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  1. Rain and 34 degrees here in PA. Cars are parked for the winter.
  2. Worst: 1977 Plymouth Volare Station Wagon "Super Six". This car was equipped with 225 slant six...a Chrysler workhorse. In my case, the car would shut off unexpectedly while going uphill on left hand turns. but not all the time and never when I took it to the dealer. I finally got rid of the car in the fall of 1978 when I hit a Tri-axle loaded with coal. Runnerup: 1981 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais Brougham. The car was built with missing/leaking seals in the engine, transmission, and rear-end. I fought with GM every step of the way to get it fixed. I finally gave up and traded it in 1983
  3. I already have one that I bought new in 1998. I'm gonna take a couple tickets on this one. Most fun I have ever had with a car!
  4. Five years ago while my oldest son was stationed in Korea, I had his 1970 Charger 500 here at the house. Some kid in a new Mustang pulled up along side and started baiting me at a traffic light. The Charger had recently been restored and the 383 was making 425 hp. I set the line lock and smoked that Mustang out....he never left the traffic light. What a great feeling!
  5. I have a Direct Lift. I looked at the Backyard Buddy and while I agree with "you get what you pay for", the lift I have has been working fine for me.
  6. I thought it was fine the way it was, so I would not have changed it. It will just take some time to get used to.
  7. I just installed a direct Lift, Four Post. My ceiling is 12 feet high in this bay. I am very pleased with it, so far.
  8. Last year while we were in Oklahoma for the unveiling of the buried 1957 Plymouth in Tulsa, we drove major sections of Route 66 in Oklahoma and Missouri. There are still plenty on nostalgic places to stop and see. There is still an industry around the remaining sections of the road. It is always more fun to take the road less traveled!
  9. It's a great place for toys and crafts! That is why I quit going. Carlisle has gotten away from the car thing except for the specialty meets.
  10. I had not heard of the program until this post was made. I have been a collector since 1965.
  11. What body style? A couple pictures would be nice....
  12. My driving season here is also April through October and I do drive all the cars. I usually pick a different one to use each week in the summer. I use the '28 the least.
  13. I have had this book for many years and I am not sure if it is still available. Crestline Publishers "Plymouth and Desoto" by Don Butler Library of Congress: 77-93182. It covers the line from the beginning throuh 1978. I never looked for any other because I don't care about the newer stuff.
  14. According to my Plymouth book the Formula "S" option was available at the beginning of the '65 production year, but it had to ordered as a "sold" unit. That may explain why they took a while to show up on the dealer's floor.
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