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  1. my 1930 studebaker GJ commander uses these too.
  2. i have a 1930 GJ commander tourer that has been in the family since new.for as long as i can remember it has been running on a British made updraught solex which according to my father was installed in the car during ww2 because it was more economical and fuel was rationed in those days, the carb was taken out for a service and has now gone missing! there is a stromberg ux2 available on ebay but i doubt it would work, since they disintegrate with age. another enthusiast here has a spare carter bb1 which he has offered me. will it work on the 248ci 6cyl Studebaker engine? and what about a schebler model s?
  3. is there a source for the friction and other washers? some years ago a mechanic opened up the column and lost the washers, as a result the levers move on their free will! and can ayone post pics of the linkages in the engine bay? how is the throttle connected to the pedal and steering in right hand drive cars?
  4. at first glance i thought Swift, but i would go with hillman too
  5. these were used in the 20s and early 30s to light up the kerb (right side in the USA)and not blind oncoming traffic, i bought one off ebay for my 1930 studebaker but it doesnt really work for us in india because we drive on the left side. it looks good on the car though. mine is chrome plated and looks bigger than this one
  6. yes the Indian car is a 7 passenger tourer,but the two centre passengers sit facing each other and the doors double up as seat backs. its a GJ Commander Six, bought new by my great grandfather, and still owned by us. the car has also been used by mahatma Gandhi, and most recently, in October 2011 it was part of the drivers parade in the Indian Formula1 Grand Prix, with Bruno Senna in the back seat.
  7. they keep coming up for sale on ebay,usually about 10 dollars for a box of ten, sometimes more expensive too.
  8. do you have any lights by Marchal, Lucidus, Stephen-Grebel, Woodlite and Auteroche?
  9. Awini

    1947 cady

    here in New Delhi, it would easily make nearly 10,000 dollars as is.!! too bad we have restrictions on importing cars into India.
  10. hehe... is the springfield rolls-royce british?
  11. my 1930 studebaker has one like this too
  12. what are correct torque settings for tightening the main and rod bearings on a 1929/30 GJ commander six?
  13. i agree with edselv12, i too try and drop the pans in the older cars at least once a year, but in my lagonda V12, it involves undoing about 70 odd nuts!!
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