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  1. My 1990 Reatta was converted to a Kenwood CD player by a previous owner. I have the original radio for the car. For originality sake I have been thinking of putting the original radio back in, however all these posts on tape player problems and stereo noises and belts have me concerned. I think most of the posts are for pre 1990 cars but I am not sure. Is the original 1990 radio reliable? I'd hate to go to all the work of replacing it when what is in there works real well alothough it is not original.
  2. I have a burgandy 1990 coupe near Seattle with 87K miles. I will consider selling it for what I have in it, $8,500. It has no problems, runs & looks great. While not a show car, it did recently win Best In Class at local Buick car show. My email is powersfam@qwest.net.
  3. I have a nice 90 coupe with 87,000 miles on it. I am thinking of selling or trading it for something older. I live just south of Seattle. Email me if you are interested. powersfam@qwest.net for details.
  4. See my recent post, Front License Plate Holder. Good Luck!
  5. I paid $15.50 for the bracket at my local Buick/Pontiac Dealer. You do have to redrill the holes in the bracket to match the holes in the front bumper (no big deal as it is made of plastic) and then trim a little off the sides of the lower mounts so it slides between the grille and the lower fascia. I had to remove the grille and drill 2 mounting holes in the fascia which are hidden when you remount the grille. When you line it up to the mounting holes on the bumper, it becomes real apparent what needs to be trimmed. I have not seen an original but this one has the exact same curve in it to match the Reatta bumper from the top. From the side there is a cutout for the Grand Am bumper that shows but I think only a Reatta expert would know it isn't OEM. I found it to be a great solution for my driver that really needed a front license plate without using duct tape or baling wire. I am kinda fussy about how my cars look.
  6. I have noticed lately on Ebay that front license plate holders are going for big bucks. I recently needed one for my new 1990 coupe and found that Buick had discontinued them.(I know, get used to it)He then led me to his bins full of GM license plate holders and said, "find one that fits." The good news is I found one that fits almost perfectly with a little trimming with some snippers and redrilling of the mounting holes in the bracket. I think he said it was from a 1992 Grand AM. The part number was 2255-1295 bracket F. It even has 2 plastic outriggers that mount to the grille area to stabilize it. You probably wouldn't want to do this to a show car but when installed, it is hard to tell it from original. In Washington they really enforce the front license plate thing.
  7. I just purchased (2 weeks ago) a 1990 burgundy coupe on ebay from Chicago with only 81,000 on the clock. I fell in love with this great little car on the 2,200 mile trip home to Seattle. On returning I have had the struts replaced all around, and replaced rotors & calipers all around with a complete system flush & refill. All who worked under the car commented on the amount of surface rust on the nuts & bolts and components under the car. Did Buick have any galvanizing they used on the sheet metal for these cars? I have no body rust but I want to keep this car as long as possible. What do I need to look out for? I knew Chicago wasn't the best place to buy from but I couldn't resist this car for the price. Thanks in advance.