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  1. JT


    cool old video on gears and such YouTube - Ralph Steiner Mechanical Principles 1930
  2. Here are a few pics of where I attached electric hoist to radiator support.
  3. Yes the trans is from a 41 and the engine is original.
  4. I took some angle iron and bolted to the head.
  5. Fred, you might also take a look at the Penrite gear oil, MILD EP GEAR OIL - Penrite Oil
  6. JT

    Charlotte NC Autofair

    Jerry, hope to see you there. Looks like we might have good weather so I'm glad you'll have some shade.
  7. JT

    Hydraulic Lifters

    Due to the different lobe designs in hydraulic and solid lifter cams mixing lifter types is generally not a good idea. If you are going to change to hydraulic lifters you should also change to a hydraulic type cam.
  8. There is a plunger rod / spring that pushes the collar to the locked out position if you have your control knob on the dash pushed in when you go into reverse. If it doesn't work "automatically" the collar is not moving freely or the spring has a problem (action too weak).
  9. JT

    Rail travel

    Now here's the way to travel by rail, The Making of Modern Michigan: DIGITAL COLLECTIONS even has a cow catcher!
  10. Can you safely go over a .045 bore in the Packard twelve?
  11. "In the case of the pistons referened in the letter, Mr. Saunders opted for Judson Manufacturing Company Pistons over the diminutive ones offered by Packard." What would the advantage/difference have been in the Judson pistons over the Packard?
  12. JT

    New here

    George, 1940 is one of the easier years to find parts for. Maybe join one of the Packard Clubs to come up with some more parts resources. Good luck with the project and post some photos if you can.
  13. Did A.O. Smith build both the JR & SR frames?
  14. JT

    great thread

    For those of you that might not look at the general discussion part of the forum this is a great thread: http://forums.aaca.org/ubbthreads.php/topics/593330/old_strret_scene_pics#Post593330
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