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  1. I like the serving trays. I'm wondering if my wife will let me try that at her next party.
  2. Centurian, That is the second mention of a 1966 Electra with a Wildcat front clip. One of our chapter members here in Texas had one. We called it the ElectraCat. If my memory is holding up, I believe the owners did some research and discovered some cars (11 of them) left the factory like that. Unfortunately, they took the drive train out and parted the rest.
  3. I'm looking for a set of correct 15" Rally wheels for a 1964 Wildcat purchased recently. I'm told the wheels were only made for 1964 thru 1965 with 2" holes for the center caps and will fit on the large drum brakes. If you have a set to sell, email me at rfaries@charter.net.
  4. TxBuicks

    FLINT '08

    Jake, you are a master wordsmith. I, too, could not have said it better. I want to know who said you can't have fun and good times at a judged event? For those who want to just pull out a lawn chair and sit in the shade beside their car, what's keeping them? Judging is what sets a Nationals aside from any other Buick event. Will judging so many cars be easy? Nope. We might have to have two judging sessions. I'm quite certain you can find many judges that will work two shifts and enjoy it. There must be a sensible method of judging a lot of cars. The number of judges come out of the number of members coming to the show. The more members coming to the show, the more judges you will have. The classes can be arranged such that the number of classes will fit the number of judges. Let's give the BCA Nationals the respect it deserves. Taking away the judging will deminish the importance of a National by lowering the bar. I would encourage the Buicktown Chapter to not get discouraged by the number of cars attending, but to put their heads together and figure it out.
  5. John, I was working the registration desk. Apparently, you received some bad information. First of all, the reason your car was not allowed in the judged portion of the show is because by the time you showed up at the show, the judging classes had already been determined. After the registration cut off date of June 15, the number of cars registered were put in classes according to year and model. We tried not to have more than 10 cars in each class because the judges for that class physically could not judge more than that in the heat and time. Also, the awards had to be ordered in advance of the show. And the amount of space on the show grounds had to be determined based on that number as well. Any cars showing up late were allowed into the show, but could not be judged due to the limitations described above. However, as a displayed car, you are allowed to park in the same class as all judged vehicles. You should have been told this at the time of registration and directed to the proper class to park. I don't know who you talked to, but you definately misinformed. I apologize.
  6. I'm looking for a set, also. However, I don't need NOS. Just a decent set is better than what I currently have.
  7. Mine is the same as pphil. Coming out of the Alternater bracket, it turns up towards the in line filter, it runs about 1/2 from the A/C belt.
  8. Go back to the BCA Home page and view the list of Chapters and Divisions. You will see information on 3 Buick Club of America Chapters located in Colorado.
  9. I don't know much about NASCAR, althoough I did enjoy watching the races when I was younger. What engines were in those Regals from the 80's? Was it basically a high performance 3800?
  10. I just purchased a 64 Wildcat that I believe is original and it has the California Emmissions set up exactly like the picture of the 65 above, except my hose connects to the side of the air breather. I can't tell by the picture above where exactly that hose connects. Roy Faries
  11. There are over 600 registrations, over 1000 peolpe, over 500 cars, with around 300 of those being formally judged. 60 Senior cars have registered. It will be a wonderful show! Roy
  12. Bill, Glad you're ok. This story could start a whole series of stories related to the safety of owning an old Buick. Like, for instance, don't ever let your 4 year old son pretend to drive your Buick when it is running. I did that one time with a nephew about that age. I had my 1963 Invicta station wagon parked in the driveway facing my 1966 Widlcat GS with about 3 feet between the car's front bumpers. I had started the wagon just because I hadn't started it in a few days and my nephew was very interested in what I was doing. I got in the front seat with him and showed him how to operate the power windows, turn on the turn signals, change the station on the radio, you know, fun kid stuff. But I told him to NEVER, NEVER, touch the gear shift. He was having so much fun. I got out of the car to fetch some cleaning utensils and just as I closed the door he grabbed the gear shift handle and slammed it into gear. Lucky for me, he skipped past Drive and went straight into neutral (Dynaflow). The wagon simply rolled slowly forward until it reached the front bumber of the Wildcat. No damage done, but what a wakeup call! I learned a valuable lesson that day without doing any damage. Don't tell my wife about this. Roy
  13. Here are the numbers from the 2004 National Meet in Plano, TX. Total Registrations: 312 # of Registrations w/out car 90 Total People 616 Vendors 29 Car corral 15 Awards Banquet 342 Cars 207 400 PT: 110 Display 30 Archival 10 Modified 3 Drivers 38 Senior 17 Roy Faries
  14. Hi. This is Roy Faries, Meet Co-Chairman for the 2004 Plano National Meet. I really appreciate the comments, especially the good ones. The members of the North Texas Chapter worked hard to make the meet a success. We knew from our experience in 1996 that it would not be a very big show. We had about the same turnout then, which was our first one. We took the experience we accumulated in 1996 to heart in several areas, trying to make this meet a better one. For instance, we purposely held the meet in June instead of July, making the temperature around 10 degrees cooler. And did anyone notice that every outdoor vendor had a big shade tree? My personal opinion is that there will always be a few members that will come to every Nationals no matter where it is held. But the location will draw many members from local areas that do not make the trip every year. And, frankly, there are not that many members within a 500 mile radius around Dallas. Anyway, we planned this event with the bottom goal of giving everyone a top notch experience with or with a lot of cars. Based on most of the comments, I think we succeeded. Again, thanks for the comments.
  15. We have contacted the Plano Centre and voiced our concerns about the phone situation. They now have three people answering the phones and they have promised to cover each other during normal working hours (8:00am - 5:00pm Central). Hopefully this will help solve the problem of not talking to anyone when you call. I appreciate the feedback. Roy Faries 2004 BCA National Meet Chairman
  16. 1941 Model 41-SE 4Dr Fastback. 65,000 miles. Completely original except for rebuilt fuel pump, new battery, and new tires w/tubes. Runs and drives great, body is very solid with a little surface rust only where paint is thin. All glass and chrome in excellent condition. Needs interior and brake work. I have all the parts needed for restoration (except interior). Digital pictures available. $2500.00 OBO Roy Faries, Arlington, TX 817/265-5590