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    21 Dort / 26 Model T's + Rdstr Pu , Rdstr , Tudor ? 31 Model A Tudor / 47 Ford Org 1/2 T pu / 60 TBirds (4) 65 Mustang / 55 Seies1 LandRover 107" pu , 56 Ward LaFrance fire truck / Gazzle Kit Car , Marlene 302 Kit Car , 78 GL1000 , 67 Bronco 36 RD4 Cat , Ham Radio , Horse Draw Sleighs Cutters Buggies Carriages , and who knows what all else ...
  1. I was doing alittle more research ( wasting time ) and found a lot of info on these early companies --- here is a good link to se >>>>
  2. Gee Jay can I see the pix of the U-JOINT for a Dort .. ---- Your oled Dort man .... The other Dort Parts I got from you have help to keep my Dort agoin .. John
  3. had one Blow up in my pu while driving down the road - blew top off battery - acid over engine compartment - big mess to cleanup. Another time disconnecting charger - blew caps off - got acid on my beard - thought it might eat my beard off - washed quick with Baking Soda & water - lucky missed eyes...
  4. Gee I haven't counted for awhile ! I just keep parking them out behind the barn or need to get more semi trailers or over seas shipping containers ! Oh well some day their will be a neat auction ! Happy New Year !
  5. Just a little nonsense ----- I remember years ago I had a 1969 Rambler American and the rear plug went out ------- so I just chopped a hole in the firewall and popped in a new one!
  6. I have a 1921 Dort and the motor is by Lycoming. I was wondering if or did some of these Auto Makers use transmissions that were manufactured for general use by different Auto Manufacturer/Assembliers . Any thoughts on this --- I know other items were.
  7. Coils also go by polarity. For + or - ground systems. It has some effect as to conduction taking place in a spark ------ It is refered to as thermionic emision ---- or similiar to the conduction that takes place in a vaccum tube. Current - electrons flow from a heated negative terminal to a + positive terminal ---------- so than we can get confused which terminal of a spark plug is the hottest ??? I guess I'd say not the center terminal ------ may not help you guys but ???
  8. Jake the way its suppose to be - is they setup Wed after 4:30pm and NO sales. Okay then go around and preview. Than Thursday thru Sat its a swap meet ---- great ! ? But ! Its when swappers cut out early ! I've gone to the prewar swap meet at Clear Lake Iowa -- its suppose to go thru Sunday and its over early and I was ticked ! Yes it is a problem = I'm retired so I have the time - but it is not a way to run a swap meet! John
  9. Well here are some more pictures ---- I hope its okay to do this ??? John
  10. IT WORKED NO MORE BUICK !!! So I'll try a few more pix's
  11. I'll try and post some pix I took. I even took some to show the women their is something for them at Chickasha. I didn't really take any good pictures deep in the swap area's - but here goes. I had to edit because a picture of a Buick appeared -- I don't know where from -- but I deleted it.
  12. Ya I took some maybe I'll try and post some.
  13. I have been going for several years and its BAD when its over before the end. I come from MINN-A-SNOW-TA and its such a nice time to leave the snow and cold and see green grass and blossoms. Setup is Wed afternoon and before that lost of selling goes on in the line up area. But than many sellers start to leave ---- always thing swap meet organizers should give some kind of prize or rebate at the end to encourage swappers to stay. It was 80 deg Wedesday and its nice to just walk around -- Its a smaller meet , but its fun to talk to people and relax there going over it several times during the event. Its well run and the people running it are great. John
  14. KRK ; I believe the GRAY company for which my hub cap is for - is a different GRAY from Gray Dort ? I think what I saw was something like it was in business during the latter half of the 1920's ? I liked Dandy Dave's comment about his CAT 12 being rare - but not high priced. I too have a barn full off RARE --- NOT TOO EXPENSIVE TREASURES ------ I THINK I'M STILL HAVING FUN !!! John