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  1. I first posted this in 2017:


    I found a Bugle article (June 2002) written by James Brothers, BCA #27388. It is about how to identify Buick Wheels (1964 through 1987 RWD).  I hope I'm not breaking any copyright laws for posting this, but there is a summary paragraph that I will recreate here word for word.


    On 5 inch bolt pattern wheels:

    "An X stamped next to the center cap hole is a 3rd design (1966-1967 15x6). Measure across the outer edges of the rim. if 8 inches, the wheel is a 6th design (1982-1987 15x7). Place the wheel, outer face down, on a flat surface. if the wheel rests on the center cap mounting surface and not on the rim, it is a 5th design (1971-1987 15x6). If the wheel rests on the rim and does not have a register ring, it is a 1st design (1964 15x6). If the wheel has a register ring and a 2" center cap hole, it is a 2nd design (1965 15x6). If the wheel has a register ring a 2 1/8" center cap hole and no X, it is a 4th design (1967-1970 15x6)."


    In summary:

    1st design (1964 Wildcat only): If the wheel rests on the rim and does not have a register ring. Rim code "Unistyle". 2" center cap hole. 15x6.

    2nd design (1965 Wildcat and Riviera): If the wheel rests on the rim and has a register ring. Rim code "Unistyle". 2" center cap hole. 15x6.  Same as design #1 but with a register ring.

    3rd design (1966-1967 Wildcat and Riviera without disc brakes): Has "X" stamped next to center cap. Same design as #2 (wheel rests on rim and has a register ring) but with 2 1/8" center cap hole. Rim code 802. 15x6.

    4th design (1967-1970 Wildcat and Riviera, and 1970 LeSabre, with disc brakes): Same design as #3 (wheel rests on rim and has a register ring) but more room for disc brakes, 2 1/8" center cap hole, no "X" near center cap, Rim code 853. 15x6.

    5th design ( 1971-1973 Centurion, 1971-1978 Riviera, 1971-1985 LeSabre, 1973-1984 Electra): If the wheel rests on the center cap mounting hole. No register ring, 2" center cap hole, "JJ" bead type, Rim code 865, application code WK, VT, 15x6.

    6th design (1980-1987 LeSabre and Riviera): 15x7, same basic design as #5 but an inch wider. Rim code 011, application code VC.

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  2. NC-Car-Guy,


    I always like the ones that say:

     "It ran when I parked it."  Makes me wonder why they parked it.

     "All it needs is a starter."  Then why not spend the $50 for a starter, then you can ask $2,000 more for it.

     "Car is complete, just missing ........"

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  3. The Somersets were only made from 1985-1987 and it seems like all had v-6 engines.  I don't believe I have ever seen one.


    From a quick search on wikipedia:

    For the 1985 model year, the two-door Skylark coupe was replaced by the Somerset Regal, built on the Oldsmobile-developed N-body platform. The "Somerset" name had previously been used as a trim package on the Regal. This generation of compact Buicks featured a more upscale and aerodynamic design than its predecessor, incorporating the long-hood/short-deck look popular at the time. The Pontiac-produced Iron Duke engine continued from the Skylark, but an Isuzu-sourced five-speed manual transmission replaced the four-speed as standard equipment. A new 3.0 L (181 cu in) multi-port fuel injected Buick V6, generating 125 hp (93 kW) at 4900 rpm, replaced the Chevrolet-designed 2.8 L V6 and was paired only with a three-speed automatic transmission. The Somerset featured an all-digital instrument cluster.


    For 1988 models, the Somerset name was dropped and Buick's two-door N-body compact would share the Skylark nameplate with its four-door counterparts. In 1988, the Somerset name was discontinued, and all models were called Skylark.

  4. My 1991 Roadmaster Estate Wagon turned over 250,000 miles today.  I bought it with 103,000 miles on it in 2008.  It has been to the BCA Nationals in Flint, MI (2008), Colorado Springs, CO (2009), Aimes, (2010), Concord, NC (2012), and Midwest City, OK (2019) where it won an Archival award. The 305 ci (5.0 Liter) engine and transmission have had no major repairs, and the interior is still very presentable.

    249999 Miles.jpeg

    250000 Miles.jpeg


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  5. I replaced the Idle Air Control valve and it started right up and idled smooth and solid for the few seconds I had it on.  Convinced that this fixed the problem, I turned it off.  I drove it this morning to work.  During the first several stops, everything ran well and I was sure I had it resolved.  But about the 4th time I had to sit and idle, it started again.  Definitively not as bad as before, but still erratic, with the RPMs going up and down.  Rats.  I will check the MAP next. I have no 'Check Engine' light, but I will check for any codes tonight. 


    Bruce, I have a shop manual specifically for a 1991 Roadmaster Estate Wagon, and spent an hour looking it over, but just got confused with all the emissions stuff.  1992 would be different because 1991 and 1992 had different engines.


    Thanks for the suggestions, everyone.

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  6. I was driving my 1991 Roadmaster Estate Wagon for a while on the Interstate with no issues.  I pulled off at my exit and when I got to the light to turn left, it just died suddenly.  I was able to start it back up immediately, but the idle is so rough now. It will go down to where I think it is going to die, then rev back up to 2,500 RPM, then back down to where I think it will die again, then back up.  And it is 'chugging' all the while.  If I give it gas to go, it seems to run fine.  It has the throttle-bodied fuel injected 5.0 liter engine.  If it had a regular carburetor on it, I would think the float is stuck and it was flooding itself.  I don't know where to start looking.  Does anyone here have any suggestions?



  7. Some members have contacted me concerned about the recent weather events in Oklahoma lately.  Yes, there has been a lot of rain and even a few tornados in Oklahoma.  However, these weather events have not impacted the Midwest City area.  In fact, the leadership committee went up there for a final visit on Wednesday, May 22, and everything was good.  So, if you are concerned about the weather somehow damaging the meet, do not.  The show will go on as planned.

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  8. The May 26 deadline is in a few days.  This deadline only applies if you want to go on any of the tours or events.  The purpose of the deadline is that we have to take a head count for these events in advance so we can order the proper number of buses, meals, print maps, etc.  It doesn't necessarily mean you won't be able to go on these events after the deadline, however there is a chance that you might not be able to, due to the limitations.


    If you don't want to go on any tours or events, and just want to register a Buick for the show, you can still do that after the deadline, however a late fee may apply.

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