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  1. My ad just came out in the AACA magazine this month. Better pictures on here for them to see
  2. Just bringing back up to the top. Convertible weather is near.
  3. Today should be the Hershey car show and I miss not having it. I have attended Hershey since 1978 and today was a beautiful day here in PA today. Oh well next year will be here soon enough.
  4. You are right, it would take twice as much to restore. Remember its only original once. Thanks for your coment.
  5. This is one beautiful 100% original car. call for details
  6. I have decided its time to sell my 1961 Thunderbird conv.. It is a very clean 100% original car. I listed it under cars for sale with pics.
  7. FS-1961 Ford Thunderbird Convertible 77K original miles. Car is 100%original. Engine, chrome, interior, top, glass and paint are near perfect. Family owned for 40 years and purchased from known (local) original owner. Vehicle is kept in a climate (heat & AC) controlled garage. Certified as a HPOF-AACA vehicle. The tonneau cover and wire hubcaps were added. I have the original hubcaps and fender skirts. Drives as good as it looks! Vehicle is located in Mt. Pleasant, PA. Asking $39,500.00. Call 724-989-4445, ask for Dick
  8. Congrats Rex on getting her back. My friend called me Saturday night and told me my car just went thru Mecum auction. I wondered and hoped you bought her back. I see the clock is missing from the glovebox. Hard to find a new one. The car must still be nice because the price has been holding her own. If you want to email me you can. rihauser@zoominternet.net Dick H
  9. Hi Rex, nice to hear from you. I have kept tabs on the Dodge since you sold it. To bad you couldn't get it back. The pictures have it still looking good. Keep me informed if you find it's whereabouts.
  10. I can't make Hershey this year. First time in many many years. If you do hear on who bought the Dodge please let me know. You said you were trying to buy it back, what was your connection to the car?
  11. If you go on Russo & Steele website under Monterey 2017 auction they have several photos. The car is yellow with black top.
  12. I restored this Dodge and sold it in 2001 at Hershey. It went to Calif. and was part of Art Astor's collection. the remainder of his collection was sold at Monterey this year by Russo & Steele. I was wondering if anybody knows who might have purchased it or where it has gone.
  13. I was sitting with my car at Hershey in the HPOF Original class and I heard the gentlemen beside me say that everything on his car was original except he had the seats redone this summer. It made me think that if someone has changed things on there original car can they be demoted out of this class. How do the judges look at that.
  14. How many cars 50+ yrs old still have original heater and radiator hoses etc etc. You must do some maintenance to keep an older vehicle up if you are going to drive it. And if you do contact the VP of Judging what criteria does he use to decide if you qualify to be rejudged.
  15. I have entered a car at Hershey in the HPOF class for 3 yrs now. I was certified HPOF 1st year and then was eligibile for HPOF Original the next year. I didn't get it, the head judge said my headlight bulbs didn't all match and I had the wrong hose clamps. I agreed with him and he said if I took care of that I should be OK. The following year I did correct these problems but still only received HPOF preservation. As I was looking thru the rules manual I noticed that once you are judged for "Original" and do not get it you can't be rejudged for that again unless you contact the VP of Judging to get approved to be rejudged. Am I reading this rule correctly, just a little bit confused.
  16. Thank You Hershey Region for ordering the latest extended weather forecast. It looks like 0% chance of rain for the week and temps around 70. I will have the top down upon entering the car show on Saturday. Nothing like coming in with the top down. See you then.
  17. The 10 day forecast has Hershey with 0% chance of rain every day next week. It will be chilly though with temps in the 50's as highs. WE'LL TAKE IT!!! I'll be driving in for the car show and it is nice to get in clean and dry. Hope the weather holds up.
  18. Steve, Did they get PA 39 open yet and how is the trailer parking field looking. I saw on You Tube that they were all under water last week. At least we still have 3 weeks till show time.
  19. I think the car will go for around $70,000. But what you are saying is that the car will be taxed above what has been invested into it over the years. Just wondering what do the people do that sell a car at the big auctions for a million dollars. Is most of that put thru the IRS.
  20. A friend of mine asked me if he sold his antique car would he have to declare it with the IRS. This car was gifted to him several years ago by family. He is not trading for anything. Is it considered taxable income. Just curious how it would work.
  21. Thanks Paul for your info. My friend and I have talked alot about trying to enter the Great Race sometime in our future. I'm sure cost is a big factor. Any idea what we would be looking at with todays cost. Do you have a chase vehicle pulling a trailer with you. Did you motel it or have other arrangements. What other expenses do you have. I'm guessing the trip would cost $20,000 plus. Do any sponsors come forward to help with the cost. It is a dream for us but can the average guy afford it.
  22. My friend who is entering a car with me at the Saturday Hershey show ask me a question that I never heard before. He was wondering why nobody ever puts up a portable folding tent that you always see at the local shows in our area. These tents are usually 10X10 and are placed behind the vehicles to protect you from rain and sun. I'm thinking it might be because the spacing is a lot tighter at Hershey than the other shows. Not sure if Hershey would frown on this or not because of the spacing. Anybody know of this?
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