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  1. I have talked to the post office about this numerous times. Apparently, they have gotten more strict about the names on the PO Box. The names have to match exactly. For instance, if I had the PO Box listed as 'Buick Club of America National Meet' and someone sent in a registration with 'BCA National Meet', they were being rejected. I had to come up with a dozen different names someone could list it on the envelope and had them officially added to the PO Box. What a hassle. Yes, you can send it in again, or call me at the number at the bottom of the form and I will register you over the phone, if you want. You do not have to pay the additional $15 late fee.
  2. I would love to be part of the infamous Texas Road Warriors someday, but we usually leave earlier. We are leaving Friday June 30 and going to spend a few days in Wisconsin Dells, and maybe take in a Brewers game before heading to Brookfield on Tuesday afternoon to start setting up the registration desk. Have fun and safe travels to all.
  3. Yes, I am curious to see if the $15 late fee really has an impact. I will be able to tell if the rate of registrations fall off significantly from now until the beginning of the show. In previous years, I received a lot of registrations with a few weeks to go. I think we can get at least 400 registrations entered by the time I leave for the show, which will make this show a pretty good sized event.
  4. What a week! I have received 90 registrations since 05/25/17. And still almost a month left before the deadline. # Registrations: 342 # Cars: 252 (111 Formal Judging, 41 Display, 42 Archival, 22 Modified, 36 Driven) We have 5 Buicks over 100 years old, including 3 x 1908 Buicks. # Vendors: 37 different vendors, occupying over 100 spots. # People: 637 It's going to be a great show. There is still time to get your registration in, although you will pay an additional $15 registration fee since it is after June 1.
  5. Yes, it is a public place. Spectators have always been welcome at the Buick Nationals free of charge. You will see a lot of people wandering around the show field on Saturday when the cars are all parked in their spots for judging.
  6. Yes, we are having problems with the online registration form for anyone with a non-US address. If you are one having problems, call me at 214-354-1348 and I will get you registered. I have notified the web form designer about the situation. I apologize for any inconvenience that has caused.
  7. The Landau was sold to a GM employee in the early 1960's, when Buick had decided it was no longer being used as a transport vehicle. His son, who drove it quite a bit, now lives in Austin, TX. He was there for the event in Texarkana.
  8. The latest tally, as of 05-25-17: Number of Registrations: 257, almost 500 people registered Number of Vendors: 29 vendors, taking up 51 vendor spots Number of cars: 192 (85 formally judged, 34 Display, 27 Archival, 20 Modified, 26 Driven) With a month to go, I expect at least 100 more registrations. Buick members are procrastinators when it comes to registering for National events.
  9. I also feel very attached to the 1954 Landau. I covered the story when it was displayed in a small museum in Texarkana, TX, where the original thermos and cups were reunited with the Landau. The son of the original owner was there, too. See the March 2009 Bugle for the complete article. in 2011, Mr. Earl let me and my wife, Michelle, sit in it. What a thrill that was. Mr. Coker and Lamar were great care-takers of it.
  10. Trailer parking will be in the Sears parking lot, which is just across the driveway that comes into the hotel. There is room for probably 75 trailers, all in walking distance. It is an ideal location.
  11. Thanks, Brian. And thanks for giving Michelle credit. I am the guy up front, but she works hard, too. We are a team. I didn't get the rock joke, so it doesn't matter.
  12. There have been many discussions on this forum about redials vs bias ply. Personally, I think that if a car (and wheels) is designed for bias ply tires, then that's what I use. I try to find the right size, whether it be metric or not, as long as they are close to the original size. You may get a softer feel with radials, but then that takes away from the driving experience that I get when I drive a car that was designed before radials. It is like putting a modern radio and speakers in an older car. Sure, you will probably enjoy the radio more than the original AM, but you lose the nostalgia feeling. When I drive an older car, I want to experience what it was like to drive it as it was designed, and tires are part of the experience. As far as judging, the mandatory deduction for incorrect tire type and/or size will eliminate the car from receiving a Senior Award, assuming it had enough points otherwise. I've known some owners to put the correct bias ply tires on for judging, then switch to radials for driving. Expensive, but it has been done.
  13. Everyone who registers will receive a confirmation letter as soon as it is entered into the computer. It doesn't matter how you register. If you register online, you will first get a confirmation from the website, but once we receive it, we will enter it into the computer and you will get a confirmation from us, too. If you provided an email address with your registration, the confirmation letter will be emailed to you. Otherwise, it will be sent by regular mail.
  14. Get your registration in before June 1st and avoid an additional $15 registration fee.
  15. Ahhh, Miller High Life in the large bottles. Those women knew how to relax on a sunny afternoon. I'm thinking the third person is taking the picture.
  16. Here is the complete schedule as it stands right now. Tuesday, July 4th Swap Meet Setup Noon-5pm (indoor and outdoor) Sheraton hotel Wednesday, July 5th Registration Open 8-5pm Sheraton Hotel Wisconsin Room 5 Swap Meet 8am-5pm (outdoor) Sheraton hotel parking lot Swap Meet 8am-5pm (indoor) Sheraton hotel Wisconsin Rooms 1-4, 7 Photo lane open Hospitality Open 9-5 Milwaukee Ballroom 2 EAA-The Spirit of Aviation Museum Tour 8:30 - 3:00pm Harley Davidson Museum Tour and Miller Brewery Tour 8:30 - 4:00pm 4:00 -10:00pm Car Cruise to Pewaukee, WI 5-6pm National Meet Committee Meeting Milwaukee ballroom 1 Thursday, July 6th Registration Open 8-5pm Sheraton Hotel Wisconsin Room 5 Swap Meet 8am-5pm (outdoor) Sheraton hotel parking lot Swap Meet 8am-5pm (indoor) Sheraton hotel Wisconsin Rooms 1-4, 7 Photo lane open Hospitality Open 9-5 Milwaukee Ballroom 2 EAA-The Spirit of Aviation Museum Tour 8:30 - 3:00pm Harley Davidson Museum Tour and Miller Brewery Tour 8:30 - 4:00pm 5:00pm -??? Reatta Rendezvous (tentative-confirm w/Jim Finn and need departing) 3-4:30 pm PreWar Division Meeting Milwaukee ballroom 1 4:30-6pm 65 Gran Sport Division Moorland 4 7-9 pm General Membership Meeting Milwaukee ballroom 1 Friday, July 7th Registration Open 8-5pm Sheraton Hotel Wisconsin Room 5 Swap Meet 8am-5pm (outdoor) Sheraton hotel parking lot Swap Meet 8am-5pm (indoor) Sheraton hotel Wisconsin Rooms 1-4, 7 8am – Noon Board of Directors Meeting Milwaukee Ballroom 1 Hospitality Open 9-5 Milwaukee Ballroom 2 EAA-The Spirit of Aviation Museum Tour 8:30 - 3:00pm Harley Davidson Museum Tour and Miller Brewery Tour 8:30 - 4:00pm 2-5 pm Judges Training in Milwaukee ballroom 1 5:30-6:30pm Modified Meeting Milwaukee ballroom 1 Photo lane open 6:00 -10:00pm Buick Heritage Alliance Gala Brookfield Ballroom Saturday, July 8th Registration Open 7-10am Sheraton Hotel Wisconsin Room 5 7-8:30am Judging Breakfast Brookfield Ballroom Swap Meet 8am-Noon (indoor) Sheraton hotel Wisconsin rooms 1-4, 7 Swap Meet 8am-3pm (outdoor) Sheraton hotel parking lot Photo lane open Hospitality Open 9-2 Milwaukee Ballroom 2 3:00-4:00pm Reatta Meeting Moorland 4 3:30-4:30pm Heartland Region Meeting Moorland 7 9:00 - 3:00pm Judging of beautiful BUICKS 9:00 - 2:30pm Milwaukee Art Museum Tour 6:00 - 6:30pm Social Time with Cash Bar Brookfield Ballroom 6:30 - 10:00pm 51st Annual BCA Banquet & Awards Brookfield Ballroom
  17. Reminder. The registration goes up by $15 if we receive it after June 1. Better get them in now.
  18. There is no official schedule yet on the various meetings, but I hear it will come soon. I am the contact for volunteering, either for judging or other positions. Just fill out the volunteer form and send it in with the registration form. I keep track of all volunteers and pass the information along to the person in charge of judging or volunteering assignments.
  19. I owned three of those Geo Metros in the 1990's as I was traveling around town every day. My 1991 was the same blue color as yours. I thought they were great cars for getting around inexpensively. I got over 50 MPG with a standard shift. I remember the first time I ever paid more than $10 to fill one up (10 gallon gas tank). I put over 200,000 miles on one and I swear I never had any trouble with the 1.0 Liter 3-cylinder engine. I was hauling computer equipment around at the time so the back seat always stayed down and the hatchback gave it plenty of room and easy access. I gave my first one to a friend of mine who was going through a divorce and just needed a car. I got mad when I found out he traded it in for a Firebird two weeks later. If I had know that I would have kept it. The other two were eventually totaled in accidents that were not my fault. Great little cars, though.
  20. That was one of the first books I ever bought on Buicks and I still refer to it constantly. I'm sure it will be appreciated. Good deed, Mr. Earl.
  21. JIm, I hear you about the dates conflicting with Iola. That is unfortunate. But at this point it is too late to change. As far as who picked the dates, I don't know the direct answer to that for this particular meet, but I do know that the dates for any National Meet are decided upon several years in advance.
  22. More information on the Buick Chrome Road Wheels, according to the James Brothers Bugle article (June 2002): 1st Design (1964 Wildcat): It can be used on other full-sized Buicks from 1964 and earlier years that have a 3 1/2 inch wheel hub diameters. 2nd Design (1965 Wildcat and Riviera): Unique to 1965, but can be used on other 1965 full-sized Buicks. Since to only difference in design #2 from design #1 is the register ring, if you remove the register ring then it can be used on all other full-sized Buicks that design #1 can be used. 3rd Design (1966-1967 Wildcat and Riviera without disc brakes): Can be used on same cars as design #2, but has a 2 1/8" center cap hole. (Designs #1 and #2 have a 2" center cap hole) 4th Design (1967-1970 Wildcat and Riviera, 1970 LeSabre): Can be used on same cars as design #2 and 1967-1970 full-sized cars with disc brakes. It has the 2 3/4" register ring and 2 1/8" center cap hole. 5th Design (1971-1973 Centurion, 1971-1978 Riviera, 1971-1985 LeSabre, 1973-1984 Electra): Can be usd on full-sized cars from 1971-1987 except the 4 3/4 inch B.C. LeSabres and Electras. No register ring, and back to 2" center cap hole. 6th Design (1980-1987 LeSabre and Electra): Can be used on 1971-1987 full-sized Buicks if tire to fender clearances are adequate. They are an inch wider at 15x7.
  23. I talked to the head judge for this meet and he said you will be able to park anywhere you want up to Saturday. However, on Saturday the cars will need to be parked according to the judging. This means that the cars judged in the formal 400 Point system, Driven class, and Display will be parked together according to the 400 point classes. But since the Modified cars and the Archival cars are judged differently, and by different judging teams, they will be parked in their own areas. This is the same format used in previous National Meets where there has been judging. Allentown did not have formal judging, so they were able to park the cars strictly according to year. This is a judged event.
  24. Hello Everyone, Just to fill everyone in, while the host hotel block for the discounted rate has been fulfilled, they do still have rooms open, but may be a little more expensive rate. For example, they are out of Standard Kings but upgraded Kings are available. Also, the Sheraton still has a few standard doubles and upgraded doubles as well. They would be delighted to have our group essentially take over the hotel. Rates are: Standard: $114 Deluxe: $134 Club Level: $144 (includes breakfast and evening hors de oeuvres) I just wanted to bring everyone in the loop.
  25. I found a Bugle article (June 2002) written by James Brothers, BCA #27388. It is about how to identify Buick Wheels (1964 through 1987 RWD). I hope I'm not breaking any copyright laws for posting this, but there is a summary paragraph that I will recreate here word for word. On 5 inch bolt pattern wheels: "An X stamped next to the center cap hole is a 3rd design (1966-1967 15x6). Measure across the outer edges of the rim. if 8 inches, the wheel is a 6th design (1982-1987 15x7). Place the wheel, outer face down, on a flat surface. if the wheel rests on the center cap mounting surface and not on the rim, it is a 5th design (1971-1987 15x6). If the wheel rests on the rim and does not have a register ring, it is a 1st design (1964 15x6). If the wheel has a register ring and a 2" center cap hole, it is a 2nd design (1965 15x6). If the wheel has a register ring a 2 1/8" center cap hole and no X, it is a 4th design (1967-1970 15x6)." In summary: 1st design (1964 Wildcat only): If the wheel rests on the rim and does not have a register ring. Rim code "Unistyle". 2" center cap hole. 15x6. 2nd design (1965 Wildcat and Riviera): If the wheel rests on the rim and has a register ring. Rim code "Unistyle". 2" center cap hole. 15x6. Same as design #1 but with a register ring. 3rd design (1966-1967 Wildcat and Riviera without disc brakes): Has "X" stamped next to center cap. Same design as #2 (wheel rests on rim and has a register ring) but with 2 1/8" center cap hole. Rim code 802. 15x6. 4th design (1967-1970 Wildcat and Riviera, and 1970 LeSabre, with disc brakes): Same design as #3 (wheel rests on rim and has a register ring) but more room for disc brakes, 2 1/8" center cap hole, no "X" near center cap, Rim code 853. 15x6. 5th design ( 1971-1973 Centurion, 1971-1978 Riviera, 1971-1985 LeSabre, 1973-1984 Electra): If the wheel rests on the center cap mounting hole. No register ring, 2" center cap hole, "JJ" bead type, Rim code 865, application code WK, VT, 15x6. 6th design (1980-1987 LeSabre and Riviera): 15x7, same basic design as #5 but an inch wider. Rim code 011, application code VC.