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  1. Looks like a great deal to me. Solid, straight body, great looking tail lights (which are usually faded and cracked), great interior, good tires, shiny and straight chrome all around, fender skirts good great. What more could you want at that price? Someone closer than me should grab this one real quick. It won't last long at the reduced price of $2,500.

  2. I heard the host hotel will not allow RV overnight parking. However, you should call the hotel and clarify what they will or will not allow. There are several camp grounds nearby. Trailer parking will be nearby, at a site yet to be determined, until they see how many trailers are expected. That decision should be forthcoming soon, as the deadline is approaching fast.

  3. The prequalification checks the operation of such things like the lights, turn signals, wipers, horn, etc., and sees that there is a fire extinguisher and safety glass (where appropriate). The operational conditional of these items is not something a judge does in the normal routine of judging a vehicle. A judge will look at the condition and authenticity, but not operational. The judges will now have to check for a fire extinguisher and safety glass as part of their judging routine and will have to disqualify a car if they are not there. So, if you are having a car judged, be sure to have a fire extinguisher first.

  4. I can see where car owners might say that. However, one of the functions of the prequalification was to get a decent picture of your car, identified by registration number, for the annual Meet issue of the Bugle in October. Now the car owners will be strongly urged to go to a photo booth and have a picture made. Without pictures identified by registration number, it is impossible for the Bugle editor to associate awards with cars for publication in the Bugle National Meet issue. Although it will be less work for the owners, it could make the editor's job much more difficult. And if you want a picture of your car in that issue then you have to get a picture taken and recorded accurately.

    Also, judges sheets for all classes (except Driven) were collected at the prequalification booth. One of the advantages of that is so the judges know for sure that your car is here. If there is no judging sheet, the assumption is the car is not here and they don't waste time looking for it. Without the prequalification, the judges sheets for the 400 point system may not be turned in by the owner, which could cause confusion at the time of judging.

    I would prefer keeping the prequalification check. I understand the owners think it is a hassle, but not having it could add more complications to the internal workings of the show. We'll see how it goes this year.

  5. The Buicks in the Driven class will be parked in the same classes as the 400 point cars. Only the Archival class Buicks will be separated into an area of their own.

  6. Whenever I travel cross country I carry a recent BCA roster with me. I've never had to use it, but I figure I could call anyone in the roster for help if I needed to. I know if I ever receive a call for assistance from another BCA Member I would not hesitate to help as much as I could. I'm positive others on this forum feel the same way.

  7. Well, unfortunately, not all rescue missions turn out for the good. It has been raining for several days here in Texas and I just cold not keep the car from filling up with water. There were leaks in all 4 quadrants from all 4 doors. I could see water trails running down into the front floors from behind the dash somewhere, behind the back seat, trunk, etc. The most frustrating part is that the weatherstripping didn't look all that bad. But nothing I did seemed to have any impact on the flooding. I drilled holes in the floors to allow the water to drain. I decided it would take too much effort to fix all of the leaks, and by the time I bought new carpet and padding, and replace the catalytic converter to get it to run better, I would have so much money and effort in it that I couldn't sell it. And I don't know if I would ever be confident that I had all of the leaks fixed. BTW, this seems to be a common problem with the mid-1990s LeSabres. There is a lot of articles on the internet about it. So, the bottom line is that I sold it to a salvage yard for what I had paid for it. He said he would try to fix it and resell it, but I doubt it. Oh, well, I guess I can't save them all. At least I know I helped the lady I bought it from.

    Stay tuned for another rescue project. I'm sure I'm stumble across another one soon.

  8. You get that badge (medallion) when you obtain the Senior award. A score of 385 - 400 will get you a Gold Award, which is normally a plaque. A score or 390-400 and no mandatory deductions will receive a Senior award. It can receive the Senior Award only once, after that it goes for the Senior Preservation Award. Following is taken directly from the BCA Judging Manual:

    The Senior Award presented by the BCA is designated to honor those vehicles which have proven themselves to be the finest Buicks in their class. In order to qualify for the Senior Award, a vehicle must be judged at a BCA National Meet at which the 400 point judging form is utilized. The vehicle must attain a minimum of 390 points with no mandatory deductions. (ref. BCA Judging Form). Once a vehicle has been designated a Senior, it is ineligible to be judged in class for Senior or placement awards at subsequent National meets. However, upon conforming to the following guidelines a Senior vehicle may be judged and qualify for a BCA Senior Preservation Award. Senior cars are to be judged by their class team under the 400 point judging system (using gold color judging forms). A vehicle must attain at least 370 points and have no mandatory deductions to receive the BCA Senior Preservation Award. If any Senior vehicle being judged at a National Meet does not achieve a score of 370 points or receives a mandatory deduction, it may be judged for a BCA Senior Preservation Award at future National meets.

  9. There are two ads in the Buick Bugle every month from parts vendors located in Texas. One of them may have it. Good luck.

    Buick NOS: 1937-1989. New original parts in their original packaging. Chrome, mechanical, accessories, spark plugs, many Buick signs including neon. No parts cars here, only warehoused NOS parts. Pat Riley, 6208 Sonora Dr., Granbury, TX 76049, 817-326-0111, buickp@windstream.net.

    Skylarks 1964 thru 1967, parting many cars. Several sets of 1965 tail lights, user quality. 1964 tail lights, nice, $200. 1964, 1965 upper door and window moldings. Much more. Mark Polastry, BCA #32064, 290 Woodway Drive, Elgin, TX 78621, 512-303-0833

  10. Bob, I can respect that. How 'bout I give you Robert Blair's information and you can pass it on to the new owner. Robert has some photos and a display he made showing his father and his efforts in saving it. I can't think of a better place for that stuff than in a museum next to the Landau. And I can't imagine the new owner not wanting to talk to Robert about it. The article I wrote on the incredible Landau being reunited with the original thermos set is in the March 2009 edition of the Bugle. The late Charles Barnette is still smiling about this.