesting EV article with an eye to correct English or even correct American (they are or should be almost the same) you will find over 100 grammatical errors. I read a research article the other day that said 19% of the people in North America are "functionally illiterate". The article was not about social media such as instagram etc. but about newspapers, technical articles and professional writers.
  10. Not in Canada for decades. The tax collected is many times the amount returned to the Provinces to build/repair roads. Just another place for the big guys to circumvent the intent of their own rules and policies.
  11. My daily driver was Waverly Maroon from the factory. I hate Maroon. In the 1960 (when it was 30 years old)I two toned it as could have been done in the factory, an original blue and Black. By 2000 (when it was 70 years old and I was 58) it needed a repaint. My wife said you could/should go back to Maroon. I did and am glad I did (Happy Wife Happy Life😁). Neither paint job was expensive as I did it myself. I think I like Maroon at least a little bit now. Moral of the story paint it whatever color you like, preferably from from the cars original palette. Your car, your choice. I would
  12. Printed Material, Memorabilia, Toys, Art, Clothing, etc. No parts. Clearly this heading is NOT for parts. Why not scroll down to the HUDSON section. Lots of good guys there. Or to help you here is the link. https://forums.aaca.org/forum/61-hudson-essex-terraplane/ Another option is to measure your bearing OD, ID and thickness and go to an industrial bearing and seal supplier. Don' start off by mentioning a 1933 car. Just ask if they can match the bearing up. Or else take the bearing with you but once again do not start the question with the car information. I ha
  13. Someone here, or else go down and repost this with the WPC gang, will give you advice on lubricants. However I would never top up fluid unless I was 100% certain what was in the trans/OD/diff. I would take the vehicle to the nearest shop and drain and refill all three units. https://forums.aaca.org/forum/40-chrysler-products-general/ https://forums.aaca.org/forum/49-plymouth/
  14. If you either posted this in the Buick Pre-War section (further down the page) or searched under that section you would get many suggestions. https://forums.aaca.org/forum/60-buick-pre-war/
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