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  1. Still looking for the wide rocker chrome - anyone have any leads?? Thanks
  2. Looking for the wide rocker chrome trim for a 75-76 LeSabre 4 door or Estate Wagon. Also need the the wide side chrome trim for a 75-76 Electra (just the pieces for both front fenders and for one front door from a 4 door). Also the hood center chrome trim and header top trim/hood ornament from a 75-76 Electra/LeSabre.
  3. I thought folks might want to see pictures of the wagon now that it is running/cleaned up.
  4. Has the car had a color change? It looks like red paint inside the trunk?
  5. Here are some original factory specification sheets I thought might be of interest.
  6. Very interesting - does this mean there might be photos of this in a Canadian Buick brochure? Anyone ever seen one? Would there be any other differences on export Rivieras? Any figures on how many were exported? What does RPO stand for? THANKS for the info!
  7. I recently purchased a 79 Riviera S-Type that is all original. It has the standard 79 Riviera taillights. In researching the car, I came across some photos of other 79 S-Types with bizarre, different style taillamps (see attcahed examples). Does anyone know if these "European"-style lamps were actual factory offerings or some wierd aftermarket itme? The factory brochures/literature all show the normal, standard 79 Riv taillihghts on the S-Type. Thanks!
  8. I have a 79 Riviera S -Type. It is all original with its original paint. I have recently seen pictures of some other 79 S -Types and have wondered about 2 trim issues: 1) is there supposed to be a piece of chrome along the lip of the trunk above the taillights? Mine does not have that nor do I see it there in the original factory brochure pics but I see it on other 79s. 2) Should my S-Type have the same taillights as the standard Rivieras? Mine does but I attach photos of 2 other 79s that seem to have a bizarre "european"-type variation. I do not see them pictured in any factory literature. Which are correct? Are these "european" types some sort of aftermarket product or some very rare original variation? Thanks
  9. Congrats on this great find!! Looking forward to seeings pics of it all cleaned up again!
  10. Attached are some photos of my latest purchase - a 1973 Electra Limited Coupe with only 10K miles - well-optioned twin to my 73 Limited 4 door.
  11. Both cars are Flint-built (have an "H" as the 7th character in the VINs)
  12. I have attached photos of the interior of my 2 1973 Electra Limiteds - the first 2 photos are from the interior of my 1973 Limited Coupe - all original car with only 10K miles, finished in midnight blue with white top and blue cloth interior. The next 2 photos are from my 1973 Limited 4 door, also all all-original car with only 50K, and also finished in midnight blue with white top and blue cloth interior. Both cars have the identical material on their seats but the stitching/pleat pattern is totally different. The 4 door pattern looks just like what is shown in the sales brochure for 1973 but the coupe has additional vertical pleats that are basically the same as the pleating pattern used in the 1974 model year on Limiteds with velour interiors. Also, the 4 -door lacks any wood grain inserts in the lower door panels (again, just like as shown in the 1973 sales brochure) but the coupe has woodgrain inserts, which are also just like those used during the 1974 model year on Limiteds. The 4-door was built February of 1973 and the Coupe was built just 2 months later in April of 1973. (I saw another midnight blue 4-door limited with the same blue cloth interior at a BCA meet last year that had the same pleated pattern as my coupe and the woodgrain door inserts so it must not be a "coupe versus sedan" issue). Anyone know if there was some mid-year change in these interiors or does this signify different assembly plants? Any other odd changes during the 73 model year??
  13. Anyone find one of the first "all-optioned" 37 1975 Park Avenues? I believe one club member has one but I dont believe we have any pictures of one posted yet.
  14. For a link to some photos of cars in my current collection, including my Electras (71, 72, 73, 74, 75, and 76), Cadillacs (68, 71, 72, 75, 79, and 96), Lincolns (58, 59, 61, 67, 73, and 83), Oldsmobile (71), and Imperial (60), goto: http://robscarcollection2011.shutterfly.com/
  15. For a link to photos of the cars in my private car collection, including Cadillacs (68, 71, 72, 75, 96), Lincolns (58, 59, 61, 67, 73, 83), Buicks (71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76), Oldsmobile (71), and Imperial (60), goto: http://robscarcollection2011.shutterfly.com/
  16. For a link to the current album (just mine so far!) try: http://19711976buickelectras.shutterfly.com
  17. For fellow BCA members interested in collecting more information about the 71-76 Electras in the club, please email to me an exterior (3/4 front/side shot) and interior photo of your 71-76 Electra(s) (in jpeg format), along with: mileage; model/trim level; colors; optional equipment; and any club awards, and I will put togther an electronic album with the photos/specs organized by model year/submodels, and will provide a link to the album.
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