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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my Buick Buddies!
  2. What you are picturing in your OP are actually Regal GS wheels not LS wheels. LS wheels were not chromed but the GS were. I had an original set on my '98 Regal GS and I liked them so much that put a set on my old Maui blue coupe. Buick made them for several years around then. They are 16' rather than 15" as the Reattas came with. That is why I am holding off on getting another set for my '90 convertible. My tires are still fairly new but come replacement time I will have a set of these on hand if I still have my Reatta. They look beautiful and have a trishield emblem in the center cap so they are appropriate to use as is. I always felt that the original Reatta wheels were ugly so I have always upgraded them on my previous Reatta to something that I felt looked better.
  3. Seeing the annual Howard Thanksgiving thread is like a nice visit from an old friend. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  4. Not real valuable but the heads are worthy of keeping for resale if they are in good condition. Often they are corroded from poor sealing of the head gaskets. If yours are good, someone may want them. The 300 block is pretty common. It was used up through '67. If it is a 4 barrel engine the intake could also be worth some money to someone. Aluminum 4 barrel intakes are getting hard to find. They were a 1 year only option. In '65 Buick went to an all cast iron engine for the 300. In '66 if you wanted a 4 barrel, you had to get the 340. The 300 continued on to 1967 as a 2 barrel only engine. In 1968 it was replaced with the 350.The 300 V8 was also used in the lower end LeSabres to expand your potential market. If it is a factory 4 barrel engine they used different pistons to increase compression so it might be worthwhile to keep it all together if it turns OK. I personally know of 2 instances of a stuck 300 that was freed up using penetrating oil down the cylinders and ran for years after that. It is pretty hard to destroy the 300 V8. I have been out of the market for several years so I can't help you establish a value. I also tend to value stuff low.
  5. I second Kevin's comments above. It was obviously a well cared for car as evidenced by the paint and interior. The miles are very high and while the 3800 is a great runner, everything else is getting up there where things start to go wrong. $2K is a fair price but it will take some time to sell. Probably why the dealer is unloading it cheaply.
  6. Some people shouldn't own tools!
  7. Nope I almost never clear history or cookies. Interesting I am the only one with this issue. Must be something in my Chrome stuff. Strange it coincided with the system upgrade and I never have the issue with any other of the many forums I frequent.
  8. As I can tell there are 2 methods to see posts that have been made since I last viewed a thread. One is the dot or star to the left of the thread heading and the other is the last unread button that appears after a thread is opened. Since the upgrade, often when I click on either I am taken to random date somewhere in the thread well before I last opened the thread. An example is in the Buick When did You last drive and old Buick thread. When I click on the last unread, it took me to a posting in 2014. I last viewed that thread a few days ago. This happens often to me in threads that have been up for a long time with lots of posts.
  9. It was my point that "provenance" doesn't add value. What it does add is desirability. A BCA Gold award shows that the car well represents what a well kept car should be. Sort of like the Good Housekeeping seal. The Pace Car thing is just neat to know especially that the car came with the decals. Not sure right now if I am going to sell it as the car does hold a lot of memories and is still in excellent condition. I just dont want to keep it until things begin to break and I can't readily fix them either due to my health or parts unavailability.
  10. It's not the money. It's about driving around with leaks and wind noise because top weatherstripping isn't available. Or parking the car for weeks because you can't get ABS leads. Or the mirad of other issues Reattas have because they were made in low numbers a long time ago. My car doesn't have these issues yet but it makes a strong argument for driving a car that is newer and has replacement parts readilly available. I love my vert but I'm thinking the time may have come to part ways and get something newer before I have those issues and the Reatta is still worth something.
  11. I have owned 3 since 2002,2 coupes and a convertible, all 1990's. I am at that stage once again where I am considering selling my convertible. I almost did sell it last spring, backing out at the last minute. I love driving it but hate the idea of hunting down impossible to find parts when something NLA breaks. At my age,62, I am thinking selling and buying something newer and more practical. That said my car isn't a high dollar, low mileage car. It did win a Gold Award at the Portland National and is in excellent shape for a 25 year old car with just over 100K miles on her. Being a garaged car its entire life really makes a difference. I have been anal about maintenance and other than a baulky radio everything works and service is up to date. My vert also has provenance being a documented pace car for the 1990 Great American Race. I bought it from the original owner and it came with complete documentation of its service history as well as a complete owner's folio. All that considered, I'll be lucky to sell it now for what I paid 3 years ago, not accounting for my expenses since which include new struts, new top, AC rebuild and other lesser expenses. If I wait until next spring, I may find a buyer at $7,000 if I am lucky. I'm not bitter about this as I knew Reatta values going in. Reality bites sometimes.
  12. You have my sympathies! Your only hope is good used and most of them will be in similar condition.
  13. I have used the ATF solution as well in the past with good results. That said it was on back in the day when engines were much more simple.
  14. You'd probably get people more likely to look if you'd give the seller name. Your suggested search brings up 1500 items by many sellers.
  15. Congratulations Chris! And I must say, you have excellent taste in cars. Welcome.
  16. I pulled mine out of the garage so I could wash my wife's 2005 Escape prior to putting it up for sale. I then polished and waxed hers while my Reatta looked on. Don't worry, Marilyn's (my Reatta) turn is coming next week as I am taking her to the Troutdale All Buick Show in Oregon on Saturday. I am looking forward to a long BS session with my good buddy who will drive us both home from the show. It is a 200 mile round trip. I hope it isn't raining but even so the journey is the adventure. Oh and I pulled her back into the garage when I finished too!
  17. Is this the trunk lid seal or the tonneau to trunk seal? Where did you find it?
  18. My '90 is like riding in a vault especially when compared to my wife's 2005 Ford Escape. And it is obviously an enclosed vehicle.
  19. Sorry I didn't mean to HiJack Pete's thread. To close the issue, This happened about 20 years ago so I am going on my faulty memory so please discount for that. There may have been other oiling issues that I didn't explore. I do remember that both the main bearings and the rod bearings were scored very badly and the pistons and rods were installed backwards. I just equated the 2 together. As a disclaimer, please see my signature, " I am not a mechanic although I do play one in my garage".
  20. Pete, if original, the '64 300 used a phoenelic coated cam gear for the timing chain. Given time and miles this coating would break up and fall off the gear messing with the timing. If you find this type of gear, I'd definitely recommend changing it out as well as the smaller crank gear and chain. Buick used this coating on the timing chain gear to reduce noise but I never heard a marked increase in noise after changing to metal gears. As for the movement of the cam, I don't remember specifically ever noticing that. If you're pulling the timing cover, you may as well pull the camshaft and inspect the bearings and where it meets in front and back. Many years ago I bought a '64 Skylark convertible project. The best thing about the car was that the engine was rebuilt in the not too distant past. As I was doing a frame off restoration, I pulled the engine and put it on an engine stand to "pretty it up". I bought a complete gasket set as it was cheaper than piece-mealing together the gaskets that were installed incorrectly and leaking. As I reassembled the engine, I had the engine upside down on the stand and debated with myself whether or not to pull the crank and install a new rear crank seal. I decided to pull the crank and it was a good thing I did. All the main and connecting rods were trashed as was the crank surface. Evidently whoever "rebuilt" the engine installed all the pistons backwards which had the oil spurt holes oiling the inside of the block instead of the crankshaft. I had to completely rebuild the entire motor correctly this time.
  21. Don, sad to see you leave us. Your car is a very pretty example of the Reatta convertibles. Did you sell it locally? Be sure to give the buyer the link to this website. While we never did get together, it was nice knowing you were just a couple of hours away if we had. Greg
  22. A couple of nice options if they are in good shape are the remote side view mirror and the wheel opening stainless. No tilt wheel though. Does it come with correct hub caps?
  23. I have owned several 65 Skylarks, 2 doors, 4 doors and even a convertible. The 310 engine designation shows the car has a 300 cubic inch V8 with a 2 barrel carb. Buick never put a one barrel on the 300. It is a very small 2 barrel carb. Things to look for are rot in the lower rear quarters, rot around the front or rear windshield and rust in the trunk floor. Rust also happens in the lower rear of the front fenders. Judging from appearances in the pics, that car probably has 100,000 more miles than you have been led to believe. There is virtually no market for these cars unless they are perfect, low mileage cars. Even then they may only bring the price the seller is asking. While these are great cars and well built, generally ones in this condition are sold as parts cars for their more collectable 2 doors and convertibles. If the lower rear quarters are in good shape you might get $500-$1,000 each for them. The car is most likely a $1,000-$1,500 car and the seller would be lucky to get that. Also that is not an original interior and the Switch Pitch Super Turbine 300 trans is a 2 speed trans with variable vanes in the torque converter. In 1965 Buick did not offer a 3 speed automatic in the A body cars.
  24. Kevin, a BCM malfunction was my guess as well. That was a good suggestion to disconnect the battery and see if the issue goes away. I'll pass it along to my friend.
  25. I don't know Padgett, I assumed it did. I'll ask him when I speak to him again. I had never heard of this happening with a Reatta before either.