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  1. I am getting an error message on the CRT "Engine Controls Computer has Detected an Electrical Problem". If comes on every couple of minutes when driving, so is getting pretty irritating. Using the Status, Diagnostics, Engine, Engine Controls option it shows message "Cruise Control System Problem - Cruise has been disengaged". When I go into the on board diagnostics, it shows 2 error codes current, B671 and B673. I believe these are related to the cruise also. Any suggestions on who to talk to about this message will be greatly appreciated. Ken Anderson
  2. Great guy and automotive author. I met him only once, when he took the pictures and wrote the article for my car. Very easy to talk to and get to know. I had seen him on Speedchannel and he was an expert, especially on muscle cars. I will go to the memorial service here in Orlando. I am praying for his family and friends. Here is a link to Hemmings announcement. Paul Zazarine, 1952-2011 at Hemmings Blog – Classic and collectible cars and parts
  3. factory specs on my car are 510 ft pds torque at 2800 rpm. I have buried the speedo at 120 but the thrill for me is getting going NOW. Retired Chief of Police friend told me the limit is x mph, not how long it takes to get to x
  4. Apologize if this has been done before, but just for fun, what car did you take your first drivers test. For me it was 50 years ago this week, so guess that is what prompted the question. Think it would be really neat if anybody still has that car (and is older than say 21). Mine was a 56 Special "Riveria" which for a Buick in those days was a hardtop, no post. Light Blue. Have watched for one all these years and know I cannot spend the money these days but would be really tempted to buy one.
  5. Thank you for all of this. I took I39 north going to Rochester MN Nationals, so am thinking I74 to Davenport, then 61 north to 30. Will this give me most of the sights you are recommending. Could get 30 west sooner if you think that is better. Will send you the email to get on your group too. Really neat to have a local willing to give the time to make the drive so much fun. Thank you. If you come to Orlando, I will take you around too.
  6. I am not remembering this one. But I believe the slogan on the Industrial Ave building was "When better automobiles are built, Buick will build them" Mad Magazine wrote "when better automobiles are built, I'll buy one" Then we get "Drive beautiful" (maybe it translates better in Chinese)
  7. anyone interested in getting a list together of the rarest? Maybe need to agree on definition - I was thinking models vs. color combinations or options, etc. I know production on my 70 GS Stage1 convertible is 232. Or is Stage1 an option package vs. model?
  8. Can't be positive right now I can make it but want to get on the email list. Just don't see where to send you an email with my address and that I will be coming from the east, Florida. Where would be the best place to pick it up - so I get the maximum chance to smoke tires.
  9. for any in Central Florida, or visiting: Aug 15th will be celebration of the 1,000th Sat night cruise - been doing this every Sat for 1,000 nights. Promoting 1,000 cars for this event, open to all cars 74 & older. info at this link typically 300 + cars, so this will be a big night. cars park during day and people walk around etc. then at 8:30, they open the street and all cars drive out. lots of tourists and people watching all the cars. fun is to be in the parade and the drive out. open to trying to answer any questions.
  10. Saw a LaCrosse Super at the auto show in Orlando this weekend. Really jazzed up car with a high performance engine. But my thing is Buick is finally putting out a strong car with oil flirting with $100 a barrel prices. Just lick before. I have a 70 GS Stage1. Very limited production because they didn't sell. Those were the days of gas lines blocks long. Everyone has had high peformace cars for several years and now when it's over, Buick comes to the party. By the time they make a decision the facts have changed. Understand I grew up in Flint, high school and Flint College of U of M. And have spent my life in business as a CPA, and student of business. Just cannot stand stuck on stupid.
  11. Let me know if anyone wants a reservation at the host hotel for Nats. rate is 109. plus tx
  12. Does anyone have the text of his speach. That would tell me much more thant anything. Would love to know what he said for the money. Sure hope the Flint group doesn't have him speak at the 2008 Nats
  13. Roberta, you are a friend and I appreciate that. But this guide has my car at 25k and that is way low. Maybe 100k low. Car Collector is the mag that did an article on my car so I would like to be more kind but this is just wrong.
  14. Thanks Roberta. Yes I grew up in Flint, but left MI for San Jose in 1971 and then to Florida in 86. This is why I know it will be real hard for us to adjust to the winters. Will want to connect with the Buick folks there and learn how to store a car, etc. I would be in Flint 08 anyway.
  15. my daughter and her family are moving to Madison. looks like we will be following her. there are 3 grandchildren and we just don't want to be that far from them (Orlando). I know adjusting to the winters will be very hard but will just have to get used to them. So looking for Buick friends to make there. Heard there is a Rock Valley chapter but know see a web site on the main page so don't know how to connect there either. Also want to chat with any Madison folks who will be in Seattle.