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  1. When I read the Cuban articles, I was struck with the thought "What if people in this country took the same amount of effort to keep older cars running and on the road?" Now, I know the situation in Cuba is quite different than the US, but you have to give the Cubans enormous credit for doing whatever it takes to keep these cars on the road. They are not restoring them for show, but keeping them alive for driving. We are spoiled with the easy availability of parts (in most cases) and the income to afford them.
  2. Bernie, my 1991 Roadmaster Wagon does the same thing with the hot air out the vents when accelerating. And I'm with you; it is an odd character of the car and I would miss it if it didn't happen.
  3. 30 days before the show begins! Deadline is June 1, so get those registrations in now.
  4. We are almost there! My projections estimate about 400 registrations with about 300 Buicks. June 1 is the deadline. Get yours in now.
  5. Wow, a 4-speed 1965 Wildcat Convertible. And don't discount the Skylarks, either. All are nice finds. I hope they go to good homes for restoration.
  6. Registrations are coming in quickly. If you haven't already, get your registration in soon, especially if you want to go on any of the tours.
  7. I really don't see what the big deal is over parking by years. Logically speaking, look at the judging categories. Except for the special Buick models, it is all by year anyway. I think most people would agree that the Rivieras (Class O), Gran Sports (Class P), GN and T-types (Class Q), Reattas (Class R), Professional and Specialty Buicks (Class S), and Race Cars (Class T) are different enough to stay in their own area. As a spectator, if one was interested in Rivieras or Reattas, they could go to the Riviera or Reatta section and see the evolution of that special model year by year. Same can be said for the others recently mentioned. All other classes (A - N) are already organized by year, and therefore, are already parked according to year. The only real argument is what to do with the Archival cars during judging. If we can figure out how to judge the Archivals when they are all over the field, we got it.
  8. Just for the record, the windshield cards are different colors AND they are spelled out. So, if we were to have 4 Buicks of the same year parked side by side, one 400 point judged, one Display only, one Modified, and one Archival, it is pretty easy to tell which one is in which judging category.
  9. The deadline for registrations has been moved back to June 1. Get registered now. What are you waiting for?
  10. As they say, one cannot control the weather. It was clod and rainy on Friday night, and cold and windy Saturday morning. We left at noon to go see two local private garages, so not enough time to get the cars organized in a parking lot together. The garages were outstanding. By the time we returned, the weather was nice but we lost our parking spaces. Not a lot of Buicks, but it was nice to see old friends again.
  11. My co-worker sent me this picture of her and her older brother posing behind her parent's Buick wagon. It looks like an early 1970's clamshell wagon to me.
  12. Yeah, but if you've ever seen a clamshell tailgate open and close in person, they are way cool! That's all that matters now.
  13. The Driven Class has been changed to where it is not a separate class anymore. Any registered vehicle can apply for a Driven medallion, so there will not be a separate place in the show field for the Driven Class. Therefore, the Display and Driven will be parked in the same area as it's class. The Archival Class and the Modified Class, however, are still separated.
  14. It is not that difficult to park Pre-War cars according to years. The judging classes (A-D) are all specifically year related anyway. The difference is this: In the past, let's say 15 cars were registered for class B (1913 - 1935). The show field would allocate 15 spots for Class B. A Class B vehicle could park anywhere within these 15 spots. In order to park specifically according to year, someone will have to make sure the cars are parked within Class B by year; 1913 on the left, then 1914, then 1915, etc. 1935 would be on the far right. All it takes is for someone to direct the cars to their specific spot as they arrive. I doubt if parking by year will migrate to other divisions. The Rivieras, Reattas, Gran Sports, and Modifieds will still want to park together by division. They wouldn't want to be with other models of the same year.
  15. Mark, There is a new iPhone app called BuickZip that compresses it down into a much smaller piece. Then you can send it by email. But the recipient must have it, too, to uncompress it once he receives it. I predict it will put a big dent in the transporter business when they figure out how to include complete cars. I wish I had thought of it. Go to the App Store and do a search for it. Perhaps Mr. Earl can find the link and stick it to the top section.
  16. This is from the meet chairman: If you are having difficulty booking hotel rooms for the National Meet. HOST HOTEL - Denver Marriott South Park Meadows; Lone Tree, CO Website: https;//aws.passkey.com/e/49273599 If you have difficulty utilizing the website, please call the hotel direct number. Direct Phone Number: 303-925-0004 Group Name: Buick Club of America National Meet JUNE2018 National Meet Group Rate: $129/night Room Availability at Group Rate: Friday, June 22nd and Saturday, June 23rd. Rooms at the group rate for Tuesday, June 19th; Wednesday, June 20th and Thursday, June 21st are sold out. Rooms are available these nights but the current rate is $359/night. Cancellation Policy: Rooms can be cancelled 48 hours prior to reservation without any penalties. Rooms cancelled within 48 hours of reservation will incur a one night room charge. SECONDARY HOTEL - Hampton Inn & Suites Denver/South-Ridge Gate Website: http://hamptoninn.hilton.com/en/hp/groups/personalized/D/DENRGHX-BCA-20180617/index/jhtml If you have difficulty utilizing the website, please call the hotel direct number. Direct Phone Number: 303-790-4100 Group Name: 2018 Buick Club of America National Meet Group Code: BCA National Meet Group Rate: $159/night Room Availability at Group Rate: Tuesday, June 19th, Wednesday, June 20th, Thursday, June 21st. Cancellation Policy: Rooms can be cancelled 48 hours prior to reservation without any penalties. Rooms cancelled within 48 hours of reservation will incur a one night room charge. The Denver National Meet Committee would like everyone to attend the meet and do not want you to experience issues with booking your hotel rooms. If you have tried the above and still experience problems please send an email to buicknationals@verizon.net.
  17. I sent this post to the meet chairmen and asked them to clarify the hotel cancellation policies. I will post their reply as soon as I get it.
  18. Yes, Roberta has always been a great example of what a Buick Club member should be.
  19. I think Mr. Earl wants some Vegemite. Better bring a few jars for him.
  20. Latest update about the hotel situation: Update 1/5/18: Host hotel rooms are sold out at the group rate on June 19th, 20th and 21st. Rooms are available for these dates at the current going rate of $359/night. Rooms are still available at the group rate of $129/night for June 22nd and 23rd. Secondary hotel has rooms available for all nights at a group rate of $159/night including breakfast. Many folks are booking at the secondary hotel early in the week and moving to the Host hotel on Friday.
  21. Just to try to clarify the host hotel situation. As of right now.... There are still rooms available at the host hotel for Friday and Saturday nights ONLY for the show. There are no rooms available at the host hotel for anything prior to Friday. Right now if someone tries to book a room on their reservation dashboard and they use a date range which includes the 19th, 20th or 21st (Tuesday - Thursday) the dashboard tells them that no rooms are available. Unless the hotel releases more room for us for Tuesday - Thursday (not likely), you must stay at another hotel until Friday and Saturday, or pay the higher room rates at the host hotel. This is not the ideal situation, but that's the way it is at the moment. We are working hard to get them to make more rooms available Tuesday - Thursday. If anything changes, we will let you know.
  22. I'm looking for working front power seat switches for my 1991 Roadmaster wagon. Apparently they are no longer available through parts stores. I don't really want to get them from a salvage yard because I won't know they work until I buy them and get them home. Who has them?
  23. TxBuicks

    Ha ha

    Funny. I think we've all had experience with at least a few of those.
  24. Just saw this on MSN. https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/classic-cars/neil-youngs-1953-buick-roadmaster-skylark-brings-dollar400000-at-auction/ar-BBGBsoA?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp
  25. I really like those 1990's LeSabres. They are dependable, comfortable, and affordable. I have 'rescued' many of them, buying them cheap and finding new owners for them. Everyone is happy with them.