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    radio noise
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    Hydro Assist Fuel Cell
  3. sahein

    Battery Tray

    I would not recommend this for the average person. It is very difficult. I replaced my tray and inner support panel with an identical Cadillac one that I had a junk yard torch out for $50.00. Then I carefully drilled and ground out the spot welds to remove the burned torched damaged area from the tray support portion. This took more than an entire day. Then I drilled and ground out the rusty tray support from the Reatta. The Cadillac support panel fit perfectly. I then used a mig welder to spot in the new tray support panel. After smoothing the welds and cleaning and sanding the parts, I then used a body panel seam bonding filler, primed and painted. It turned out very nice.
  4. sahein

    Blend you own Synthetic oil

    I have been using 4 quarts of Castrol GTX 5w30 with 1 quart of 5w30 Mobil-1 for my oil changes for years. Never had any oil related issues. I gave my son a Ford Escort wagon with over 200k miles and never used a drop of oil between 3000 mile changes. I always use Pure-one oil filters. Him and his wife have since been driving (beating) it for over two years now.
  5. Well, yes and no. The touch screens are the same for the same years, but earlier Riv touch screens were different.
  6. sahein

    Transmission anomoly

    Does it only do it when cold or does it also do it after it has been warmed up from running awhile?
  7. sahein

    Transmission anomoly

    You must check the level with the engine in idle and the car in park. If you just pull out the dipstick and look, the transmission fluid level can be as much as 3 quarts low and show as full on the dipstick. You must pull out the dipstick, wipe it off, put it back in and then check to get an accurate reading.
  8. sahein


    All sorts of custom things here! Flip up license plates, flip flop trunk, gull wing doors, flame throwers and even more!!.
  9. All sorts of custom finishes here! Video Demonstrations here!
  10. sahein

    Electrical problem

    After you store the individual station buttons you have to store the page as well.
  11. sahein

    Rear Caliper Upgrade

    I know that the 89 Riviera parts are the same as the 89 Reatta.
  12. sahein

    Violent shaking - No power

    I bought a low mileage 88 Reatta cheap that was doing this. Found that one of the injector connectors was not seated properly. I suggest listening to the injectors with a stethoscope to hear that they are all clicking.
  13. sahein

    Need help with '87 v6

    Sorry That I didn't see this post earlier. The ignition switch has more than 1 set of contacts. One set cranks the engine and the other set enables the ignition.
  14. sahein

    More Power

    If you don't want to mess with the ECM you can use an FMU with a booster pump.
  15. sahein

    Speedo cluster went bad

    It is stored in the BCM.